Can VPNs Help to Prevent Being Hacked?

Cybercrime has been on the increase year upon year since the internet was created and with the methods being used to commit these crimes becoming far more sophisticated, it can be difficult to protect ourselves. Hackers will stop at nothing to try and get our personal details, steal our money or take our identity.

With that in mind, we should always be looking at ways to better protect ourselves online and one such way is through using a VPN when browsing the internet.So, as they might say in Spanish, que es un VPN? (What is a VPN?). Well, a VPN is what is a private network that you can use to connect to the internet that gives you and the activity you are doing online anonymity.

You are given the ability to make it look like you are connecting from an IP address in a different country while all of the traffic you create is practically untraceable. Being so heavily encrypted, a hacker will not be able to intercept it let alone decrypt it so that they can get your information.

As you might expect, this makes it far safer when using the internet, especially if you are using it to access accounts that hackers are going to be interested in. Passwords will be safe, account details will be safe and the hackers will have no choice but to try and target somebody else.

In case you do not know what VPN actually means, or quesignifica VPN in Spanish, it is a virtual private network.

These have been around for many years now but it is only recently they have become so popular with users. Not only do they offer greater security for you when browsing but they are also a good option if you wish to bypass any geo-restrictions on content from other countries.

Undetectable Web Surfing

When you connect to a VPN, your PC or device you are using will not log the history of the sites that you visit if your VPN settings are set correctly. That means anything you surf on the web or any application you use while using the VPN will not be recorded giving you a truly private session.

Hackerproof Connection

As mentioned earlier, the encrypted tunnel to the VPN cannot be entered. It is a one-way tunnel that does not allow anything back down to your device without your say so. A hacker that manages to latch onto your session will just hit a dead end when he/she comes up against the VPN server rather than the device you are using.

Freedom to Surf from the Locality of Your Choice

One of the best things about VPN software is that it nearly always comes with a selection of countries to choose from. Using your VPN, you can surf from with one country and look as if you are in another.

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