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Douglas Grady Explains in Detail About Cochlear Implant Process

A cochlear implant is essentially an electronic therapeutic device that does the work of spoiled parts of the inner ear also referred to as cochlea to offer sound signals to the brain. Unlike hearing aids, which make sounds louder, cochlear implants evade the injured hair cells of the inner ear to offer sound signals to the brain.

Douglas Grady is the author of Hear Now: The Miracle of Cochlear Implant: Hearing the Sounds of Life. He was born in the year 1956 in Teaneck, NJ. When he was just six month old, he lost his hearing and he started using hearing aids. He has attended Rochester Institute of Technology in 1974 and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in the year 1980. He started his professional career as a mechanical engineer and obtained Professional Engineering license from the state of Texas as well. He has served as President of Board of Directors for the Deaf Council of Greater Houston and at present he is a structural engineer for Spirit Aerosystems located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

He supported cochlear implant process and says this technology can help individuals who

  • Get little or no advantage from hearing aids
  • Have fair to intense hearing loss in both ears
  • Achieve 60% or less on sentence recognition tests done by hearing specialists in the non-implanted ear or in ears with hearing aids.
  • Achieve 50% or a lesser amount on sentence recognition tests done by hearing professionals in the ear to be entrenched

The cochlear implant allows the sound to be transferred to the hearing nerve and enables the person to hear. The process is explained below in detail:

  • The sound processor sends out the digitally-coded sound via the coil on the exterior of the head to the implant.
  • A sound processor is donned behind the ear which captures sound and changes it into digital code. The sound processor includes a battery that powers the whole system.
  • The cochlear implant transforms the digitally-coded sound to electrical impulses and sends them down the electrode range placed in the inner ear.
  • The electrodes of the implant rouse the hearing nerve of the inner ear, which then sends the impulses to the brain. This is the place where the impulses are interpreted as sound.

Douglas Grady has been appointed by Texas Governor George Bush to offer service on the Governor’s Committee for People with Disabilities. He has also been associated with the Committee for eight years. His main focus is offering education for deaf children. His book has encouraged a number of people who has hearing issues. Douglas says that with the cochlear implant one can lead a normal life and can also take part in daily activities just like a common person. The cochlear implant procedure often can be carried out as an outpatient surgery and the recovery time is quite minimum which means a person can lead a normal life after the surgical procedure.


Things to know about Cathodic protection for corrosion control

Transportation is the best way to communicate with other people. The most important thing that every individual can be connected is using different types of transportation. such as vehicles, boat, and cruise. But the real thing is that in every type of transportation this is surely well- engineered. Different companies, produced by the manufacturer with the top quality in the market.

Cruise as a type of transportation helps the people in reaching their families, as much as they want. But, ensure that their passengers are safe they have so-called the cathodic protection. This is not just for the cruise ships but also to the other kind of boats.

What is cathodic protection? This is done for the corrosion control. As it refers to the technique that is being used to the metal surface to control the corrosion. This simple method helps the metal protected and helps to be more easily corroded. Another is that cathodic protection for corrosion control, makes the materials last to its proper shape.

What are the benefits of Cathodic protection? This cathodic protection for corrosion control has the ability to deploy by the maintenance of a direct current circuit. This can be easily monitored when being applied. As well as can adjust in the regulating system, it is also can be done with hand with Anti-corrosion coatings. It can also be used by the architecture and can regulate easily.

Why is the need of Cathodic Marine engineering? This is only marine engineers can this function of applying for a cathodic protection. They are the one who regulates and provides comprehensive cathodic protection. Marine engineers,  are experts of the specific terms in applying a cathodic protection.

Advantages of Cathodic protection. There are a lot of advantages of cathodic protection, the first thing is is that it prevents and stops corrosion in contaminated concrete. Another is that the effectiveness of the cathodic protection can be measured. Another is that it is already proven in tens of thousands of applications, thus, based on the fundamental laws of nature. It is also an economical way to install and to maintain. Another is that it prevents costly restoration.

