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Are Business VPNs Essential in Today’s Modern Cyber Era?

Owning a business and securing the IT infrastructure has become an uphill task as the internet continues to evolve. We have seen cyber-attacks become commonplace for any business that is connected to the internet. It is a shame because the internet was put out there to share information in a community that would thrive together. However, there are those that ruin it for us by hacking our systems to either cause disruption or for their own personal gain.

A hacker has the potential to send a struggling small business into debt and even bankruptcy. This is not unheard of because sometimes financial hacks can take some time to solve. There are cases where working capital has been stolen by cyber thieves and the bank’s reaction to investigate is not fast enough to save the business from going under. This is despite the result of the bank’s investigation concluding that the financialfraud was a hack.


How can businesses avoid the threat of cyber-attacks?

Proper IT security planning is needed. In the EU there are the 10-steps to cyber security that are put in place. These 10 steps must be implemented by law for financial institutions and any company that is listed as a PLC. However, they are not required for small businesses in other industries. Instead, these 10-steps to cyber security are more of a recommendation or guideline for all other businesses to follow.

Some companies will employ an IT security team or person to look after the LAN and WAN security. Needless to say, this is quite an expensive proposition for a small business that is trying to find its legs in a competitive market. Buying or renting the equipment needed, plus hiring someone to set-up and support the IT security is not cheap.

For smaller businesses, the solution is quite simple. In Greece, IT privacy has become integral. They call it προσωπικα δεδομενα. The privacy offered is via what is known as VPN software. Without it, many companies would be exposed to hacks via trojans, viruses, and hackers. Most VPN software systems will come with anti-trojan and anti-virus software built in, but not all.

There are a lot of options out there to choose from and sometimes having an all-in-one VPN, anti-virus, and trojan detection package is not the best deal. Some companies are suited to purely VPN software services and others will need the full package. It really depends on their situation.

VPN software is the best way to secure all incoming and outgoing data from a business internet router for firms on a budget. The software also comes with a support email and telephone number. Some even come with real-time chat systems. Therefore, when it comes to IT security, for a fraction of the price of buying the hardware and software as well as hiring someone to configure and maintain it, VPN software is the best option to ensure the network has been safely locked down from intruders.

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A Guide to Choosing the Right LiPo Battery Charger

LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery is a type of rechargeable battery that employs the lithium-ion technology. With this, it features higher capacities allowing it to hold more power. Aside from the capacity, LiPo batteries are also lightweight. However, these batteries need special care.

Special care should be given during charging. This means you need to find the right charger. It is crucial that you always use the right charger to maintain the same voltage across all cells. Remember that if the voltages deviate from each other, the battery will become unstable. This can be risky.

Having that in mind, you need to do your research beforehand. If you have time, click here to read more.  Basically, you have to know what you need and the options available to make an informed decision. Here’s a guide to choosing the right LiPo battery charger:

Choose a programmable charger
There are “plug and charge” chargers. These chargers do not need any input – you just need to plug it. While these are simple and economical, they are slow in charging and you cannot change the options or settings.

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High-quality chargers are programmable. This means that it will allow you to set all the parameters like the charging current, charging period and the type of batteries. It will also show you the condition of the battery like the volts in each cell and how much current has been charged.

Determine the cell count supports
The cell count supports will depend on your needs now and in the future. There are some that can charge LiPo battery up to 4S while others even higher like 6S. Choosing 6S support is more than enough for now.

Learn the types of batteries supported
When you choose the charger, make sure that you learn the types of batteries it can support. While you need LiPo support, it is also good to have HVLi support. It would be an excellent thing if the charger also supports NIMH. There are other chargers that can support NiCad and PB.

Check the charger modes
The chargers have different charge modes but generally, modes include balance charge, fast charge, discharge, and storage charge. Balance charge is considered the safest and the most widely used charging mode. In this mode, the main lead and the balance lead are plugged to the charger this way the voltage of every cell is monitored and balanced.

Pick a multiple-channel charger
There are low power chargers, which are single channel chargers. If you want a very powerful charger, you need to consider a multiple-channel charger. In this type, every channel is utilised as a smaller charger. For instance, if you consider 4-channel charger, it is capable of charging 4 different batteries at the same time regardless of the voltage level, capacity and the cell count.

