What Is Rattan?

Rattan is originated from Southeast Asia and is inherently a close relative of the palm tree. It grows in the jungle like a tree and then bends and snakes on the ground like vines. It has a diameter ranging from 1 to 3 inches making it the strongest wood.  After they are matured, it‘s solid canes are harvested. They are then cut into lengths and sometimes even steamed to give them curve shape.

Rattan has a very strong and durable core which is what makes it hard to break. The outer skin is peeled and used to bind the points of furniture. You can easily find it in rattan furniture australia as it is ideal for your home because of its strength, durability and the color variety it offers.

Wicker is available in both natural and synthetic vine which is woven into different patterns. This particular interlacing or weaving is what is known as wickerwork. Any type of Wicker furniture is made by weaving the slender branches on a frame of metal or wooden to give a structure like Table, chair or even sofa. Any Wicker furniture can be made of both synthetic and natural materials. Wicker is the process that is shaped finished goods of vines like rattan, bamboo, willow, seagrass, cane or reed. There’s no material which is known as wicker, however, wicker furniture may have a rattan structure and the woven pieces can be of some other vine.

Steps for Care and Maintenance of your Rattan Wicker Furniture

Rattan furniture australia is not only beautiful but it is also very strong and durable which means that most of the rattan furniture in your home requires basic cleaning to maintain its natural beauty and strength.  Here are a few steps for you to DIY clean your indoor rattan furniture at home.

rattan furniture australia

Step 1

You can clean the outer surface of the furniture regularly be it monthly or weekly, it’s up to you to decide. Cleaning regularly will protect the rattan furniture for a very long time and prevent it from any major damage. With the help of dish wash and detergent diluted in some water. You need to wipe the surface of the furniture by being very careful with the wood getting wet. You can clean the grooves dust with the help of toothbrush or any other smaller brush.

Step 2

Rattan furniture australia is more suitable for indoors. Avoid using them as outdoor furniture and under the sunlight and you will see your furniture will stay beautiful and stronger for very long.

 Step 3

If you see any stains or any other damage clean it with detergent and with the help of a cloth, scrub the stains immediately. For damages like wood cracking or wood splitting, use linseed oil as it adds moisture in the material.

Step 4

Twice a year thorough cleaning removes buildup dirt and prevents any further damage. Do your regular cleaning but with more intensity and then apply shellac coat or lacquer; this seals the wood for a year at least.

Step 5

To avoid any splitting damage under the furniture, you can put rubber stoppers under the furniture legs.