How does a cathodic protection works? To understand how does cathodic protection works, first you need to understand what is the cause of corrosion in metals. It must have dissimilar metals. An electrolyte, or maybe a metal path between the dissimilar metals. But the common reason is that the two dissimilar metals may be totally different alloys. This can be a steel and aluminum. But are more likely to be microscopic or macroscopic metallurgical. Just, differences on the surface of a single piece of steel. In this case, we will consider freely-corroding steel, which is non-uniform.


Any types of vehicles use for transportation need to have safety principles, as it is not about the long lasting service. But also the life of the people involved. Some companies are produced because of the money. The most important thing in generating any kind of vehicle is safety first. Especially those are used as the main transportation in the bodies of water.

Optimizing the roadmap with the agile maturity 77 Views

Optimizing the roadmap with the agile maturity

In today’s IT world, the agile transformation is present in some stage in most of the organizations. The agile methods are used by the mature terms because the art of building things are mastered likely in most of the iterations. Most of the teams still need a team in order to build the right things. The other teams just dip their toes in the agile pool on the opposite end of the spectrum. The agile maturity is required for the agile transformation.

Agile maturity:

The approach analysis is completely different in order to determine the teams. They will not only get over to the spirit hurdle but also will have an idea to take team members in a more traditional way. This will make the role of the environment to be a team-based environment. The agile transformation is strongly recommended by the agile teams to create the roadmap with maximum flexibility. This solution can also be tailored in order to meet your specific needs. The agile team will start with an online assessment and then follow a feedback consultation with one of their experts.

agile transformation

Agile product management:

An engagement model can be developed by setting the expectations for the product owners, managers, and business. Eliminate the unnecessary points of the story by learning techniques, identifying the negative and positive behaviors. In a controlled agile environment we can determine the minimum viable product through immersion. Each member of the team has the skills across various domains. The business results are impacted by the agile factors in order to take the corrective action. The monitoring dashboards developed by the halo will document with the trends accuracy metrics in detail. We can easily spot the tolerance limits which are approached by the variances in the forecast.

The effect and cost of disruption can be mitigated and managed by providing the insights.  With the appropriate level of quality and attention, we can easily manage the customer relationships. The orders are served with the reports on cost. The new customers should acquire without lowering costs. The potential development needs can be identified by the inventory highlight gaps through the skill assessment. Make sure that your stories are satisfied by the invest characteristics so that they will ready to confirm. The framework may be too heavy to implement in some areas and those areas should be identified by the organization.


Captain Martin Lloyd Sanders Facing the Challenges of Air force with a Strong Heart

Being able to serve your motherland is a matter of honor and pride, whether it is the police force, the air force, the navy or the army, each of these departments is replete with challenges and need a lot of sacrifice on the part of the individual intending to join it. However, it cannot be denied that the satisfaction you acquire by being a part of it is much more than that you give up. Captain Martin Lloyd Sanders is somehow who is admired and looked up to by many air force officials.

His dedication and bravery is something that every aspiring air force candidate should aspire to integrate within one’s characteristic. Many captains of the U.S. air force in fact, not just look up to him and respect him but also try and follow him, because of his experience and ability to fight some of the toughest situations within the force. The name of Martin Lloyd Sanders has carved a niche for itself in the air force, by the several years of hard work and valiance he has been able to exhibit.

Though there are innumerable challenges within the realm of the air force, yet for those who have completely made up their minds to serve the country under any circumstance, they are the ones who emerge as the real heroes of life.

The first big challenge in the air force is probably the need to go through the basic military training. It sure is a very tough thing to do when you are completely raw and new to the place; having to wake up at 5 in the morning and going through rigorous training sessions throughout the day, is quite something. But once you have a positive frame of mind you will find this training also known as BMT to be a great learning experience.