Decide the extra features
You do not need all the extra features but they are good to have. Extra features include backlight LCD display, voltage reading, cell count confirmation, over/under voltage protection, warning buzzer and many more. Keep in mind that more features mean more cost.


Sites By Design- Your Solutions In Web Development And SEO

Identifying a legitimate reliable website developer for your organization is not easy it the present world, where everyone has half-baked web developing skills. However, there are excellent avenues for web developers such as Sites By Design. At this organization, clients are valued and you will walk with the developers while ensuring your business acquires an online presence that works 24/7. The company been in the business of web design for eight years and therefore has a firm foundation, a recognizable reputation and unbeaten experience in website development. It doesn’t matter the industry you are operating in, you will get a suitable website for your business. During the years of working the company has accumulated much knowledge in web development and online marketing. The marketing solution includes search engine optimization incorporate with a good website developed to appeal to your customers. The benefits of search engine optimization cannot be underestimated by any business. However, you need SEO experts in your business in order to reap its benefits. That’s why you need sites by design to help you through digital marketing and see your business grow its brand.

I understand that not every business understands the meaning of SEO. Well, it is a complex world for everyone who is new in digital marketing and it requires experts to establish and manage it. There are many SEO companies online but unless you get to hear from them and get their services, it would be very difficult to understand what search engine optimization is when it comes to the field of digital marketing. You really need it for your business to grow and attract more customers. Sites By Design will help you with SEO solutions that will make your business assume a higher rank in the search engine, attract more traffic and have more customers.

What would SEO do to your business?

There are various benefits that your business would reap from SEO. The most important one is exposure which allows your business to be viewed by many people visiting the search engine. The other benefit is improved rankings which allow your website to appear on top of the search results. The better ranking puts your website at a better position to receive more clicks from visitors. SEO also brings increased traffic to your website which translates to more sales. The more the traffic, visibility, sales and improved rankings your website has, the more credible it becomes and therefore your business gets brand credibility. Come to think of Amazon, e-bay, and Alibaba. Am using these companies because they have an online dominance which has made them so famous and successful. Your business can find its way to such heights if you invest in SEO and a good business website. These two are powerful tools that can make you succeed and be way over your competitors.

Most companies worry about the content they will include on the website. It is very common to lack content especially when you are new in digital platforms. However, Sites By Design will provide you with the five important elements that will make your website complete. These are a plan, content, the design, the website and they do the management for you. You don’t need any more efforts after paying for the services. We will do it all for you.


2019 Basic Guide For Buying LED Video Wall

Advertising has stepped up and many businesses nowadays take advantage of digital technology. One of the most popular nowadays is the LED Video wall. If it is time for your company to buy a video wall, there is some information that you need to know before making your purchase. To help you decide, here is a quick buying guide to make sure that you are getting the best purchase value.

What’s Your Purpose? 

Before you buy a video wall, determine its purpose. Is it for advertisement at a retail business establishment? For a professors’ presentation in a classroom? Or maybe for a conference or training room? The LED Video wall can also be used as high-resolution mapping for the command and control center. Ask yourself if this wall is going to be interactive like a touchscreen wall, or to expand content, or maybe to interface an Xbox Kinect for on-screen actions, then it needs to be interactive.

Number Of Images That Needs To Be Shown

People are now using video walls for various reasons. The number of images or videos that needs to be shown should be considered. Maybe you want your video wall to have the capability to stretch and resize the image or presentation, or if you need to have multiple video sources playing at the same time, and if you need to switch from a single large photo to a smaller ones, then it needs to have a processor that can would be able to set the window arrays into different positions and variations.

 Determine Your Audience 

Always remember that content is essential. This is why it is important that you know how to connect with your audience. If you understand the demographics of your viewers, then this can help you the type of content that you will be using, and also how you will display it that can catch their attention. If you know your audience and the content to use, this can save you time and money when producing quality content.

Opt For Commercial-Grade Equipment

When it comes to LED video walls, there is a huge difference between the consumer-grade displays and the commercial-grade displays. Here’s the reason why:

  • Commercial-grade displays are more expensive but for all the good reasons. The commercial-grade displays are built to be run even for long hours in the most hostile environments.
  • There is also a huge difference in mounting solutions as well as the temperature and color control, the RS-232 communication, runtime, warranty, and also the display run time.
  • Commercial-grade displays use hardened glass for multi-touch features.

