Hack-Proof Your Instagram Account

Hack-Proof Your Instagram Account

Although it’s impossible to guarantee that your Instagram account will not be hacked, you can take some steps to reduce the likelihood that an unscrupulous person has access to your account. Instagram is close to one billion users, and there is a lot of information available on Instagram. Without realizing it, you can post enough information for someone to steal your identity, or someone can post on your behalf after accessing your account. This message can cause embarrassment, loss of employment or even legal actions.

Here are some tips to help prevent the stress that may arise from unauthorized access of your account.

An indication of the obvious

It would help if you did not share your password with any account or with anyone. Today, you can be on good terms, but tomorrow you may not. It’s sad to say, but you don’t know what people are capable of, especially if they have something against you.

Do not reuse passwords

You should never use the same password for multiple sites. Reusing a password slightly increases the likelihood that someone else can steal your password. Some utilities will store and generate passwords for you if you’re the one who struggles with the number of passwords you must remember.

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Use complex passwords

If you do not use a password generator, use passwords that are a combination of letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and symbols. Do not use common words, birthdays or names. Some tools can decipher passwords that consist of words or dictionary names.

Enable https

If you use http (which is the default configuration of Instagram), it’s vulnerable to an Instagram account hacker. Apps that are accessible to Android devices and computers can access your Instagram account in just a few minutes if they are on the same wireless network as you.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is

If you’ve noticed much sympathy for an image and it’s a continuous trend, there’s perhapsa more significant game afoot, and you need to stay cautious.

Activate registration notification

Instagram has a function similar to Gmail that sends you a notification when someone logs in to your account. Once you log in correctly, you will receive a text message that will notify you about the connection. The text message contains instructions on what to do if you have not logged in.

Check active sessions

Check if active sessions have a suspicious activity. If you’re viewing and registering entries from countries other than the country in which you live in your account, you have been compromised and must change your password immediately. Be careful if you’re using Instagram on a mobile device; the activity may not be displayed locally, as your provider does not provide your IP address. You can find more information here.

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