Once you join the air force, it becomes your home, and just like every person ahs to follow certain laws and rules within the four walls of his household, so does every cadet at the air force. You have to slowly start getting used to the traditions and cultures of the military, irrespective of what background you hail from. In fact, the culture and the traditions is a point of attraction for a lot of people and that also becomes one of the reasons they love to join the air force.

The criteria of having to move frequently from one place to another could be a little bothersome, if you are a married man. The rules of a married man with respect to moving are different from that of a bachelor; while a bachelor will be asked to move after every 2-4 years, a married man is asked to do the same every 3-5 years.

You may find several civilian jobs that will keep you close to your family and make some free time available to you to enjoy yourself, but there is no denying to the kind of respect that a job in the air force brings along with it.

How To Do Charity Like Sam Zherka In A Systematic Manner? 49 Views

How To Do Charity Like Sam Zherka In A Systematic Manner?

Charity begins at home they say, and indeed, it is a habit that every person should nurture right from the word go. Every child should learn to be charitable and he should be able to share whatever he has with others. Only then, would he be able to do charitable work as an adult. He would be able to do charity as a duty even if he is a professional. Sam Zherka is a business professional who takes active interest in doing charity and he is keen at spending the better part of his life in doing charity.

Sam Zherka

How to begin the habit of doing charity like Sam Zherka?

When people are struggling to maintain their schedules, they might wish to squeeze in a bit of time for their other pursuits including charity. So, they might also bring in a habit of doing charity daily or weekly as and when they want. In order to do that they would need to follow the steps with great dedication.

  • Know the areas where he would work: What would be the areas to take care of? Not everyone can do all the social work for the society. It is not possible to take so many responsibilities. So focusing on one area for improvement would be the best way to approach the social work.
  • Filter down to the one work: Working for the poor is a big area and it can be in many ways. It could be by offering to feed the poor, by cooking for them or by distributing winter clothes, or by making, shelter. The poor would also include children. So, the work could include offering them all the right nutrition or ensuring they get four square meals a day. Likewise, ensuring that they take their education seriously makes a big difference. Filtering down to the basics would be easy to do and then proceed.
  • Identify crisis areas: In case of a natural calamity, the children and the needy might be homeless, and might be the most defenseless of the entire community. So, it is vital to rush to provide them aid and in time. The governments would be organizing many camps where one can volunteer.
  • Find the right social support groups to work: Many forums exist that work towards the improvement of the society. Finding the right one to help the support groups to improve is essential. Those who do not know how to start working for the poor or the children in need can go ahead and work with these groups. They would be going on campaigns from time to time and do the work with single-mindedness.
  • Maintain a calendar: This is necessary for the new charity-doers to do. They would need to maintain a calendar and ensure that they fit in their charity work even if they are very busy. This will be necessary to make it a habit and slowly do good in a wholesome manner.

A humanitarian like Selim Zherka finds his time and puts his sincerest efforts in serving the children of the poorest sections of the society.

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Digital Training Needed for Police

There was a time when a police officer would be armed with nothing more than a truncheon, whistle and a familiar patch to walk. Police forces around the world must adapt to the changes in society and the biggest change in recent years is the huge increase in people carrying out almost all their activities online. It has been reported that the police must recruit a further 12,000 IT experts to effectively fight the fact that almost half of all crime now is online.

The Reform think tank has revealed that surveyed police officers are scared by digital crime as they feel they lack the skills to deal with it. The most significant risk to society nowadays is becoming a victim of fraud, of which you are 20 times more likely to be a victim of than robbery. UK businesses alone reported losses of £144 billion annually to digital crime.

police officers

The think tank has suggested government ministers must invest hundreds of millions to meet the growing need for technological education amongst officers. Many forces are adopting more tech equipment for their officers to help reflect the way society is changing. Equipment such as smartphones, augmented reality glasses for capturing evidence and having each officer wear a body worn camera. For more information, visit

Many people are now realising that police officers need the skills and equipment to allow them to patrol an online beat. Keeping citizens safe no longer means protection from just physical threats but now involves keeping us safe from cybercrime as well.

