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About mega menu add-ons for Prestashop

Mega Menu will naturally change over your current menu or menus into a super menu. You would then be able to add any WordPress gizmo to your menu, restyle your menu utilizing the subject manager and alter the menu conduct utilizing the inherent settings. Prestashop Mega Menu is an entire menu administration module, ideal for taking control of your current menu and transforming it into an easy to use, open and contact prepared menu with only a couple of snaps.

Mega Menu PrestaShop Add-on can streamline your store route with a multi-section and highlight the rich menu. Other than item classifications and subcategories, you can change it up of components to its monstrous, dropdown board. They incorporate promotion standards, identifications, makers, item information square or truly some other custom HTML square. While adding the super menu to your site design, don’t hesitate to browse four positions, specifically header, left, right, and footer.

Good with the major PrestaShop Mega Menu norms, this TM augmentation is completely responsive and gives multilingual and multi-store bolster. The default Prestashop store menu has dependably been very restricted and permits showing just shop classifications and subcategories. Yet, this isn’t in every case enough to give genuine easy to use, enlightening and natural route to let your clients rapidly pursuit and discover vital things.

Do you know about Option Zen?

There are two services in Option Zen:

  • Unlimited after-sales support throughout the amount coated by the choice
  • Access to any or all updates for the merchandise throughout the amount

Option Zen is obtainable at a reduction once getting this product, but, if you miss out, you’ll conjointly pass away via your client account later. it’s valid up to 1 year following the date of purchase of your product. the sooner you get it, the longer you’ll get pleasure from it! within the event that you just have created an excellent menu with some sections at a lower place each menu connect in your menu, those phase sub-menus don’t seem to be obvious on the movable menu.


This is because of how the default portable menu is planned and the extra level made by your segments.


Go to Appearance > Customize

Tap the versatile see symbol in the base right of the customizer sidebar. It would be ideal if you take note of this is just expected to test responsiveness and isn’t an exact perspective of your site on mobiles.

Extend the Additional CSS board and glue the accompanying code beneath the current content and save your progressions.


What about the JIO offers!!

JIO is one of the most popular and common telecommunication companies offering their clients with a wide range of products as well as services. JIO has initially worked as a subsidiary of Reliance telecommunications and also offered its subscribers with free SIM card. This SIM card facilitates the JIO users with JIO offer, i.e. with unlimited calls and data for a period of three months. This duration of three months got extended by JIO for further two months.

After the completion of this JIO offer, the subscribers of JIO were required to make a recharge for RS.99, so as to become a JIO prime member for a year and enjoy all the benefits as well as JIO offer. This is because; it is mandatory for an individual to be a JIO prime user, so as to enjoy JIO offer benefits as well as benefits provided by any other JIO plan.

JIO offers its users with special prepaid, postpaid, long term as well as short term plans. The JIO subscribers have recently been offered with 100 cashback offer, wherein they can enjoy the benefits on making any JIO recharge above Rs.300. The minimum recharge plan of JIO is just Rs.19. The individuals will receive the cashback in the form of 8 vouchers worth Rs.50 each. The individuals cannot club multiple offers altogether.

The individuals can redeem the offers all at once. The individuals can redeem the offers on making a recharge from the official website of JIO. The individuals can also get to know about the latest offers of JIO. The individuals can also make a recharge of JIO or any other telecommunication companies by making use of the digital apps like Paytm, Phonepe, Mobikwik, Freecharge, etc. These apps can be accessed from any part of the world.

Also, these apps can be accessed anytime by either making use of a Smartphone, Laptop or computer system. In order to enjoy the benefits of JIO offer, the individuals are required to keep a number of things in mind. JIO offers its users with attractive as well as customer friendly opportunities. JIO is popular, as it has more than 150 million subscribers across the country. JIO has also offered its subscribers with international calling as well as roaming tariffs for its customers, so that they can remain connected with them, wherever they are without worrying about the shocks that they have been used to for years.

Jio offers its users with unlimited voice, SMS as well as data benefits. One can even join the JIO postpaid without changing the existing mobile number. The individuals can opt for mobile number portability, so as to shift to JIO postpaid. JIO also offered its prepaid users with roaming as well as data tariffs. According to a recent research, JIO has reported a net profit of Rs.510.44 crores for the quarter ending March 31st in comparison to 504.38 crores in the September quarter. JIO has earlier extended its JIO Prime membership for its users across the country for another year.


