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Why and How to Use Modern Neutrals in Your Interiors

The days of boring beige and flat gray are gone. There are new neutrals in town, and interior designers love them. Modern neutrals have more interesting names, like mauvy pewter or warm beige. More importantly, they’re subtler than older neutral colors. Here’s why they’re so great and how you can use them in your home’s décor.


One place to look for neutral-colored items is 1StopBedrooms. But, why should you choose neutrals? Neutral colors have always had many advantages, like:

  • You don’t get tired of them as quickly as you do other colors.
    • They show off the other design elements such as furniture design features.
    • Textures, patterns, and accent colors stand out more distinctly.
    • They tend to be calming colors.

Modern neutrals have those advantages and several more.
• They’re more visually appealing.
• They’re more interesting.
• They’re subtler.


Modern neutrals are easy put to work enhancing your home environment. A company with a team of furniture experts can help you choose your décor as well as give you ideas on color schemes and themes. Here are some ideas for creating a home with a modern neutral theme.

Colors Found in Nature

Most of the modern neutrals are found in nature. Some examples include ivory, jute, sand, espresso, and charcoal. One way to choose modern neutrals is to go to a favorite natural setting or view photos of that setting. If your favorite place is the beach, go there. If you prefer the prairies, take a look at a wheat field.
Then, ask yourself: what are the naturally-occurring neutral colors you find there? Choose the ones you like and look for them in paint colors, furniture finishes, and accessories. Alternatively, you can look at the furniture and accessories available and think about where you have seen those colors before. If you recognize them from the natural environment, they’re likely good modern neutrals to use.

Simple and Intricate Shapes

If you’re using neutrals, choose furniture and other décor items with mainly simple shapes. Neutrals look beautiful when combined with simple shapes. Squares, rectangles, and circles bring out the natural attractiveness of the neutral colors.

Neutrals also can show off intricate patterns and designs, but make sure you don’t go overboard with too many different shapes. For instance, if you choose curved designs, select pieces that have the same type of curve.

Metal Finishes

A bed with a metal headboard, a dining chair with metal legs, or a set of metal shelves can be a great addition to a neutral color themed room. When you choose these items, look for metal finishes that will work well with the neutral colors you’ve chosen. Here are a few such options:

  • Distressed metal finish.
    • Metal finishes with the look of precious or semi-precious metals, such as gold, copper, or brass.
    • Painted finishes with shades of black or white.

In the past, most people thought of neutrals as horribly uninteresting and dull. Now, that has changed. Modern neutrals are far from boring. In fact, you can create a room that’s extremely interesting and enjoyable with the right neutral furniture and accessories.

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