Captain Martin Lloyd Sanders Facing the Challenges of Air force with a Strong Heart

Being able to serve your motherland is a matter of honor and pride, whether it is the police force, the air force, the navy or the army, each of these departments is replete with challenges and need a lot of sacrifice on the part of the individual intending to join it. However, it cannot be denied that the satisfaction you acquire by being a part of it is much more than that you give up. Captain Martin Lloyd Sanders is somehow who is admired and looked up to by many air force officials.

His dedication and bravery is something that every aspiring air force candidate should aspire to integrate within one’s characteristic. Many captains of the U.S. air force in fact, not just look up to him and respect him but also try and follow him, because of his experience and ability to fight some of the toughest situations within the force. The name of Martin Lloyd Sanders has carved a niche for itself in the air force, by the several years of hard work and valiance he has been able to exhibit.

Though there are innumerable challenges within the realm of the air force, yet for those who have completely made up their minds to serve the country under any circumstance, they are the ones who emerge as the real heroes of life.

The first big challenge in the air force is probably the need to go through the basic military training. It sure is a very tough thing to do when you are completely raw and new to the place; having to wake up at 5 in the morning and going through rigorous training sessions throughout the day, is quite something. But once you have a positive frame of mind you will find this training also known as BMT to be a great learning experience.

Once you join the air force, it becomes your home, and just like every person ahs to follow certain laws and rules within the four walls of his household, so does every cadet at the air force. You have to slowly start getting used to the traditions and cultures of the military, irrespective of what background you hail from. In fact, the culture and the traditions is a point of attraction for a lot of people and that also becomes one of the reasons they love to join the air force.

The criteria of having to move frequently from one place to another could be a little bothersome, if you are a married man. The rules of a married man with respect to moving are different from that of a bachelor; while a bachelor will be asked to move after every 2-4 years, a married man is asked to do the same every 3-5 years.

You may find several civilian jobs that will keep you close to your family and make some free time available to you to enjoy yourself, but there is no denying to the kind of respect that a job in the air force brings along with it.

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