Idea Online Recharge- “Definitely an idea that can change your life”

The telecom industry is growing at a breakneck speed, and the majority of it has come from the mobile segment. Today everyone possesses a mobile phone in order to get tuned with their loved ones or their clients. This mobile phone has become a necessity and also plays a pivotal role in everybody’s life. This gadget helps to get attached to others whether state, national or international level. With the emergence of this gadget, the dependency of the fixed line has been reduced considerably. The main advantage of this device is that individuals can carry it wherever they go.

With the emergence of mobile phones, the fixed-line phone business is logging a negative growth. To make a mobile phone work, there are two types of SIM cards available. First is the post-paid SIM in which individual have to pay the bill after using all the services. Second is the prepaid SIM, where individuals have to keep recharging their mobile phones via prepaid recharge as and when the value comes to an end. Going deeper into the wireless segment, an interesting fact came out that the post-paid segment hardly constitutes lesser than 1/5th of the mobile users.

In general, the users of prepaid SIM can use the services if they make the payment first and can then make calls. But sometimes it is very frustrating especially when the calls get disconnected while having a meaningful discussion with the clients due to insufficient balance. Moreover, they may not be in the condition to rush out of the home leaving your ongoing task to get their account recharged. Taking this issue into account, the cellular companies have decided to launch a latest and futuristic technology to address this problem. The name of this advanced technology is Idea Online Recharge. Except Airtel and Vodafone, Idea is also providing this service of online recharge by the name of Idea online recharge.

This is the most convenient way to get the prepaid account recharged easily and instantly. Numerous benefits can be availed with this service. The prepaid recharge coupons are available in retail stores but for a limited period but individuals can get their account recharged anytime and anywhere as they offer services 24/7/365 days. Moreover, to purchase a recharge coupon from the store individuals have to wait for long in a queue, but with this innovative service, an individual can get his account recharged in just a few mouse clicks without disturbing the ongoing task.

Another critical thing to mention is that the cellular companies offer this service to every individual using the network. Several websites are providing this facility of Idea online recharge like easy online recharge, free recharge and many more. The telecom industry is growing at a breakneck pace.

Idea Cellular has been a part of Aditya Birla Group with a mobile user base of over 10 million customers. Idea prepaid has been the frontrunner in providing competitively priced and unique tariff plans to it’s customers.


Learn easy ways as how to design a video game character

The large number of the important features makes up video game. There is a gameplay itself, gaming world and audio visual presentation. The list is endless. The most important item on this list is of the characters. The video game might have fun plot & stunning graphics but with characters of cookie cutter, it is really going to lack spirit and the originality which games are well-thought out of the characters has. You can think this way as; everyone knows that whois Mario? whether they have every played Mario game or not. Mario is one of the iconic characters and he is big way as why the games of Mario have keeps on debuting for so long years.

Designing of character

To design a video game character, it is a crucial part of video game puzzles. Such a job needs specialized skill sets, talent, good intuition, healthy imagination. For being successful, the character designer even need to have captivating art, convince all the players that such a character belongs to their gaming world only.

The character should also fit in these worlds, and stand out differently with the distinct personalities. Design should also reflect all these personalities and all the physical ability of character too. So who is the one who undertakes this task to design these video game characters? It is the job of a professional designer or the one who aspires to become one.

Skilled designer

With the best availability of online tutorials now, one can also learn how to design a video game character. If you know the character history, it is time for getting to know the appearance. Most of the designers are also having good idea of what their character appears as, and develop backstories. Such a step often ends on occurring naturally, as you might think. As you will start with the sketches, there are some of the points to consider as well. Turning out as the designer of video game character also needs practice. It start with talent, gets fueled by inspiration, skill, dedication and more.

If you are interested in these games, then make use of the peculiar concepts available online. The online forum may help you in recognizing the right ones online. Beyond the right ones, you can come up with the main goal of achieving the best ones. log in to the site for more peculiar information.


Adobe Programs for Every Visual Effect and Video Editing Professionals

Filmmaking is a big and lucrative industry. In the field of filmmaking, you have to utilize everything around you as an inspiration. Creativity is not the only thing that matters you need to have the skill and the patience to master the programs as well. It will make you the best.

Video editing is the organization and manipulation of video shots. Aside from filmmaking, you will see video editing in video advertisements and television shows. Visual effects, on the other hand, refer to the process of manipulating imagery outside live action. Visual effects are the incorporation of special and digital effects to make environments look real.

