If your website has a membership facility, it can be a useful way to interact with your customers and maintain their interest in what you have to offer. This could be a website for members of a sports team such as football where you can share information on training and Football Kits requirements and where you can source them such as www.kitking.co.uk/ or perhaps a website for sharing training types with others.  It takes commitment and skill to ensure a membership website is working optimally for its members, so here are some mistakes to avoid if you don’t want your site to flounder.

Not Adding Value

Once you’ve established your website, it’s not enough to just leave it at that. You’ll need to give members compelling reasons to keep visiting your site, and ultimately, staying a member – especially if they are paying a fee for the privilege. Add regular content to your membership site that members would find interesting, and create a space that encourages interaction, whether through a forum or discussion page.

Hard to Navigate

Your members may come from all walks of life, and may have different levels of experience using technology, so make sure that your website is designed to offer easy navigation. Membership management systems that are complicated and poorly designed will encourage members to switch off, so test your site and ask for feedback to make sure your site has universal appeal.

Not up to Date

If you offer your members a website that they can use to view information or interact with others, it needs to be up to date with no broken links, errors or stale content. This can be especially annoying for those who have paid a fee, where they may feel they are not getting value for money. When deciding which membership management systems to choose, make sure that you can easily update information, including contact details, subscription information and other preferences. Make certain your site is also updated with the latest security software, to keep personal details and contact information safe. Make certain your site is also updated with the latest security software, to keep personal details and contact information safe.

Not Responsive

If members use your site to interact with other members, you should make efforts to ensure that your site is responsive, so that it can be easily accessed and viewed on mobile devices. With many people searching online using mobile devices, if your website and management system aren’t responsive, you could lose members.

Never sit still once you have got your website up and running. Keep up with the latest trends and nurture relationships with members to ensure that they stay members when it comes time to renew.