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The best opportunity for Australians to work and enjoy holiday in Canada

Canada is one of the fantastic destinations in the world to attract most of the youngsters including students, young professionals and other individuals of Australia. Canada has formulated several programs to attract several international candidates to its laps. Canadian working holiday is one of the excellent options to prefer for the youngsters to fly Canada from Australia.

Make use of IEC

Canada is known for its rich culture and both people and government support the exchange of culture. If you really love to spend some days in Canada with a work, then you can make use of International Experience Canada (IEC). Government provide Canadian working holiday visa for Australian citizens under Working Holiday Visa.


If you have to strong desire to enter Canada with holiday visa, then you should meet the under mentioned eligibilities.

You should have a valid passport from Australia that has agreement or bilateral arrangements with Canada. Your age should fall between 18 and 30. Candidate should have good health and must possess healthcare insurance for the period of Canadian Visa. You should have to and fro travel ticket or should have enough money to purchase the same before you leave Canada. You need to prove that you have enough money to meet and support your expense for the first three months of visa period. Apart from that you should have paid visa fees and any dependant are not allowed to accompany you.

Easy process

Working holiday visa is comparatively easy to obtain when you meet the age requirement and other related documents including proof of residence and citizenship from the country of origin. Apart from that, you should be free from any of the criminal or medical issues that can make your ineligible. The normal processing time of this visa is 6 to 8 weeks. Hence if you are ready with all of the required documents you can fly to Canada to enjoy the holidays by funding the expenses yourself. Generally the visa is provided for a period of 1 or 2 years.

Benefits of holiday visa

One of the important advantages of this visa is that you need not have to hold valuable employment letter to apply for visa. You can get in to the country and can join with any of the reputed employers to fund your holiday expenses. The visa gives you the freedom to visit the amazing spots of Canada at the same time of earning. You can work legally in Canada during the visa period. You have the freedom to enter and exit Canada multiple times during the visa period. Your working experience helps you to think about permanent residency in Canada.

Make use of it

If it is your life time dream to fly Canada to spend some time watching the wonders and specials, then it is the time to make use of working visa canada for australian citizens. Most of the young professionals and individuals are making use of this excellent opportunity to fly Canada with Holiday Visa that gives them the freedom to work and fund their holidays in a fantastic way.