Meningioma: Symptoms and facts

Meningioma Symptoms and facts

According to the health experts, meningiomas are termed to be brain tumors which develop within the meninges or small membranes. It covers as well as protects the brain and the spinal cord. Brain tumors are said to develop at very slow pace and are not found to affect tissues enclosing the brain tumor. In majority of the cases, it is non-cancerous (benign), which means, it is not expected to spread to any part of the nervous system or the body. But some rare malignant meningiomas cases have been reported to be aggressive.

Some facts to understand

As this brain tumor type is diagnosed by the neurologist, it becomes essential for the patient to find out several facts about it. Depending upon the location, size and symptoms, the neurologists are sure to determine the treatment type that will better suit individual circumstance and medical needs. Even though, this ailment might affect people of both the genders and all ages. Studies have revealed that women are commonly affected by this ailment. People in the age bracket of 40-65 ages develop this ailment.

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The best Meningioma surgery India experts will recommend surgery upon patients who have developed the following symptoms:

  • Memory blocks
  • Vision blurring
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Frequently occurring severe or persistent headaches
  • Blind spots occurring at the back of eye region
  • Extreme pressure feeling within the skull region

How it is diagnosed?

The physicians on identifying the symptoms will conduct several tests on the patients to evaluate the condition and to check if meningioma is responsible for the problem. Tests conducted like vision testing and mental function could be performed. However, MRI scanning of the brain is considered to be among the most conclusive of all tests. This type of scan makes use of radio and magnetic waves, which means, the patient does not have to be exposed to x-rays and other harmful radiation forms. The MRI procedure involves administering of contrast dye through the system for making the image to appear clearer.

To determine large to medium meningioma brain tumor, the physician and neurologist will recommend surgical procedure to have the brain tumor removed. This is only if the tumor is found within accessible location. It is regarded to be an effective and successful way to eliminate meningioma. Recurring meningiomas will require further treatment including radiation therapy, if complete removal of the tumor is not possible in some patients.

The chances of successful treatment as well as removing of this brain tumor type are quite high. The person needs to carry out thorough research to better understand the symptoms, and details pertaining to this ailment. Going through reviews put up by other patients, who have benefitted from procedures can prove to be more than useful to gain confidence and avail it without any second thought. The truth is meningioma brain tumor can be life threatening, if proper and timely treatment is not provided. Therefore, it will be wise to consult the qualified and knowledgeable medical professionals who are experts in the domain.

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