You have to master visual effects and video editing programs so you can utilize it well. Here’s a look:

Video Premiere Pro

Video Premiere Pro is developed by Adobe. It is a video editing application that is based on a timeline. Most professional video editors use this program. Premiere Pro can be integrated with Dynamic Link and After Effects. Files from Adobe Photoshop can also be accessed directly from Premiere Pro.

The Premiere pro workflow use metadata in video production script. The script will then be transferred to Adobe Story and submitted to Adobe OnLocation to capture the footage and attach important metadata. Premiere Pro has also this speech recognition feature that can have the capacity to match the audio to the dialogue from the script.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements is specially created to suit the needs of beginner editors and consumers. The program features clip organization and auto-movie generation. The best thing about Premiere Effects is it can tackle unlimited audio tracks as well as video which different effects applied in each clip. Editors can also put additional plugins like Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Adobe Spark Video

This is specially created by Adobe for iPad and iPhone. It is an application for video storytelling. It can combine audio recording, music, photos, text and motion graphics to create short videos. Apple awarded this application as the Best App of the Year that garnered roughly 3.5 million downloads.

Adobe After Effects

This is an application that is designed for visual effects, compositing and motion graphics. This is usually utilized during the post-production stage of filmmaking. After Effects is also useful in animation, tracking and keying.
If you are just starting, there is nothing to worry because these programs are taught online browse around here. Online programs for visual effects and video editing are usually fun and interactive. If you are having fun, learning will come easy. Good luck on your new endeavor!


A Brief Overview of the IBM Cloud

There are now big names in the cloud computing world. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure are now competing head-to-head to see who wins the coveted crown. However, the IBM cloud services shouldn’t be left out in this race. There are even some who claim that IBM has a larger piece of the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) pie than other competitors.

IBM’s cloud services may seem like it’s lagging behind the competition, it’s still one of the largest cloud computing service providers on Earth. Look into the story of the IBM cloud and you’ll see different brand names for its services. Patching all the categories together will lead to the “IBM Cloud” name, and it includes the software, hardware, and services that assist enterprises and organizations in building private cloud servers.[G1]

A Quick Look at the History of the IBM Cloud[G2] [G3]

Everything has to start somewhere, especially when we’re talking about IBM’s cloud computing services. Some might think that it began with AWS back in the early 2000s. However, it started with the invention of the mainframe which took place in the 1950s. You might tell yourself, “but cloud computing didn’t exist back then.” Yes, cloud computing was non-existent during the 1950s, but the core idea of the services can be traced back to this decade. It then follows through different stories that go through the 1970s, and this is the era wherein we can find the creation of the VM operating system. This model enables multiple virtual machines to use a shared module. IBM’s computing structure evolved through the years, and it eventually leads to the launch of Cloudburst back in 2009. Cloudburst is a tool used for setting up a private cloud server, and it’s also the company’s first real [G4] IaaS service. The IT giant then continued to set up multiple cloud services as time went by. [G5]

Cloud Services of IBM

Interested users of the IBM cloud infrastructure will find different services to use. For instance, there’s the compute services that allow users to take advantage of OpenWhisk serverless computing, along with Cloud Foundry runtimes and containers. Organizations can also use cloud storage services. In doing so, businesses can use block, file, and object storage, as well as server backup features. Another service found in IBM’s cloud computing mainframe includes companies to use data and analytics services. For this segment, it includes analytics services, data services, Cloudera hosting, Riak hosting, MongoDB hosting, and big data hosting. [G6]

The Advantages of Using the IBM Cloud

Any cloud service on the planet will offer a list of advantages to its users. However, IBM’s cloud services have some unique offerings that most of its competitors can’t match. [G7] For instance, IBM is the only major cloud vendor that emphasizes its services on bare metal servers. In other words, it offers specific performance and security requirements to allow for secure and well-performing procedures. The company’s cloud services also give companies plenty of flexibility and customization tools of which many other cloud computing service providers don’t offer.[G8] [G9]

When to Use the IBM Cloud

Companies that already invested in other IBM offerings should heavily consider using the tech giant’s cloud services for all of their public cloud requirements. It’s especially useful if the organization plans to create a hybrid network environment. Additionally, enterprises of different sizes that require high-performing servers should think about using IBM’s bare metal or GPU servers.

IBM offers a very strong competitive edge over its competitors in the cloud computing sector. The known tech firm offers some unique cloud services that other vendors may lack or don’t have in the first place.


Working with a web designer: ten top tips

Navigating the relationship when working with web designers can prove a complex business; therefore, it is of crucial importance that you remain in the driving seat to ensure your vision is realised.

