Shisha and hookah are a very popular smoking device that is being used for centuries across the Middle East, and now it has become a staple and convenient offerings to many bars, lounges, and restaurants.

A lot of people enjoy the different ecstasy every time they puff their favorite shisha as the coal smolders and the ashes fall into the catch basin tray below. The much-awaited smoke travels through a pipe and gets filtered through a water container at the bottom of it coupled with good music, good booze, and a good company, and entwined with the sweet and tempting smells of the smoke that rises through the air.

If you want to try and smoke shisha or hookah, you should first learn a couple of things. It may look very exotic compared to your average electric-cigarette or vape, but, hookah and shisha are both traditional and occasional smoking instrument which can have a single pipe or multiple pipes where vaporized smoke which is usually flavored tobacco, or cannabis is used. A lot of people who wants to relax or wants to pair their favorite alcoholic beverage in a party or in a bar by smoking shisha. It sounds complicated but it is simply a flavored cigarette that can be smoked through a vaporizer powered by coal.

However, you should not smoke everything you see in a shisha bar, first, you should know what you are smoking, but it does not mean that is harmful because shisha is usually a moist and sticky tobacco that are soaked and flavored with honey or molasses and other enticing and refreshing flavors that a person can smoke. A lot of people prefer shisha over cigarettes because it is smoother and easier to puff, and they also believe that it contains less nicotine than a stick of your favorite menthol cigarette.

Before you puff shisha

Also, people love the very pleasant smell where they are more relaxed and comfortable from where they are seated. For them, it is some sort of a stress reliever and a perfect pair for their preferred alcoholic drink and the background music. Usually shisha and hookahs are very popular at resto bars, lounges, and pubs because it has a more tolerable and pleasant smell compared to a regular cigarette so there is no need to find the designated smoking room when you want to puff shisha and hookah because you can freely smoke it in a place where it is offered to customers.

It is entirely good, but too much of it can be bad for you. Just like alcohol and cigarette, it also has health hazards if you smoke a lot of shishas. The aesthetic appeal and its enticing flavors makes it very tolerable for many people and they are made believe that it is entirely safe, but it is best advised to smoke shisha moderately because health organizations found out that it is equally as harmful as cigarette, however, there are now tobacco free hookah that you can puff.

Just like other good things, there is always moderation for everything, so if you are planning to have your first experience of puffing in a shisha, go ahead and enjoy, but always remember your limits! Visit shisha bar tsim Sha tsui if you want to have shisha session today.