Choose The Right Mounting Solution

 This is one of the most important things to do if you want to save money in the long run. When it comes to the maintenance, servicing, as well as the support for your displays, you would want a product that can offer you easy access when some parts need to be replaced. Some buyers would commonly overlook structure but little did they know that this is needed especially when mounting large video walls.

Do you think you are ready to purchase your LED video wall today? Use this short buying guide to make sure that you are getting the value of the product that you are looking for. Take a look at your options and do a little research about it before making that final decision.



Deciding upon your home automation is not an easy task to do. You must know the language that your hub will speak and how it will be controlled. Moreover, you must know what the system has been primarily designed for. Zigbee vs Z-Wave are two of the new technology gadgets or technologies in the world of home and business automation systems. They do seem a little complicated but they are not. They are basically different from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which is why people get confused. However, they are just mesh networks that pass on signals from device to device and not directly from hub to each device individually.

Zigbee and Z-Wave have been designed for respective purposes and they are not meant for home automation only. This is what a lot of people do not pay attention to. Before making your pick, you must know what the network has been designed for specifically.

ZIGBEE; who it serves best?

If you are a tech geek and have immense knowledge about technological gadgets and systems than Zigbee is best for you. It has been designed for the technological geeks who can DIY the system on their very own. As Zigbee is customizable, you must have knowledge about how everything can be managed and customized on this system. If you are not a tech expert, it is better to have some professional to set it up for you as it won’t be an easy task for you to do on your own. Therefore, Zigbee is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you don’t have much knowledge about the tech, then you better not put your hands into this system as it can be difficult for you to handle.

Z-WAVE; who it serves best?

If you are a technology fanatic; there is nothing to worry about as Z-Wave serves all those just know the basics. It is pretty straightforward to understand and very user friendly. You can set it up easily with the instruction manual; it won’t be a stressing job at all. It is also easy to maintain. Thus if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about tech gadgets maintenance, even then it is an impeccable choice for you due to its ease of use. Also, it works with some of the most famous brands and has great compatible devices so there is actually not a lot of limitation.

Now you know which networking system is best for you as you are well aware of what kind of knowledge you possess regarding technology. Before buying a home or business automation system, always keep in mind that you must know whom it is best for. After the comparison of Zigbee vs Z-Wave and who they are best for, you now know which one is the best bet for you definitely.


How VoIP Can Transform Your Business

Despite the constant evolution of technology, people still need to talk to each other. However, while phone calls still take place in the same way, the platform for conducting them is changing. VoIP is the telephony technology of the future, transforming voice into digital packets of data that can be easily transmitted over the internet. VoIP systems can also easily be integrated with apps that transcribe voicemails and deliver them via an email, or software like Google Voice.

VoIP Revolution

VoIP is quickly becoming the method of choice for telephony in business. The flexibility that a VoIP system offers is unparalleled. Whether workers want to operate remotely or work while travelling in other countries or even set up a video conferencing call, all of this can be seamlessly handled by a VoIP communications platform. If dedicated lines are needed for important clients, these can be added at very little cost, and expensive hardware installation and maintenance are not required. VoIP systems can also easily be integrated with apps that transcribe voicemails and deliver them via an email, or software like Google Voice. To find out more about voice recognition technology, see this report from The Guardian.


VoIP has huge benefits for businesses where employees travel, as they can access the VoIP platform wherever they are – all they need is a device and an appropriate log-in. Security can also be tailored to the business with bespoke solutions possible where employees only have individual access to the part of the system that they need and sensitive data is protected.

As VoIP takes place over the internet, the costs of telephony are reduced significantly, especially if the business is using a wholesale VoIP provider when doing business internationally. Termination rates can vary in different countries, but a quality wholesale VoIP provider can make a big difference to the bottom line of a business’s communication costs. Anyone running a business should find out more about services such as VoIP Termination and how this can make a significant difference to voice telephony costs, especially for businesses operating abroad.

A VoIP system can be managed from a website, which gives staff a lot of options for noting and storing contact data. When integrated with other tools that staff use, a VoIP system can give employees everything they need to know about client communications as soon as they log into the system. Even better, technological advances can be added to VoIP systems too. all they need is a device and an appropriate log-in. Security can also be tailored to the business with bespoke solutions possible where employees only have individual access to the part of the system that they need and sensitive data is protected.


