Today contra angles and dental turbines are the most important tools of the dentist and are an essential part of any modern consultation.

The correct choice of rotating instruments is key to making the job easier and more enjoyable, but the choice of these hand pieces is not so simple as it requires many factors to be taken into consideration. That is why we give you 10 tips for the correct choice of dental rotary instruments.

Head technology

The  smaller the head, the better access and visibility in the operative field.  It is also important to consider the working height (head height + milling cutter).

As for the hygiene of the head, in deceleration, the turbine rotor usually sucks in the surrounding air, there is a risk of introducing polluted air into the turbine. Nowadays, modern turbines have a hygienic head. This innovative system prevents the aspiration of outside air through the bypass channels.

handpiece repair

Cooling system, spray

There are two important reasons to irrigate the field of operation handpiece repair with a spray of air and water: on the one hand, the tooth is cooled to avoid overheating the pulp, and on the other hand, the material is removed to ensure good visibility of the place of treatment.

The instruments with several spray tubes, compared to those with a single spray tube, have greater efficiency, greater cutting power, better visibility, lower risk of failure due to blockage of a tube and more safety for the patient. Several tubes ensure that, even if the adjacent tooth is interposed, sufficient cooling is achieved for the remaining tubes.


It is always desirable to seek the best visibility in the treatment area. A lamp placed above does not always offer enough illumination, due to the narrowness of the mouth and the impediment of several instruments and hands. It is recommended then instruments equipped with their own light source that illuminate the treatment area directly.

The LEDs emit light with daylight quality directly to the treatment site. Make sure that the light values are actually achieved and compare the size of the lighting field, if possible.

There are pieces with three LED lights and others with five. As expected, those with five illuminate better, without any shadow, but anyway, the pieces with three lights illuminate quite well.

Cleaning and maintenance

Never forget the cleanliness! To comply with all hygiene requirements, both handpieces, turbines or motors must be sterilized after each patient. For this reason, it is very important that the instruments can be separated very easily and quickly, so the dentist will not waste unnecessary time in this practice and can dedicate it to the management of the dental clinic.

To extend the useful life of your hand pieces, it is advisable that the sterilization process does not exceed the maximum admissible temperatures. The best option for this is a class B professional autoclave, as they treat the material carefully and reliably. Some time ago, at Dentaltix, we gave you some guidelines to choose the best class B autoclave.