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Illuminate the Golf Course with the Perfect LED Lighting

Every sport requires the player to be focused on the game. The ambiance and the surrounding environment also have a great impact on the player’s game. There are several matches of cricket, football, and other sports like golf which are held at night time and hence, proper lighting has a great impact. If you consider golf then it’s played in a broad area and hence, proper lighting is needed for the player as well as for audiences and broadcasters to enjoy the game to the fullest. LED landscape lighting systems can provide proper golf course lights that can make the night golf play an amazing experience. LED lights are used to light the lawn and outdoor areas of the golf course.

Lighting is an important aspect of the game and with proper LED lighting; you can change the entire look, feel, and experience of the game. These lights are affordable and give an amazing effect for landscape, home as well as at stadiums. No matter what your requirement is, LED lights are perfect for your need and are also environment-friendly.

Lighting requirements for a golf course  

Earlier, less energy efficient alternatives such as metal halide and mercury vapor lamps were used for golf course lighting. This would bring up huge electricity bills and it would still not be efficient and will increase the heat of the area. Also, these lights do not provide the necessary effect with the advent of the LED technology, mostly 400w LED Floodlight is being used as Golf Course Lights. You can find a wide range of LED landscape lighting systems on lights are increasingly being used to illuminate golf course as they provide broad and uniform illumination across the entire lawn area. LED lights contain high luminous efficiency lens which reduces the power consumption and provides higher illumination.

How to choose the perfect golf course lights

There are several types of LED lights available on the market which varies as per the voltage and several other features. If it’s a small golf course for recreational purpose then even 200-300 lux power is enough. For professional games and world tournaments, it is preferred to use 400w LED Floodlight.

Why use LED Lighting?

  • More durable, lasts up to 10 years or more. This means that you can save more with LED lights.
  • Safe for the eyes as they do not cause any sort of irritation.
  • Power efficient solution and can reduce your electricity bills to a great extent.
  • Large luminous efficiency to illuminate a larger area.
  • Uniform illusion over a large area
  • Increased throw ability.
  • Good visibility for players as well as the audience

Buy Various Types of Policies from Licensed Agents

Salaried men and women who are in their mid-age have to take medical, personal accident, life and term covers through one of the agents who are listed here. Millions of people living within and outside the country use this insurance directory for various purposes. All the insurance companies, brokers and agents listed here are active and issuing hundreds of policies to national and international clients. Customers who are in need of life and general insurance policies can connect with these companies and agents and take some of the policies through them. They can buy annuity, term, endowment, retirement plans, medical, critical illnesses cover, bankers blanket and all other life insurance policies through these licensed and experienced life insurance companies and live a happy life.

It is imperative to note that salaried individuals should decide to buy the policies during early ages since the rate of premium will increase when age grows. Buyers can enjoy discounts, offers and deals and save their money. People who buy annuities policies through this site can enjoy minimum investment returns and other big benefits. Affluent investors who do not like agents and brokers can filter the best life insurance companies and deal directly with them. They can save their time and money when they deal directly with these trusted life insurance firms. Both private and public life insurance companies’ offers whole life and unit linked policies which are popular among working class.

Premiums Will Be Much Cheaper and Flexible

Insured can pay the whole premium or pay them in installments. There are payment options like monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual and visitors can choose one of the premium payment options and pay the premium conveniently. Never buy policies from uncertified and amateur agents and lose the hard earned money and choose one of the agents through this site immediately. There may be question like what do insurance agents do? This is an intelligent question which is asked by hundreds of clients. Agents act as a bridge between insurance firms and customers. They work on commission basis and canvass various types of life policies to online and offline customers. Proposer can pay premium checks directly to them and receive policies through them.

Active, dynamic and knowledgeable agents who have listed their names here will be available for professional assistance round the clock. Visitors who are in need of instant policies can contact them and take policies quickly. Death or permanent total disability can happen anytime and no one can predict the future. It is always safe to buy life insurance policies through these authorized insurance firms and agents and use them during accidents, emergencies and death.  Insurance firms which are listed here will follow best service standard, rules and regulations and all other terms.