Excellent communication is a fundamental component when working on projects with a web designer. This should filter through each of the following ten tips to safeguard a positive working relationship.

1) Determine a budget

Your budget is extremely important, both in terms of your time and money constraints. When working with a web designer, it is vital that you have determined a set budget and have communicated this.

2) Provide a brief

Formulating a detailed brief that includes both information on your business and your overall goal for the project will be of great benefit to your web designer, ensuring you share the same vision.

3) Consider confidentiality

If required, ask your web designer to sign a confidentiality agreement before divulging details of your projects.

4) Specifications

Once you have communicated your brief, work with your web designer to devise a detailed specification determining a design that you design appropriate and acceptable.

5) Timetable

Time management in any project is paramount. You should work with your web designer to create a timetable, not forgetting to set interim goals and considering how progress will be monitored.

6) Final tweaks

To guarantee that your web designer creates your vision, get involved as much as possible, especially in the creation process. Doing so will help to ensure that the final design meets your expectations.

7) Missed deadlines

Things don’t always go to plan; therefore, it is important to establish what action will be taken in relation to payments and acceptable reasons in the event a project is running behind schedule.

8) Testing

As a professional web development company in London such as would agree, it is important to confirm with your web designer what testing will be required during the project prior to approving the final project design.

9) Copyright

As the owner of the project, your designer needs to assign the design rights and copyrights to you.

10) Future maintenance

Don’t forget to confirm with your web designer how your site will be maintained and updated going forward.


How to be Insta-famous

So you’ve been on Instagram for quite some time, and now you want to become Insta-famous. How would you know if you’re already popular on this social networking portal? The goal here is to reach the 5-digit mark for your follower count. In other words, you have to gain at least 10,000 followers to successfully call yourself well-known on Instagram.

With tens of thousands of followers under your wing, you’ll almost always gain hundreds of likes every time you post something in your profile. Also, depending on your niche, you can gain a partnership with well-known brands. Ergo, you can keep on Instagram-ing while you’re earning money in the process. Now, who wouldn’t want that? But before you can celebrate your newfound fame, you have to reach that objective first. You can start by reading the rest of this post.

Start by Finding Your Niche and Focus on it

Before anything else, you need to have a decent understanding of how Instagram works. If you’ve already got a certain theme going on in your profile, then you’re already well on your way. However, if this is going to be your first time joining the social network, then you have to select a particular niche and stick to it. For example, if you’re creating an Instagram account to post pictures of your dog, then always keep continuity in mind. Regularly post cute pictures of your pet pooch, but don’t suddenly post a series of inspirational photos. Breaking continuity will make your existing follower count to wonder why you did that in the first place. Furthermore, aspiring followers will also doubt the theme of your Instagram profile if you keep on posting random images.

Don’t Post Anything Less Than High-Quality 

If you’re posting your OOTD (that’s Outfit of the Day in Internet speak), or if you’re posting makeup tips to your followers, then make sure that your photos are of the highest quality possible and nothing less than that. It’s safe to say that absolutely no one wants to see blurry pictures. Also, don’t just rely on your smartphone’s camera because it’s not going to do you a whole lot of good. Instead, use a dedicated digital camera as the device will most likely have a higher megapixel count (which means better details in your photos). Furthermore, digital cameras, especially mirrorless and DSLR systems, can handle photos better than smartphones. Hence, details won’t be lost, and you can even achieve the right color and contrast in your photographs.

Don’t Forget to Engage 

Nobody likes a snob, so if someone comments on your photos, never forget to reply to what they said. Even if they just said something like, “you look great,” don’t forget to say something appreciative. A simple thanks can go a long way, always remember that. Furthermore, the nicer you are to your followers and to other Instagram users, the more likely that the word will spread that you are, in fact, a decent person to deal with. Keep in mind that negative news will travel fast. So if someone finds out that you’re a snob or a rude person to talk to, then expect your follower count to dwindle faster than you trying to increase that figure.

Use Instagram to its Fullest 

It doesn’t mean that just because your ultimate goal is to become Insta-famous that you’re not going to look at anything else but your profile. Remember, there are plenty of features to explore in this social networking portal. Use boomerangs, stories, carousel photos, and videos to add variety to your profile. While uniformity is still highly important to consider when building your Instagram fame, it’s okay to break the continuity once in a while. However, don’t do it too often as your followers would lose interest in following your account.