As well as online fraud, force statistics have revealed a steep rise in the number of online harassment and stalking cases between 2016 and 2017. The idea has been put forward for a Digital Academy to be established which would train specialist officers in the latest methods for fighting cybercrime. The hope is to create a flexible, highly capable force that can adapt to the changing nature of 21st century crime.

One futuristic sounding piece of technology that has already been used successfully in the UK this year is biometric technology such as facial recognition. Thanks to high-resolution cameras becoming cheaper and great advances in matching technology, facial recognition can become a part of digital policing. It has been used in casinos before and can now be used to identify anyone has been banned from a football stadium, for example. Border control can employ the technology to seek out those wanted for terrorist activities.

In a current climate of budget-cutting and tightening our public service belts, if the police can use technology to free up man hours this has got to be a positive step. For example, when officers were provided with mobile data devices, they were able to take witness statements there and then without having to return to the station. This freed up thousands of hours, the equivalent of putting an additional 100 officers on the beat. Helping the police and technology to work hand-in-hand will be more efficient without placing extra strain on budgets.


Christian Principle of Life – A Devout Journey Traded Only By A Few

Just because you have a connection with God does not mean your Christian idea of life is all figured out. If only it were that uncomplicated. Even for individuals that have full-fledged with God in their life, they can be well into maturity before they actually feel where they squeeze in, and then may be reassessing that as years go on, finding new places and perspectives to center their activities.

Your principle of life is unswervingly related to your religious side. By nurturing and connecting with your spiritual self, you will be better capable of identifying your unique interests and talents that will be part of a purpose motivated life. God has created every person with extraordinary spiritual gifts that are to be used to better the planet and all his individuals – in little ways and big ways. God has positioned within your dreams and desires to fulfill His principle for your life. It is your religious path to chase those life desires in faithful and humble ways. Martin Sander’s connection to nature and its’ life increase gifts have been the inspiration to assist others to connect and look after the out-of-doors and themselves.

As stated in Deuteronomy 8:3 – God humbled you, causing you to hunger with dreams and hopes to educate you that you do not live on bread alone but on the counsel and advise from the Lord. Just a bit later on in verses 7-9, it is illustrated how God has brought individuals to a good land with valleys, streams, and hills, land with barley and wheat and many other beauty and provisions. The great outdoors brings people water, food, activities and overwhelming sights. Nature is an everlasting source of divine growth that continually provides individuals gifts in many diverse ways.

Many individuals have a propensity to approach one’s spiritual growth from an intellectual or mental perspective. People may be ardent readers of books on metaphysics and spirituality, trying to cram one’s minds with a comprehension of ideas about theology, whether learning about the contemporary theories of spirituality or religions of the world or prescribed steps to spiritual success or understanding. People might become quite educated about these thoughts of spirituality, and this is a magnificent step toward spiritual development. People actually grow spiritually, nevertheless, when people begin to live their spirituality as well, through exploring it and experiencing it experimentally- when people begin to feel it and therefore to recognize it on a diverse level. Knowing and growing on the level of feeling rounds out one’s religion, permitting it to pervade the diverse levels of one’s being so that it is incorporated into one’s being.

With the help of the programs and services of Martin Sanders, men, women, and associations are authorized to reach their fullest prospective and counselor the next generation of leaders. Connecting with nature is one way to unite with your spiritual side that will nurture your soul, authorize you to attain your Christian principle of life and aid you to see God’s determination for you.


Can Home Church Teach Children How to Honor Parents?

The home church in a family sets up the arena for children to grow in knowledge and fear of God almighty. There is no replacement for this kind of atmosphere for a kid. The family is the most significant part but without fear of God, it is ineffective. The bible talks much about children, family and parents.