The advantages of using WordPress Composer

If you are a content developer or manager who has a lot of innovative ideas about developing a versatile website, then WPBakery Page Builder plugin is the most appropriate tool for you. The WordPress composer is especially useful for the people who want to create and maintain a website but are not formally trained in coding.

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The other benefits of using WordPress composer are mentioned below:

  • Excellent Front and Back-end Editor: Now you can efficiently manage your website content with the help of Front-end WordPress editor. It also allows you to check how your site looks on the laptop and mobile devices. The Backend WordPress editor has more than 100 drag-and-drop elements to aid you in building a unique website. The admin panel of WordPress can now be skipped easily and whoever is involved in creating and managing the website can make changes to the site quickly. The Visual Composer page builder is regularly updated with a wide variety of features which simplifies the entire process of website creation and management.
  • Compatibility with all themes: Probably, the most significant advantage of using Visual Composer is that it can be used with any WordPress theme and its colour schemes can be perfected with the Skin Builder. You can start working by adding the Visual Composer content elements to the theme using the front or back end Editor. Visual Composer can spot your old content and turns it into the VC-friendly format. WordPress can now index your content field because of Visual Composer stores all data in it. If your WordPress theme contains custom shortcodes, you can add them to your visual Composer using ShortCode Mapper. This will allow you to use them as any other build in a content element which can be accessed from the Visual Composer element menu. Visual Composer can also be extended for your theme with many add-ons that are available to fulfill your purpose.
  • Creation of Responsive Pages: The omnipresence of the mobiles and tablets has necessitated the functionality of your web pages across every platform. Visual Composer ensures that your website retains its purpose, irrespective of the dimension of the screen in which it is viewed. You can also fine tune your layout within the settings page and set when your website should be able to adapt to the mobile or tablet screens. If you don’t want responsive design, you can switch off the responsiveness without your content getting stacked when it is viewed on mobile or tablet.

If you want to create and maintain a website for your brand without spending too much on hiring professional help, you can do so using WordPress composer. Even when you hire a professional to create your website, you can use your imagination and creativity along with their efficiency and skill to come up with a unique and sophisticated site which is easily manageable.

It also empowers you with the tools to maintain your website amidst every other thing which is required so that your business runs smoothly. It also ensures that your website is easily accessible to all your customers irrespective of whether they use a mobile or a laptop.


Choose Most Reliable and Cheaper Seedbox

If you’re trying to find one of the best ways to download and upload the files quickly through the internet, then you can get the help of Seedbox. A Seedbox is a dedicated server on a high-speed data center that helps to download or upload digital files using torrents through the internet.In the market, Seedbox is available within the range of 100mbps and 10gbps. People with the accessibility of the Seedbox can download large files to their personal computer without any release of privacy. There are many companies that provide the various types of Seedbox, but you have to choose one of the best for downloading or uploading digital files.  If you need the cheapest Seedbox, then you can visit online platform. They provide the cheapest Seedbox with a high range capacity facility. They provide top 10 Seedbox, and you can choose according to your choice. These seedboxes are

1.Evoseedbox: It’s one of the great opportunities to get cheaper Seedbox online. The provides the most reliable and budget-friendly Seedbox, and you can choose according to your requirements and a plan based on your need to upload or download the files. They provide this Seedbox in different plans according to price and capacity such as $5, $10, $18 and $26. If you want to buy Evoseedbox, then you can visit the and on their platform avail their link to get their services.

2.Dediseedbox:It’s also one of the best Seedbox that includes various features. The Dediseedbox is also available in different plans such as $15, $20 and $25. You can choose one of them according to your requirements. This server includes main features like excellent support, high-security encryption, unlimited data transfer and many more. If you want to get Dediseedbox then you can get it from the

3.Iseedfast: On the platform, various categories of seedboxes are available such as $3, $5,$8 and $15 with different spaces and more features. Each plan includes different features and services to give the clients. In this seedbox, it includes various features such as constant updates, secure account, optimize software, best hardware utilization, endless torrents, high-grade servers, privacy and many more. The provides the best Seedbox opportunity to their customers at a reasonable cost. This website link is available on the platform.

