Is Chinese gender chart practically of any use?

In earlier days, you had to wait for the time when the baby was born to find out whether it was a boy or a girl. This dark period of waiting for the baby to be born was a few decades ago. But with technological wonders in the form of ultrasounds and other tests prediction of the gender of a baby become an easy affair. It was a revelation, but it had its own share of criticism as well. A lot of people, mainly grandparents, did not want to know the gender of a baby till it popped out of delivery room. They were of the opinion that it hardly mattered to them as the choice was restricted among two choices mainly.

But before all these methods came into existence, a method of testing the blood of a mother referred to as cell fetal DNA testing a host of other methods were used in predicting gender of a baby. If a baby was carried on the higher side of your abdomen, then it is a girl and if it runs past your belly button then the signs were you were having a boy. A method was also there where a pregnant woman laid on a floor and someone dangled a piece of thread over her belly. If the ring moved in a line like a pendulum, then you were having a boy. If the ring evolved in circles, then it was a girl.

The main contention among all these methods is that most of them worked hardly better than flipping a coin. There is a 50 % chance of success on predicting sex of a baby no matter whatever form of method you used.

In recent times, the internet has been creating waves with a new method of predicting gender of a baby referred to as Chinese Gender Predictor chart. It is in the form of a large intricate chart which relies on your age and the day when you became pregnant which decides on whether you are having a boy or a girl. With the help of a Chinese gender predictor chart, the chances of predicting gender of a baby have an accuracy level of 90 % or more. The trick of this method is to be aware on which lunar month you were born.

Now the question is how accurate is this method? Different versions have been pouring in and there is some confusion on whether you need to use calendar or lunar month. But researches have revealed that this method has been accurate in predicting gender of a baby about 50 % most of the time and it is like flipping a coin. So besides some form of entertainment this method is of no use.

If you desire, you can try this method by yourself. If it happens to be your second or third pregnancy, then you can try the results of your first pregnancy by plugging in the age along with birth date of your child. This information can be shared with your near or dear ones as well.

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