Home church like Westside Family Church is the most excellent way to teach children the fundamentals of living. The mind of a kid is ready to obtain information. The family setting creates information for the kid. The kid will store this data bank of information for a protracted time. Most of this information will play a significant role in their character and behavior. The home church can educate the children in a tender manner any fact and the child will respond very optimistically and live it out afterward.

The primary commandment with an incentive attached is honoring your mother and father so that you will have an elongated life. Your permanence is associated with among other things like your approach towards your parents. The parents are the primary set of individuals you stumble upon as a kid. The infant gets fundamental security from the parents.

The kid generally wavers to go to strangers. They have an incorporated system of relieve about strangers. The teaching of the kid from this placate zone of a parent is the best technique of input. The child believes, accepts, and trusts the parents. This basis of information is the best established in a child. Westside Family Church Lenexa KS which is a home church can teach care and lovein a family.

Honor is an extraordinary word in one’s conversation these days. What is admiration? One of the designations is the self-esteem accorded to position. The place of the parents is the highest for kids. There are many reasons why you should respect your parents. You possibly know most of them.

The best reason one can come up with is that parents took care of us in one’s most defenseless stages like an infant. They nourished us, clothed us, cleaned us, and loved us. One did not reimburse anything for these services. They did these things because they treasured us. That is the utmost kind of love you can find in humanity. Home church will hearten and teach future generations about this type of service of love. Respect brings admiration. Do not ever be dis-reputable. Do not answer back to your parents. Be courteous even when you differ as an adult. Treat them compassionately. Show them love. Talk pompously about them. Give unique gifts, they will adore it. Sit and converse with them. Ask for guidance. That will make them swollen with pride.

The ultimate word is finances. If they are not financially self sufficient and contentedly retired, it is your duty to care and support for them. Never ever, resent in this matter. This will bring curse or blessing to your generation. The home church can promote this area of accountability of the children.


A Healing Group Targeted To Bring Bliss & Happiness To All In Life!

Most people on this planet who want to lead a happy, productive and peaceful life need to align their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical self. This proper balance can ensure they remain content with the life they have. However, the members of Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer group,an international spiritual community, say in the present time most individuals suffer from an acute sense of disillusionment and dissatisfaction in their lives. They cannot live their lives to the fullest and consider it to be a constant burden. It is only through spiritual healing that they can rediscover the joys of living on this beautiful planet known as earth.

A spiritual group that endeavors to make people happy

The followers of this international spiritual group go out of their way to help these individuals attain the happiness they crave for in life. To achieve this objective, they conduct various workshops and programs to help people from various walks of life to realize the fundamental essence of living. The members of this group promote the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society, which supports and conducts the Sweet Medicine Sun Dance Path. People who attend this spiritual course get valuable lessons on self-development, integrity and how to attain personal maturity. Those who have undergone this course say it is a life-changing experience.

Teaching people how to get rid of their emotional baggage

People who opt to go through this path of self-discovery get to meet other liked-minded individuals, who are on a quest to attain happiness in their life. With the senior members of this spiritual community, they attend simple ceremonies that can transform their lives. In many case, these individuals may carry the guilty and fears of the events that have occurred in their past life. However, the sympathetic and caring practitioners show them how to confront these insecurities and let go of them in order to lead a peaceful life.

Through deep introspect into the causes of their unhappiness these individuals can discover that they have the necessary healing tools within themselves. Moreover, they also come to know of their own immense potential. In most cases, they carry an enormous emotional baggage that prevent them from knowing their true talents. The members of this community help such individuals to go on a journey of self-discovery. They hold the view that the human body has the potential to live up to 135 years. This is the reason why they conduct various programs and workshops that aim at promoting long life among the participants.

Bliss, contentment and being in harmony with oneself is a desire all human beings living on this planet crave for. The members of Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer group go the extra mile to help the people who come to them to achieve this objective. This spiritual community accepts people from different parts of the world to become its followers. They have been successful in teaching these individuals the true essence of life and how to attain happiness.