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Types of contact lenses

It is nice to know that being ready on the options of contact lenses before shopping for contact lenses. There are different types of contact lenses that are available. It will help anyone to choose which is which with the help of a doctor. It is ideal to know that the contact lenses, find geo tri color details here, choice fits the needs:

  • Soft lenses.
    • This is the disposable lenses. This is a type of contact lens with no hassle of maintenance and regular care. There are the use-and-throw lenses. It actually depends on the type of lenses. Either be a used for a day or only for a week or two and then disposed of. After that, get a new one. The daily disposable lenses don’t need to get cleaned with a cleaning solution. With the available variety of colors, this will be a perfect idea to test out eye-colors even for a while. But, it is best to consult a local doctor before getting a new one.
      • Annual contact lenses. Obviously, the kind of soft lenses explains itself. This is to prevent drying of the eyes. This lens is made of soft material. This lens needs a demand for regular and careful cleaning, and also proper storage. This can be worn for 14 hours.
    • Rigid gas permeable lenses. This is often known as the GPs. it permits more oxygen than most of the other soft lenses. This is immensely advantageous besides being easier to clean. It has long-lasting and it provides good clarity of vision. In fact, these lenses take some time of getting used of wearing these lenses. It is made of stiff material, semi-rigid.
    • Extended and flexible wear contact lenses. This lens is designed to be kept for a long time. This doesn’t need to take off at all. This lens can be loved despite from putting back or removing the contact lenses each day. Fortunately, this kind of lens can be worn even at sleep, without a need to remove it. It also depends on the make of the contacts. It can also be worn for a period of 7 to 30 days continuously without a need of removing. It allows enough oxygen to pass, it makes everything comfortable to wear.
    • Torics for astigmatism. A person that has a problem to not properly focus an image onto the retina, then it is diagnosed having torics. It provides the same ease to use. It provides clarity of vision, just like a normal contact lens. This is available in soft lenses and GP.
  • Cosmetic lenses. Contact lenses designed to correct vision problems as its primary function. But, there are contact lenses that allow to modify the color of the iris.