Having your business published in the newspapers is a pain, but also a big WIN!

LLC or Limited Liability Company is the perfect business structure for those who want to start a small business. This protects them from having to pay for a company level tax; instead, they only have to pay depending on their individual tax returns. This is what you call “pass-through taxation. It has many other benefits like the owner or members only have limited liability for the debts of the LLC. It also offers the owner or the member flexibility on how they are able to structure the company. And probably one of the best advantages is that there are less paperwork and annual filing requirements compared to the typical corporations. Isn’t that exciting?

But before you get all excited, there are obstacles that you need to face before experiencing the good life. One such obstacle is having your newly formed LCC published in the newspaper. It’s a thing in some states like New York. They need you to have a notice of publication with your LCCs name, the complete service address and the principal county of business. Then you choose two newspapers where it would be published, one is for daily and the other is weekly. It’s not that hard and you only have to do this for six consecutive weeks for each newspaper. If you hate this kind of stuff, Windsor will willingly help you out. Just visit their website at and find out how reliable and fast they are.

Why do some states require this for all LCCs?

Newspapers have been pushed at the back of the line ever since almost everything became available on the internet. Everything is uploaded on the internet; news stations have their website where they put all the news, ready to be read by the millennial. Due to these happenings, from becoming the number one source of information, newspapers are rarely used by the majority. This is one way for the newspapers to redeem themselves and you can’t blame them.

What happens when you fail to meet the said requirements?

This simply means one thing; you get to lose the right to do business in that specific state. You wouldn’t want to risk that especially if you know that your business has a potential of growing in that place. That would be a big waste of opportunity.

What can Windsor do to help you out?

They are one of the best in this kind of job and they are more than willing to help you out with all of the different processes that you hate doing. They also specialize in different filings of documents, not only publications. If you want to make sure that your LCC is in good hands, you should choose Windsor because they are professionals who can do this simple process with their eyes closed.

Start off by obtaining some paperwork for you!

It is important that you acquire an Affidavit of Publication from your chosen newspapers and attach it together with the Certificate of publication to be filed with the Department of State. This will prove that you have met all the requirements and that your LCC is going to be published for six whole weeks for the public to find out about it. It’s actually a good thing because you might gather some potential customers in those six weeks.

Windsor works with professionalism and makes sure that your needs are met. If you want to make sure that your business is in good hands, then you can start off by hiring their services and you’ll have someone to look after you and your company for life.


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