Helpful Tips In Improving Your Cover Letter As An Aspiring Financial Analyst

Helpful Tips In Improving Your Cover Letter As An Aspiring Financial Analyst

A Financial Analysts’ job description involves doing an assessment of the different financial conditions of a business in order to determine if their projects or decisions made within the system are all profitable investments or not. A Financial Analyst is required to have strategic thinking and very good communication skills for an effective connection between you and your client.

For you to land the job, you need to have an impressive cover letter. These cover letters are the first information that your potential employer sees about you. This might only be your chance to express your passion for work and your drive to help clients gear their business towards success. If you noticed that your hiring rate is not that impressive, it can be because of your Cover Letter.


TIPS On How To Improve Your Cover Letter

Remember that first impression is very important. If you need help with cover letters, a very helpful site named has the best examples that you can use as your guide in making a very impressive cover letter. Also, here are the most effective tips on how to improve your Cover Letter.

  • Always Do Your Research. Not many job hunters know that a cover letter should be addressed directly to the hiring manager. It pays if you do your own research about the company that you are applying for. Know these simple yet important details since this can be your key to be hired for the Financial Analyst position.
  • Be Yourself. In making an impressive cover letter, you do not have to bluff or make up stories that are not true about you. If you are making your cover letter or if you pay someone to do it, emphasize the need on mentioning your experiences that can relate to the job position that you are applying for.
  • Mention Your Referrals. A company will always look for a person that they can trust. Never forget to mention your referrals everytime you are making your cover letter. However, make sure that your referrals know that you are adding up their information to your cover letter.


Cover letters are very important because this can demonstrate your skills and your experiences to be considered for the financial analyst job. A good cover letter can definitely change your job hunting progress. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Always make sure that you proofread your cover letter before you submit it. Even small mistakes can be noticed. Get hired today by improving your cover letter.


Avail the best Malaysia hotel with Water Park for a thrilling experience

Planning a family vacation in Malaysia soon? It is crucial to make a detailed itinerary to ensure you do not miss the top attractions of the area. If you have not yet decided on the things you need to do and visit, let us help you make the perfect plan. Traveling with children can be stressful and you want to make the trip as best as possible for them. The best thing you can do is find accommodations that have such entertainment facilities to keep them occupied and happy. You can avail a Malaysia hotel with water park so that your children can have the time of their life during the vacation.

If you still cannot find the right place, Sunway hotels offer the Sunway Lagoon Theme park with a variety of different entertainment facilities for visitors. The water park is one of the best water parks in Malaysia and will be perfect to keep your kids entertained. With loads of exciting and adventurous rides, the trill and fun will make your vacation memorable and extraordinary.

Still unsure about availing the hotel and the water park along with its facilities? Here are some reasons to help you decide.

A plethora of exciting and thrilling rides– The success of any water park depends on its ability to offer new and exciting rides. Adults, as well as children, are always looking for something unique and thrilling, The Sunway hotel’s water park is everything that you need it to be. Equipped with a wide and extensive variety of fun rides, the entire experience will be hard to forget. The park has everything, from inverted double seated tube slides to head first slides and much more. Some of the most popular rides include African Python, Cameroon Climb, Kalahari Kids, Wace Pool, Vuvuzela.

A children’s play area– Do you have children who are afraid of the large and commanding water rides? Sunway water park also offers a children’s play area so that they do not miss out the excitement. Also known as Little Zimbabwe, the children’s play area lets the young kids meet each other, enjoy, and have fun in a safe and monitored environment.

A large surf beach– Love to surf or just lounge around on the beach? Why go out when you can avail the same from your very hotel! Sunway hotel and water park offer a beautiful and exciting surf beach for your ultimate pleasure. Being one of the world’s largest man-made beach, the surf beach offers you the opportunity to surf beautiful waves, play volleyball, or just lounge and get the sun tan you always wanted.

