How To Do Charity Like Sam Zherka In A Systematic Manner?

How To Do Charity Like Sam Zherka In A Systematic Manner?

Charity begins at home they say, and indeed, it is a habit that every person should nurture right from the word go. Every child should learn to be charitable and he should be able to share whatever he has with others. Only then, would he be able to do charitable work as an adult. He would be able to do charity as a duty even if he is a professional. Sam Zherka is a business professional who takes active interest in doing charity and he is keen at spending the better part of his life in doing charity.

Sam Zherka

How to begin the habit of doing charity like Sam Zherka?

When people are struggling to maintain their schedules, they might wish to squeeze in a bit of time for their other pursuits including charity. So, they might also bring in a habit of doing charity daily or weekly as and when they want. In order to do that they would need to follow the steps with great dedication.

  • Know the areas where he would work: What would be the areas to take care of? Not everyone can do all the social work for the society. It is not possible to take so many responsibilities. So focusing on one area for improvement would be the best way to approach the social work.
  • Filter down to the one work: Working for the poor is a big area and it can be in many ways. It could be by offering to feed the poor, by cooking for them or by distributing winter clothes, or by making, shelter. The poor would also include children. So, the work could include offering them all the right nutrition or ensuring they get four square meals a day. Likewise, ensuring that they take their education seriously makes a big difference. Filtering down to the basics would be easy to do and then proceed.
  • Identify crisis areas: In case of a natural calamity, the children and the needy might be homeless, and might be the most defenseless of the entire community. So, it is vital to rush to provide them aid and in time. The governments would be organizing many camps where one can volunteer.
  • Find the right social support groups to work: Many forums exist that work towards the improvement of the society. Finding the right one to help the support groups to improve is essential. Those who do not know how to start working for the poor or the children in need can go ahead and work with these groups. They would be going on campaigns from time to time and do the work with single-mindedness.
  • Maintain a calendar: This is necessary for the new charity-doers to do. They would need to maintain a calendar and ensure that they fit in their charity work even if they are very busy. This will be necessary to make it a habit and slowly do good in a wholesome manner.

A humanitarian like Selim Zherka finds his time and puts his sincerest efforts in serving the children of the poorest sections of the society.

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