How to Speed-Train for Better Football Performance

If your team training routines are becoming a little stale, it’s worth mixing it up a bit to keep your team fit and looking fresh. Speed and agility drills are one way to work the leg muscles to build strength and to replicate the pace that your team should see in the main event. Let’s take a look at some of the best speed drills to include in your next practice.


One of the most popular speed drills, this practice involves the use of cones which should be placed in strategic spots. The player must run each cone before changing direction to run to another which is situated within a small area.

Run, Shuffle, Run

Players aren’t always going to be running in a straight line, which is why it is important to work the other leg muscles. Players run to the first cone, turn to their side and shuffle to the next, and so on until they work their way back to the starting position.

123 Back

This is one of the best drills to undertake with your defense and encourages them to listen, think and react as quickly as possible. A partner or coach will shout out cone positions which players must sprint to, before changing positions to reach the next cone which has been called out.


With other sports adding these types of drills to their practice routines, it is evident that speed training is beneficial for most athletes. Although it has been adopted as one of the most prominent training methods for runners due to the extensive benefits it provides, this type of training can be extremely advantageous to anyone who is looking at increasing their speed.

However, for sports which require high levels of agility, such as football, it is important to create the right balance to ensure a well-rounded training session. There are plenty of soccer drill videos out there, such as those found at, which can give you more ideas should you need to add more variety to your training sessions.

By including several speed training drills in your practice, you will be preparing your team for the sprints and direction changes that will inevitably occur in the match, and you will be helping them to improve their own performance.

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