Not only do you get to avail of these remarkable facilities but also do so while staying right near your hotel. You do not have to travel far and search for the right entertainment option for your children, The Water park is situated just nearby. If you are looking for a Malaysia hotel with water park, Sunway hotel and water park will be a great option for your vacation.


Precautions to Follow Before Applying for Loan

There are times when you may be in need of some excess funds. In such occasions, it can prove to be in your benefit to opt for a Personal Loan and use the loan amount to meet various needs such as:

  • Home renovation
  • Medical expenses
  • Wedding-related expenses
  • Sponsoring higher education of children
  • Business set up
  • Business expansion
  • Debt consolidation

One of the leading benefits of Getting a Personal Loan is the fact that you can use the amount as per your convenience, without having to convey the details of your expenditure to the lender, unlike the case with car loans or Home Loans. Some of the other coveted advantages of Personal Loans include:

  • Convenient application process with minimal documentation.
  • Swift disbursal of the loan amount, sometimes in as little as 2-3 days.
  • Attractive interest rates, based on your credit history.
  • Flexible repayment alternatives.
  • Various facilities such as foreclosure and prepayment.

Considering the many benefits that Personal Loans entail, it is apparent that it would be your first call when you are in need of excess fund to meet your financial obligations. However, before you start searching the market for some of the best Personal Loan offers, we insist that you take the following precautions:

  1. Take a Loan Only if Inevitable

Regardless of the advantages offered by a Personal Loan, it cannot be denied that this loan attracts a significant interest rate. Moreover, given the tenure of 1 to 5 years, a mortgage is a huge financial commitment, which you should get into, only if it is absolutely necessary. Hence, if you can take an education loan for sponsoring your child’s college, go for it rather than opting for a Personal Loan, and benefit from the lower rate of interest. Also, if you can arrange the necessary funds from other sources such as friends and family, opt for these instead.

  1. Check Your Credit Rating Beforehand

Credit reports are known to be plagued with numerous mistakes, and this occurrence is usually far more than you can imagine. Hence, even if you are maintaining an excellent level of discipline, your reports may prove otherwise. This makes it extremely important for you to order a free copy of your credit report, and review your score at least once a year. This way, if there is any discrepancy, you can take up the matter with the concerned authorities. On the other hand, if you are at fault regarding one or more of your payments, you can rectify the mistake and ensure a better score. Make sure you do this exercise before you apply for a Personal Loan.

  1. Shop Around

As is the case with almost all significant financial investments, it is recommended that you take a Personal Loan from a lender that offers you the best possible deal. Right from low-interest rates to a competitive processing fee, from no or little penalty towards late payment to additional facilities like convenient foreclosure or prepayment, your chosen lender should be willing to provide it all. If not, look for other banks which can offer you a better deal.

  1. Beware of the Risks

While Personal Loans are not secured, to begin with, you may opt for a secured loan in lieu of a lower interest rate. However, you must remember that a failure to repay the installments may put the lender in a strong position to take charge of the collateral. Hence, offer collateral only if you are more than sure of being able to repay the loan well within time, without defaulting.

  1. Consider Prepayment Penalty

While it may seem unlikely, but there may be a point in the future when you wish to or simply need to pay off our loan before the end of your tenure. In case such a situation arises, you must know all about the prepayment facility offered by your bank, including the penalty for the same. Ideally, this penalty should not exceed 2-3% of the outstanding loan amount at the time of closing the credit. Hence, make sure that you ask your banker about the same, and re-confirm the charges before signing your loan agreement!

We hope that you are now aware of all the precautions that you need to take before and after applying for personal loans. If you take these precautions, you can rest assured of enjoying a hassle-free borrowing experience!

Also, Read 5 Ways your Company Type Impacts Your Personal Loan Eligibility

To apply online for Credit Cards, Secured Loans and Unsecured Loans, visit, the leading online lending marketplace that offers financial products from 70+ Banks and NBFCs. We have served 2 million+ happy customers since 1989.

Talk to our Loan Specialists toll-free at 1800 103 4004 to know more about our products and offers.


