Update WhatsApp – Know it better

Applications or apps are the most handy and easiest way of approaching to a necessary site without undergoing the hullabaloo of different related sites.  Just download the app and login once for all to stay active and get the work done without the nuances of getting into multiple websites. WhatsApp is a free download messaging app for smart phones. It uses internet to send texts, images, audios and videos. It is a big hit among messenger apps because of its convenient usage. Find all the information about the core features and how to update WhatsApp in this article.

WhatsApp comes with its own HELP function to guide the user on how to update WhatsApp and other frequently asked questions.

How to update WhatsApp: First of all check the availability of the app in your device. To update WhatsApp all you need to do is go to “Options “menu then “settings” and then “About”. Here you will be able to see the current version.

Then go back to “Options” and select “Check for update”. It tells you if any new version of WhatsApp is available. If available, you can just follow the instructions given to download the update and install it.

Usually the new download will address any bugs or errors in the older version. You don’t have to delete the old version as deleting old version may result in the loss of data if not backed up.

Core features of WhatsApp:

Simple and free messaging: WhatsApp is available on phones for free all over the world. You will get fast, simple & secured calling and messaging.

Group chat: It enables you to chat in a group which can be formed according to family, colleagues or friends.

WhatsApp on web and desktop: It can be downloaded to your desktop by downloading desktop app called so that the user can use it from a convenient device.

WhatsApp voice and video calls: You can have free voice and video calls without the hassles of expensive call rates.

High end security: With end to end encryption all your messages and calls are completely secured.

Document sharing: Spreadsheets, slide shows, PDFs and other documents can be shared instantly without the help of emails.

Need to update WhatsApp: The world’s most popular messaging app WhatsApp has upgraded itself many a times since the time of its inception. Each time it got upgraded it offered better features and advanced security. In order to update to the next version it is important to keep in mind the model of your smart phone and its operating system. In the upgraded versions of WhatsApp some old features are enhanced and modified to match user demand and usage. This also gave way to new ones which just increased the user reliability.

Ensure that your WhatsApp messenger is up to date to make sure the app is more secure.

Although there many other similar apps WhatsApp messenger gained more popularity as it is always appreciated for its never ending improvements and security. Your conversations are always secured with end-to-end encryption and alerted with timely updates making WhatsApp messenger unique among others.


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