Samsung Galaxy S9: to bring surprises to tech world

Samsung Galaxy S9

In the presentation of Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has also shown some covers with the different colors in which the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will arrive on the market. Housing that stand out for their glossy and metallic finishes, which help protect the terminal without leaving behind features such as the screen always on? Of course, as with the back of the mobile, they are not suitable for people with fatty fingers. Its mirror-like finish, although with different colors, picks up fingerprints quickly. So, Samsung will handle this issue for the first time in the next Samsung Galaxy S9.

It is clear to us, having first met the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that Samsung has continued to improve the good formula of the Samsung Galaxy S8. We find a phone that surprises by its finishes, its quality, and its design. It is large, only suitable for those who enjoy large screens. And focused on an audience that wants to work with their mobile and, of course, who can afford it. But it is, to date, the best mobile phone company. And its price of 1,000 euros goes hand in hand with this statement. On another hand, the price of Samsung Galaxy S9 can also touch the similar range as of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

What has worked remains? And we talked about issues such as the infinite screen, the Exynos 8895 processor and a large section of connectivity. It may not surprise you to have seen it on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +, but they remain top-of-the-range features. The best you can find in the market. It loses the “wow” effect but maintains power and work outline that defines the best of these Samsung handsets. The next project is of course a Snapdragon 845 in the Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9

But also, among the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, we find its dual camera. Something that gives the terminal photo features like the bokeh effect, or the option of using a two-magnification optical zoom to capture distant scenes. And let’s not forget such practical options as the instant translation of the S Pen or the quality of pointing to anything without limits. Simple elements that can beget unnoted by the average user, but which are very useful for those who point everything in the mobile or consume all the contents through it. New contents will be brought to the world with the Galaxy S9, and its presentation is still far from now.

As negative points would have to remark is the battery of smaller size than the last mobile of Samsung, although it is a very capable battery given the available wireless charging technology. In our first encounter, we aren’t convinced with the gloss finish of the casing of Note 8. Something that will force us to constantly clean the tracks that we leave with just holding it, and it’s colorful and eye-catching, and it helps the finish of the phone to be Premium, but it’s not practical.

Regardless of opinions, this is a mobile created for content enjoyment, but also to be efficient and productive with it. So, similar results can make the next Samsung Galaxy S9 to be a surprising phone in the 2018.


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