4 Shocking Reasons Why People Abuse Anabolic Steroids

4 Shocking Reasons Why People Abuse Anabolic Steroids

Gaining muscle mass and enhancing performance isn’t just that, there’s so much more.

A lot of athletes and bodybuilders include using anabolic steroid in preparation for the arena of sports and competition respectively. Most of them are quite addicted of gaining muscle mass, increased endurance and strength, and overall enhanced performance. Nonetheless, all these successful gains lies a tremendous side effects from cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, gynecomastia, liver problems, psychological behaviors, hair and skin issues, and all other side effects available from taking steroids. Yet all these steroid users don’t take it as a threat notwithstanding its side effects, what is important to them is that they can achieve their goals. Whatever reason it may be, some would go beyond what is prescribed for using anabolic steroids. What is it called? Ah, abuse. Talking of abuse, did you know why athletes or bodybuilders abuse steroids? Well, if you didn’t, I would tell you why with these lists scientifically proven.

Some users abuse anabolic steroid for enhanced performance.

Of course our top two users who are athletes and bodybuilders, sometimes using it illegally, abuse steroid for enhancing their performance platform. What is important is that they can get that gold medals or trophies from winning an Olympic game or any competition there is for the pride of their nation or for the sake of popularity, or for a mere reason that they do it just for themselves.

cutting steroid Winni-V

Some users abuse steroid because of people’s judgments

We’ve all been there, judged by society since we do not pass the standards of sexiness they set. Some of users abuse anabolic steroids because they are so done with people judging their appearance of “too skinny” or “too fat,” thus abusing cutting steroid Winni-V or Winstrol to reduce fats. Taking steroids abusively is their way of comeback to people who did not appreciate them for their past appearance.

Some users abuse steroid due to their past experiences

25% of male users who abused steroids reportedly claimed that during their childhood, they have had experienced physical and sexual abuse. On the other hand, more female users disclosed that the reason they are abusing steroids is that they had been raped. And studies have shown, females who suffered from such attacks often used anabolic steroids than those who didn’t experienced rape. For the reason that being a buff unnerve further attacks inasmuch as attackers consider them as strong and intimidating.

Some users who has diagnosed with Muscle Dysmorphia or Bigorexia abuse steroids.

Muscle Dysmorphia or Bigorexia is a disorder which falls under the category of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). According to HealthyPlace, Men with bigorexia spend excessive amounts of time working out in the gym, dieting, checking themselves in a mirror, comparing themselves to others, and seeking reassurance from others about their appearance. Many of them also abuse anabolic steroids in an effort to build muscle mass and foster more lean muscle tissue.

For all that, taking anabolic steroids abusively can be treated in a form of withdrawal process done professionally by physicians.

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