Awesome features involved in time clock software

Running a business is not the easiest task because it is involved plenty of tasks such as recruit employee, manage their employee and increase productivity. Employee time tracking is the toughest task so you are always recommended to use time clock free software which is offering accurate time tracking along with the fast payroll reporting. This employee scheduling comes with the excellent robust features such as quick editing, shift swap and schedule duplication. With the help of this software, a business owner might keep in touch with the sms push notification to the staff, management or entire company. It is considered as 100% accurate and reliable employee time tracking software and it can provide more numbers of the benefits to business people.

Awesome features involved in the time clock software

If you are looking for the authorized place to time clock software then you are recommended to visit time clock genie because they are offering excellent software. There are more and more numbers of the features are involved in the time clock software such as

  • Online time clock- Time clock software is providing reliability and accuracy so that manager can set time clock to round workers punch time for specified minute intervals. Sometimes manager might set the notifications which will alter them while the employee is scheduled but employee clock might not be scheduled.
  • Employee scheduling- Time clock genie virtual calendar creates it easy to make your employee schedules along with the custom features such as vacation request. At the same time budget wide feature is really useful to pre calculate payroll expenses for each week or month. The manager might also duplicate the entire employee or individual employee schedules to next week, day or month.
  • Payroll processing- This software is really useful to generate the payroll reports instantly and this report is gross pay and number of hours worked per pay period. Free online time clock might figure in the mileage and tracks annotate and overtime it apart from the normal pay. You can also print your reports.
  • Clock shield- Try to use advanced clock shield features which are sufficient to receive real time alerts via sms text messaging or e-mail while the employees clock out or in. Once you customize the clock shield, you might stay in the loop at all the times.

Interesting reasons to use time clock software

Most of the time clock software requires a manager to register each worker separately and it could be the biggest tasks for just one person to do all tasks. But this software is having the unique self enrollment features so each worker can register personally into this program. Just assign master self enrollment password so that all users can use to register their account. At any time the user do any issues or try to delete any data then the time clock genie might automatically keep their records at least for one year. Actually each and every business is completely unique so this software comes up with the custom field which allows you to keep track of specific data.

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