What is a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters can be referred to as mobility aids units for people with trouble walking properly due to old age or mobility impairment. These are very similar to those of wheelchairs except the fact that these are motor controlled or power operated vehicles.

What are types of mobility scooters available?

There are various types of mobility scooters available throughout the stores. Each of them with its own unique purposes and suited for different types of individuals with their own needs. These can be listed below as: –

  • Medium-sized and full-sized scooters – these are the two major size options when it come to mobility scooters. Middle sized scooters are often equipped with large wheels which makes it easy to move around indoors as well as outdoors. These scooters are also transport eligible unlike those of compact small ones which can be folded, these scooters can be dissembled and then carried in a car trunk. Whereas the full-sized ones are for those who have a large house and scooters allowed. Full-sized scooters also provide you with the maximum outdoor experience. These scooters come in variants depending upon speed, size, number of wheels, weight and mileage count.

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  • All terrain heavy duty scooters – suppose you need to move around in some uneven terrains like an unpaved street, gravel paths or any rugged environment. You’ll need a scooter which can provide you with a better ground clearance to move across such terrains smoothly. Heavy duty or all terrains scooters come into play here. They provide you with a higher ground clearance than other scooters and also slight reinforcements to pass over obstacles easily.
  • Compact travel scooters – these are those types of mobility scooters which are comparatively smaller in size and mostly come with a foldable mechanism or easy dissembling parts. The name suggests that these units can easily be transported from place to place while you’re travelling. Their shapes are quite compact, sturdy and also very handy in usages.

Where can you get the ideal mobility scooters for your particular needs?

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