The trend for Vaping over Tobacco

The trend for Vaping over Tobacco

As there is an increasing popularity of vaping over smoking, and many smokers are looking into this trend, some with a great curiosity of how the stuff works, while others with dislike. Even though there are many places you are not allowed to smoke, your right to smoke is still valid, and you may decide to do so. With that notion in mind, many have decided to switch from the traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping E-liquids with nicotine. In this article, we shall discuss some of the reasons why many people have decided to take the switch.

There are lesser health risks in vaping than smoking

The number one reason for the popularity of vaping among its users is the belief that this contains lesser health risks than smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, there is still yet to be a clinical study proving that, as the popularity soared overnight studies are still ongoing on this matter. There are some studies however that have shown some results in claiming the fact, as there is more harmful chemical added to a cigarette than a vape, it is said that vaping is healthier up to 95 percent than smoking, a long-term study of diseases to be acquired is still undergoing.

E Liquids With Nicotine

There is less hate or disdain for vapers than traditional smokers

Smokers often experience the hate looks and most of the time hurtful words to be thrown at them while smoking in any public space, this, however, is not the case for vapers. Even though there might be some hate looks, there seemed to be a lesser incident of a fight occurring due to vaping in public. There is the even small vaping spot where some vapers hang out and try different liquids for their e-cig. It also noted that secondhand smoking is one of the primary causes of lung cancer, higher than the risk of the person smoking himself. This will be something at least vaping will help, as the byproduct of it is just water vapor or smoke, it carries less harmful chemicals than one a traditional cigarette has.

There is a huge saving in spending on vaping than in traditional smoking

With the exorbitant tax levied on cigarettes, the money you will have to spend in buying one e-cigarette will just be the money you will spend on smoking in one month. With that, you also need to remember that your e-cig will last you longer than traditional cigs, and the maintenance is so much cheaper with just buying refills of different liquids.

The allure of switching to vaping is really strong with this list of benefits, however, it is still your decision to make. It does not hurt to try this new trend, as this is definitely cheaper than the alternative. With that, you can also try whether these claims that those who have switched are raving about.

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