4.Rapidseedbox: If you want to download and upload files to their PC, then Seedbox is the best way to provide high-speed transmission and security of your ISP. The Rapidseedbox is also one of the best Seedbox for you. The performance of the rapid Seedbox is very high with VPS for all of your needs. In this Seedbox includes unlimited bandwidth, shell access, dedicated IP address and more.

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Verify the Credentials of Your Employees with Background Checks Checkpeople

With the help of an online background check, you can review the criminal, sexual offender history of your employee. Some websites help you conduct the above background checks in simple steps. The reports are generated in minutes. Reports can be viewed and downloaded easily. These websites are simple for you to navigate and use.

Keep your organization secure with Background Checks – Checkpeople

Background Checks – checkpeople is a credible website that helps you to conduct online background searches from the comfort of any place. This website makes it simple for you to get advanced search results of employees working in your organization. With the help of this site, you can screen the ideal candidates for your workplace. Employers are advised to always run background checks on potential employees who will be hired in a position of trusts like financial accountants and security professionals for your organization.

background checks

Why should you conduct a background search for your company? 

The world has become an unsafe place, and so it is hard to trust people at face value today. This is why you must resort to a background search to protect the interests of your organization and the safety of your employees. Earlier the background check process was very critical, and this caused a lot of problems to employers. With the help of an extensive website that provides you with quick and accurate searches. A good background search website will give you reports that are simple for you to understand and read. If you are new to the concept of running background checks for your employees, websites help you to run them effectively saving time and money in the process.

Paid versus free sites  

If you are an employer and wish to have a consistent policy for your employee, websites providing you with background checks allow you to complete these searches quickly. You can conduct multiple searches from a single platform. However, you might be confused whether you should opt for a paid website or a free website that offers you extensive background checks for your employees. Paid sites might charge you a nominal fee for the services you use for checking the background of employees that apply to your company.

With background checks- checkpeople, you can use the website consistently for reviewing the past of every job applicant to your company. You have the moral responsibility and duty to take care and look after your employees. The reports will give you facts that help you make better-informed choices when you are hiring for your company. This is why you should never neglect or even ignore the importance of checking the past of all the job applicants to your company. Use a credible website for verifying the credentials of your potential employees so that your organization is safe from criminals and sexual offenders. These websites are 100% secure and confidential. They allow you to get quick results and instantly generate reports online for your ready reference during the interview. Stay safe and keep your organization protected round-the-clock!

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Hack-Proof Your Instagram Account

Although it’s impossible to guarantee that your Instagram account will not be hacked, you can take some steps to reduce the likelihood that an unscrupulous person has access to your account. Instagram is close to one billion users, and there is a lot of information available on Instagram. Without realizing it, you can post enough information for someone to steal your identity, or someone can post on your behalf after accessing your account. This message can cause embarrassment, loss of employment or even legal actions.

Here are some tips to help prevent the stress that may arise from unauthorized access of your account.

An indication of the obvious

It would help if you did not share your password with any account or with anyone. Today, you can be on good terms, but tomorrow you may not. It’s sad to say, but you don’t know what people are capable of, especially if they have something against you.

Do not reuse passwords

You should never use the same password for multiple sites. Reusing a password slightly increases the likelihood that someone else can steal your password. Some utilities will store and generate passwords for you if you’re the one who struggles with the number of passwords you must remember.

Instagram account hacker

Use complex passwords

If you do not use a password generator, use passwords that are a combination of letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and symbols. Do not use common words, birthdays or names. Some tools can decipher passwords that consist of words or dictionary names.

Enable https

If you use http (which is the default configuration of Instagram), it’s vulnerable to an Instagram account hacker. Apps that are accessible to Android devices and computers can access your Instagram account in just a few minutes if they are on the same wireless network as you.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is

If you’ve noticed much sympathy for an image and it’s a continuous trend, there’s perhapsa more significant game afoot, and you need to stay cautious.

Activate registration notification

Instagram has a function similar to Gmail that sends you a notification when someone logs in to your account. Once you log in correctly, you will receive a text message that will notify you about the connection. The text message contains instructions on what to do if you have not logged in.

Check active sessions

Check if active sessions have a suspicious activity. If you’re viewing and registering entries from countries other than the country in which you live in your account, you have been compromised and must change your password immediately. Be careful if you’re using Instagram on a mobile device; the activity may not be displayed locally, as your provider does not provide your IP address. You can find more information here.