Things to do one month before your JEE entrance examinations

Entrance exams are always hard and we want to score high in them as well. Preparing for an entrance examination takes up a lot of time and people devote an entire year or two for that. It takes a lot of time to prepare for entrance examinations and it is also necessary to devote a lot of time for it. After everything we are able to score high in the examination. However, we rarely give importance to the last months of the examination and we forget that it is as much important as the last whole year and it can equally make or break a person. A student can utilise this whole time and make the most of it. It can either make him achieve success or can become his downfall as well. This time must be utilised fully because as they say time is truly money in this case and each minute of the last few months count very much. Try to make every minute count and try to focus yourself only on your examination in the last thirty days. During these thirty days you must stay away from any kind of drama and negativity that can hamper your concentration and can harm your study. Keep your personal problems at a side and concentrate only on your studies because once these thirty days are over you will get plenty of time to focus on your personal life.

JEE examinations are like other entrance examinations only and the main thing that you need to do every day during this one-month is to solve jee advanced question paper with solutions. Even if you think that you have solved all the papers, then also try to solve them without any hesitation because after all practice only makes perfect. During this one-month make sure that you are following a daily routine every day and try to maintain this routine at all cost. Don’t let anything come between your routine and you. However, you don’t have to be very rigid regarding this routine and try to be lenient if something urgent really comes up. Normally, your ideal routine must consists of at least eight hours of study every day and the same eight hours goes for your sleep as well. A proper eight hours of sleep will make you feel good and will help in relaxing your mind as well. Making your mind relaxed is very important as it will help in making you more focused and will improve your concentration as well. Also, if not that necessary then do skip those new topics that you were yet to learn. Learning new topics will make you more confused and this can also make you forget the other topics as well. So, it is better to avoid any new topic during this time and try to concentrate only on the important topics. Revise them every day. Every single minute must be spent on revising the new topics. Jee advanced question paper download can be done and then you can revise them so that during your examination you can at least answer everything from your known topics.

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