Dandruff is an issue that is faced by maximum people these days. You can come across plenty of things that might be causing dandruff in your hair. Moreover, the reality is that everyone faces dandruff to some extent once in lifetime. But some people face extensive dandruff. Of course, the reason is that they don’t really take good care of their hair.

It is okay if you are already a victim of dandruff. You can always take steps to ensure that your hair is clean, safe and effective. You can come across options that are absolutely apt and firm. you can use the Best medicated anti dandruff shampoo for your hair care and make sure that your hair stays clean, hygienic and dandruff free. Of course, you can instantly come across 3 ways to keep your hair dandruff free.

  1. A Right Shampoo

Everyone uses hair products right? You might also be using hair care products like shampoos? Of course, there are different types of shampoos that might be apt for you. You can easily pick the shampoos that are effective, safe and healthy. Especially if you have dandruff issues then you can use the Best medicated anti dandruff shampoo and make sure that dandruff evaporates from your hair. General shampoos might clean your hair and give you a fresh feeling but they would not protect you from dandruff.

  1. Wash twice a week

It is important for you to wash your hair regularly. Since the air you breathe in and live in is full of pollutants, you cannot take a risk with your hair care. You have to make sure that you wash your hair properly every week. You must wash your hair twice a week if you want it. In this way you can ensure that your hair stays clean, fresh and dandruff free. If you are not washing your hair regularly you might accrue dust, particles and pollutants in your hair. In this way all this would lead to scalp issues and hair problems.

hygienic and dandruff free

  1. Don’t leave shampoo in your hair

You have to make sure that you do not leave any shampoo in your hair or on your scalp. If there remains any soap or shampoo in your hair, they would trigger dandruff. Sometimes people are in a hurry and they don’t bother to ensure if they have properly washed off the shampoo from the hair or not. Hence, there remains shampoo in the hair till the next time they wash their hair. As a result of this, they end up with extensive dandruff issues. Moreover, even if you are using gels or anything else on your hair; make sure that you limit it. There is no point of using it extensively. It does more bad than any good to your hair. After all, temporary looks should not become a permanent reason of your dandruff issue.


Thus, you can use the best shampoos like shampoo Ketomac and make sure that you keep your hair cleaned and free from unnecessary particles so as to keep the dandruff at a bay.