What about the JIO offers!!

JIO is one of the most popular and common telecommunication companies offering their clients with a wide range of products as well as services. JIO has initially worked as a subsidiary of Reliance telecommunications and also offered its subscribers with free SIM card. This SIM card facilitates the JIO users with JIO offer, i.e. with unlimited calls and data for a period of three months. This duration of three months got extended by JIO for further two months.

After the completion of this JIO offer, the subscribers of JIO were required to make a recharge for RS.99, so as to become a JIO prime member for a year and enjoy all the benefits as well as JIO offer. This is because; it is mandatory for an individual to be a JIO prime user, so as to enjoy JIO offer benefits as well as benefits provided by any other JIO plan.

JIO offers its users with special prepaid, postpaid, long term as well as short term plans. The JIO subscribers have recently been offered with 100 cashback offer, wherein they can enjoy the benefits on making any JIO recharge above Rs.300. The minimum recharge plan of JIO is just Rs.19. The individuals will receive the cashback in the form of 8 vouchers worth Rs.50 each. The individuals cannot club multiple offers altogether.

The individuals can redeem the offers all at once. The individuals can redeem the offers on making a recharge from the official website of JIO. The individuals can also get to know about the latest offers of JIO. The individuals can also make a recharge of JIO or any other telecommunication companies by making use of the digital apps like Paytm, Phonepe, Mobikwik, Freecharge, etc. These apps can be accessed from any part of the world.

Also, these apps can be accessed anytime by either making use of a Smartphone, Laptop or computer system. In order to enjoy the benefits of JIO offer, the individuals are required to keep a number of things in mind. JIO offers its users with attractive as well as customer friendly opportunities. JIO is popular, as it has more than 150 million subscribers across the country. JIO has also offered its subscribers with international calling as well as roaming tariffs for its customers, so that they can remain connected with them, wherever they are without worrying about the shocks that they have been used to for years.

Jio offers its users with unlimited voice, SMS as well as data benefits. One can even join the JIO postpaid without changing the existing mobile number. The individuals can opt for mobile number portability, so as to shift to JIO postpaid. JIO also offered its prepaid users with roaming as well as data tariffs. According to a recent research, JIO has reported a net profit of Rs.510.44 crores for the quarter ending March 31st in comparison to 504.38 crores in the September quarter. JIO has earlier extended its JIO Prime membership for its users across the country for another year.


Benefits of getting a government job

Obviously everyone is crazy about getting a government job. Even though there are several other job opportunities, getting a job in Government is given the higher importance. This is because the Government jobs are considered to have greater benefits when compared to that of the private job. There are endless numbers of job opportunities in Government and the employees will be selected based on the sarkari exams. Depending upon their education and the way in which they perform in the examination, they will be provided with the designation. Whatever the designation is getting a job in Government can yield greater benefits. Some of the benefits in Government job which has impressed more number of people towards it are revealed in this article.

Job security

When compared to that of the job in private concern, the Government jobs tend to provide greater job security. Obviously this is the main thing which is needed by each and every employee. In case, if a person tend to lose their job suddenly, they may have greater difficulty in managing the financial situation of their family and they may have greater difficulty in finding a new job. Obviously finding a new job may also consume more time and effort. This is one of the most important reasons for why many people are highly insecure in their private jobs. But this kind of issues will not emerge while considering the government job. The employee can work without any kind of insecurity.

Vacation and holidays

The other common problem experienced in the private job is the employees may not be provided with more vacation and holidays. Working for prolonged days without any kind of relaxation may put the employee into great stress and tension. In order to get rid of these worries and to spend better time with the family, one can seek for the best government job. In government jobs the employees will be provided with sufficient holidays and the vacation time will also be allotted without any constraint. Thus, one can utilize these holidays in order to get rid of their stress and to get relaxed with their family members. This can be considered as one of the most important benefit in Government job.

