How to be Insta-famous

So you’ve been on Instagram for quite some time, and now you want to become Insta-famous. How would you know if you’re already popular on this social networking portal? The goal here is to reach the 5-digit mark for your follower count. In other words, you have to gain at least 10,000 followers to successfully call yourself well-known on Instagram.

With tens of thousands of followers under your wing, you’ll almost always gain hundreds of likes every time you post something in your profile. Also, depending on your niche, you can gain a partnership with well-known brands. Ergo, you can keep on Instagram-ing while you’re earning money in the process. Now, who wouldn’t want that? But before you can celebrate your newfound fame, you have to reach that objective first. You can start by reading the rest of this post.

Start by Finding Your Niche and Focus on it

Before anything else, you need to have a decent understanding of how Instagram works. If you’ve already got a certain theme going on in your profile, then you’re already well on your way. However, if this is going to be your first time joining the social network, then you have to select a particular niche and stick to it. For example, if you’re creating an Instagram account to post pictures of your dog, then always keep continuity in mind. Regularly post cute pictures of your pet pooch, but don’t suddenly post a series of inspirational photos. Breaking continuity will make your existing follower count to wonder why you did that in the first place. Furthermore, aspiring followers will also doubt the theme of your Instagram profile if you keep on posting random images.

Don’t Post Anything Less Than High-Quality 

If you’re posting your OOTD (that’s Outfit of the Day in Internet speak), or if you’re posting makeup tips to your followers, then make sure that your photos are of the highest quality possible and nothing less than that. It’s safe to say that absolutely no one wants to see blurry pictures. Also, don’t just rely on your smartphone’s camera because it’s not going to do you a whole lot of good. Instead, use a dedicated digital camera as the device will most likely have a higher megapixel count (which means better details in your photos). Furthermore, digital cameras, especially mirrorless and DSLR systems, can handle photos better than smartphones. Hence, details won’t be lost, and you can even achieve the right color and contrast in your photographs.

Don’t Forget to Engage 

Nobody likes a snob, so if someone comments on your photos, never forget to reply to what they said. Even if they just said something like, “you look great,” don’t forget to say something appreciative. A simple thanks can go a long way, always remember that. Furthermore, the nicer you are to your followers and to other Instagram users, the more likely that the word will spread that you are, in fact, a decent person to deal with. Keep in mind that negative news will travel fast. So if someone finds out that you’re a snob or a rude person to talk to, then expect your follower count to dwindle faster than you trying to increase that figure.

Use Instagram to its Fullest 

It doesn’t mean that just because your ultimate goal is to become Insta-famous that you’re not going to look at anything else but your profile. Remember, there are plenty of features to explore in this social networking portal. Use boomerangs, stories, carousel photos, and videos to add variety to your profile. While uniformity is still highly important to consider when building your Instagram fame, it’s okay to break the continuity once in a while. However, don’t do it too often as your followers would lose interest in following your account.

Lastly, if you want to start becoming an Instagram celebrity, you should check out some automated applications to help you out in achieving your ultimate objective. For instance, you can use an instagram auto comment application to help you manage your profile, even if you’re not holding on to your smartphone or mobile device at the moment.

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