Working with a web designer: ten top tips

Navigating the relationship when working with web designers can prove a complex business; therefore, it is of crucial importance that you remain in the driving seat to ensure your vision is realised.

Excellent communication is a fundamental component when working on projects with a web designer. This should filter through each of the following ten tips to safeguard a positive working relationship.

1) Determine a budget

Your budget is extremely important, both in terms of your time and money constraints. When working with a web designer, it is vital that you have determined a set budget and have communicated this.

2) Provide a brief

Formulating a detailed brief that includes both information on your business and your overall goal for the project will be of great benefit to your web designer, ensuring you share the same vision.

3) Consider confidentiality

If required, ask your web designer to sign a confidentiality agreement before divulging details of your projects.

4) Specifications

Once you have communicated your brief, work with your web designer to devise a detailed specification determining a design that you design appropriate and acceptable.

5) Timetable

Time management in any project is paramount. You should work with your web designer to create a timetable, not forgetting to set interim goals and considering how progress will be monitored.

6) Final tweaks

To guarantee that your web designer creates your vision, get involved as much as possible, especially in the creation process. Doing so will help to ensure that the final design meets your expectations.

7) Missed deadlines

Things don’t always go to plan; therefore, it is important to establish what action will be taken in relation to payments and acceptable reasons in the event a project is running behind schedule.

8) Testing

As a professional web development company in London such as would agree, it is important to confirm with your web designer what testing will be required during the project prior to approving the final project design.

9) Copyright

As the owner of the project, your designer needs to assign the design rights and copyrights to you.

10) Future maintenance

Don’t forget to confirm with your web designer how your site will be maintained and updated going forward.

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