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Insider Tips for Choosing Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home

As a homeowner, the thought of replacing something is a cause for concern especially if the choosing process is not that simple. Take home window replacement for instance where you are flooded with a lot of choices. Aside from that, you should also do the math to find out how cost-effective the new units would be.

When it comes to replacing your windows with energy efficient models, there are four things to consider. Here’s the list:


There are many materials available for window frames. To pick the right one, you should learn about the positive and negative aspects of every frame. The frame materials include the following:

  • Wood: when it comes to insulation, woods offer the best value although they need more upkeep compared to other materials. This is because woods have the potential to rot or decay.
  • Vinyl: this is less expensive compared to wood but it does not mean they are not as energy efficient. If it is properly installed, it can reduce air leakage. What’s more, you can choose from different colors.
  • Aluminum: this is practical in humid climates although they are not top performing when it comes to heat transfer and loss.
  • Composite: these materials can mimic the look of wood because they are made from plastic resins and scrap wood shavings.
  • Fiberglass: this material is expensive because they are extremely energy efficient because of their low thermal conductivity.


When it comes to saving energy, the glass is one of the most important components. You should not expect cheap glasses with technologies that can lower energy bills throughout the year. You should be aware of the following technologies:

  • Low-e glazing: low-e glazing technology reduces heat transfer. In the summer, it can reflect the sunlight back outside. In the winter, it allows the sunlight to stream through inside.
  • Dual and triple pane glass: these glasses have airspace in the middle. It can provide increased savings on energy plus it has sound-blocking features.
  • Krypton gas: this is denser than argon gas and the air. It is filled between the glass panes to increase thermal efficiency. In fact, this is considered one of the most efficient replacement window technologies.
  • Argon gas: the glass panes are filled with argon gas to increase thermal efficiency.


Aside from energy saving, you should ensure that the window also provides a significant impact on your house’s aesthetics. Your goal here is to blend the window with your exterior. Fortunately, the architecture of your home can provide you with different clues when choosing the right window design.

For instance, if you have a modern home, specialty shaped windows can make a difference. For colonial homes, double hung windows should be considered. What’s more, you can choose decorative upgrades for extra character.


Finally, you should look into professional installation companies. Keep in mind that even the most expensive window will not perform effectively if it is poorly installed. With this, you need to be cautious when hiring contractors. As much as possible, ask for referrals and recommendations. You should also look at their insurance, price, and reputation.

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