Ford Explorer vs Ford Escape

Ford Motor Company can offer numerous makes of cars and each of them has its advantages and possible disadvantages. However, today everyone is making a fuss around two models, which are Ford Escape and Ford Explorer. If you happen to be among those people who are trying to choose between them, the following article will be of great use for you. Further, you can find some information about these automobiles which will help you make up your mind.

Ford Explorer

          In 1990 Ford Motor Company launched the production of Ford Explorer, a middle-sized SUV, which later boosted the popularity of sports utility vehicle class. This make of cars went through five generations, and the latest started in 2011, leading to considerable differences.

          Now Ford Explorer tends to be a more crossover automobile with an updated platform. The foundation of this platform is D3 which is meant for quite light weighted cars. The maximum roominess is seven people. If you need to transport a massive cargo, you can fold two rows of rear seats and the trunk becomes bigger. As for the design of new Ford Explorer, it has been completely upgraded. Now it’s available in three models – XLT, Limited, Platinum and Sport. The look of this car was created by a designer of Range Rover, that’s why Ford Explorer of the fifth generation seems similar to it in some way. Thanks to soft lines of the body, the automobile becomes more elegant and gives an impression of lightness.

          Generation 5 of Ford Explorer represents wonderful cars which stand out of the other generations. For those who love this model, everything seems new and extraordinary, which only contributes to the charm of this auto.

Ford Escape

          In 2001 Ford Motor Company brought out a crossover car called Ford Escape. This vehicle is quite compact, but initially, it was presented as an SUV along with Expedition and Explorer. But in terms of technical features, Escape is a representative of the crossover group. This make has developed through three generations, and here you’ll find the info about the third (that is the latest) one, which is still being produced.

          In 2011 the world saw a brand new variant of fully upgraded car in Los-Angeles during a pompous motoring show and then in 2013, the first autos came into the market. This car is produced basing on the same platform as Ford Focus. When it comes to the design, it is similar to the design of Ford Kuga, which is sold in both European and Asian countries. The latest models imply using an automatic gear box and eco-friendly turbo engine EcoBoost. The engine has four cylinders and three variations of capacity – 2.5L, 2.0L, and 1.6L.

          Choosing a car is an important step which requires quite a big investment and so you need to consider all of your requirements and wishes before you actually purchase it. Make sure you talk to professional experts in this sphere and have a test drive of a selected model.


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