Lastly, if you want to start becoming an Instagram celebrity, you should check out some automated applications to help you out in achieving your ultimate objective. For instance, you can use an instagram auto comment application to help you manage your profile, even if you’re not holding on to your smartphone or mobile device at the moment.


The OTHER Crucial Traits To Look For Data Analytics Pros

Many people are confused as to what data analytics is. Some people think that this pertains to the process of analyzing data after it’s collected. And others feel that this is what you call the programs used for the analysis process. In truth, data analytics covers all, whether it is the program and the device used or the actual process up until the final trends are projected and statistics are made.

It’s impossible to learn what it is and what it can do in one day. It takes years of intense field immersion and exposure before you actually grasp how it works. Even experts claim to not fully know the whole field. There is still a lot to learn. And with the continued development, there’s a bigger chance that the list of things-to-learn will just continue to expand.

That being said, there’s also no guarantee that the current standards you have for choosing the Data Analytics specialists is right or comprehensive. Sure, their work ethic and their experience play a big part. It’s also essential for them to have a good handle on their programs. Continued advancement of program features makes for a more accurate and effective data-gathering process.

But you may be missing other things- things that will matter once the deal starts and before everything’s over. Such important matters must always be taken into consideration for the good of your company.


Effective communication and customer service. It’s normal for someone who’s just beginning to understand the workings and processes of the field. If you’re all about business and traditional marketing in the past, it takes serious adjustment. And who better explain these things to you than your very own expert. They understand this better than you do especially since they’re working on it all the time. With easy-to-understand correspondence, you can come up with your own decisions.

Effective customer service makes you feel important. And it also makes you assured that they’re working their best to provide superb services.

Cost-efficient services. Quality work is, first and foremost, the most important thing. But since you’re also managing a business, you’re aware of how important finances are. Expenses and profit are constant things. Even if you’re sure of the quality, spending fees, which are too expensive, will hardly make it worth it.

With perseverance and strategic searching, you’ll surely find expert service that sits perfectly between high-quality work and affordable service. 

Service that is not afraid of change. Change is the reality not just in business but the entire world. And when a specific concept, or business, in this case, stays stagnant for a long time, it’ll atrophy and die.

Changes may seem a common concern for many people and business owners. It carries serious risks. There’s a chance that when there’s an attempt for a transition, there’ll only be failure. Just remember that taking risks is quite different from being reckless. Instead of the sure failure that awaits the business if there are no changes, taking risks for change is a better option.


Awesome features involved in time clock software

Running a business is not the easiest task because it is involved plenty of tasks such as recruit employee, manage their employee and increase productivity. Employee time tracking is the toughest task so you are always recommended to use time clock free software which is offering accurate time tracking along with the fast payroll reporting. This employee scheduling comes with the excellent robust features such as quick editing, shift swap and schedule duplication. With the help of this software, a business owner might keep in touch with the sms push notification to the staff, management or entire company. It is considered as 100% accurate and reliable employee time tracking software and it can provide more numbers of the benefits to business people.

Awesome features involved in the time clock software

If you are looking for the authorized place to time clock software then you are recommended to visit time clock genie because they are offering excellent software. There are more and more numbers of the features are involved in the time clock software such as

  • Online time clock- Time clock software is providing reliability and accuracy so that manager can set time clock to round workers punch time for specified minute intervals. Sometimes manager might set the notifications which will alter them while the employee is scheduled but employee clock might not be scheduled.
  • Employee scheduling- Time clock genie virtual calendar creates it easy to make your employee schedules along with the custom features such as vacation request. At the same time budget wide feature is really useful to pre calculate payroll expenses for each week or month. The manager might also duplicate the entire employee or individual employee schedules to next week, day or month.
  • Payroll processing- This software is really useful to generate the payroll reports instantly and this report is gross pay and number of hours worked per pay period. Free online time clock might figure in the mileage and tracks annotate and overtime it apart from the normal pay. You can also print your reports.
  • Clock shield- Try to use advanced clock shield features which are sufficient to receive real time alerts via sms text messaging or e-mail while the employees clock out or in. Once you customize the clock shield, you might stay in the loop at all the times.

Interesting reasons to use time clock software

Most of the time clock software requires a manager to register each worker separately and it could be the biggest tasks for just one person to do all tasks. But this software is having the unique self enrollment features so each worker can register personally into this program. Just assign master self enrollment password so that all users can use to register their account. At any time the user do any issues or try to delete any data then the time clock genie might automatically keep their records at least for one year. Actually each and every business is completely unique so this software comes up with the custom field which allows you to keep track of specific data.