Retirement benefits

Everyone will have many questions about their life after retirement. This is because after the retirement period, they need good financial support to lead their family. It is to be noted that everyone may not have good assets in order to manage the financial needs of their family. But this will never be a problem for the people who are working under government. These people can get more retirement benefits than they sound to be.

Apart from these, there are several other benefits in getting a government job. In order to get a job in the Government, the government exams are to be written. The online websites can be referred to know about the vacancies and to see the sarkariresults without any kind of issues.


The various steps in bone marrow transplantation

The bone marrow could be prone to destruction by infections or any disease. It could also arise due to chemotherapy when the cells become weak. Here the need of the hour would be to damage the deceased cells with healthy ones. In short an unhealthy bone marrow goes on to be replaced by a healthy one. You can term it as a medical procedure where the blood stem molecules do travel to the bone marrow. They go on to encourage the production of new blood cells for the development of a bone marrow. It is pretty much like a sponge with a fatty tissue inside it.

Here the role of the red blood cells is important because it carries nutrients along with oxygen to various parts of the body. Then there is the white blood cell that is known to fight off infection. Last but not the least is the platelets that would be responsible for the formation of blood clots. You can choose to become a donor or someone can donate.

As part of the bone marrow transplant in India you have to go through a series of steps

Planning ahead

Here you would need to manage your personal plans along with issues at a parallel level. The main reason on why such a step is suggested is that you can pay full attention to your recovery.


As part of the phase of development there is the need for a donor in terms of transplant. This could be the patient himself or someone who is donating on his behalf.


The moment a patient along with a donor is ready for transplant it is at that point that the doctor will ask to go through the conditioning regime. Ideally you will be provided radiation in your full body with chemotherapy. In fact the unhealthy bone marrow will be removed and in the process your cancer will be killed.


This process is going to be complete once you are over with the conditioning

Engraftment and waiting for it

It is the process where you have gone on to receive the stem cells from the donor and then it starts developing and growing at the same time. What it means is that the bone marrow along with the immune system is at a developing phase. At this point of time you will be closely monitored and checked for any form of complications that can arise. The transplant team in addition to the caretaker will be taking care of you at an emotional level.


For sure this works out to be an extended period once the engraftment is over. When it is the case of an allogeneic transplant you would need to meet the doctor on a regular basis. This is as part of the long term follow up program. Resources will be provided so that you are in a position to cope up with it betterIn case if the situation is an autologous procedure then there would be no implications as such.


Tips for Getting Out of the IRS Delinquents List

It is no secret that most people are not fond of preparing their taxes every year. The consequences for not filing taxes should, however, be a more inspiring aspect that makes them file their Riverside taxes early enough. If they do not, they are in danger of exposing themselves to the consequences of having back taxes. When you don’t pay taxes in the year that you owe them, they become back taxes, and you enter the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) list of delinquents. Having a plan and working with a tax professional can help you get out of that list so you can start returning your tax filings inexpensively and in good time. Here are some tips to help you move from delinquency to a responsible taxpayer.

Get Assistance from Professionals

Working with an expert in tax matters can help you quickly resolve any tax problems you might have. This representation is a legal right, and it is best not to handle tax issues on your own. Get in touch with the IRS and ask them to stop collection correspondences while you secure tax representation. It helps to understand your legal rights and the options available to you. You might feel intimidated by the pressure from IRS agents, but you need to handle the matter with calmness. You will get advice from a tax professional and determine the options that you have.

Get an Extension

It is possible to get an extension from the IRS up to six months allowing you to make late returns. Even if you are unable to make payments, you should file your Riverside taxes anyway. Late tax returns attract ‘failure to pay’ penalties every month. If you couldn’t make it every day, the situation becomes worse. You should not allow the penalties to get out of hand.

Negotiate for an Installment Agreement

If the money owed is less than $50,000 in taxes, penalties, and interest, and you have filed all the necessary returns, the IRS will be willing to listen to you. They can agree to set up a monthly payment agreement, but you must apply online to determine if this option is available for you. You can also negotiate for the IRS to reduce your balance if you can provide evidence that you are unable to pay. Your return must have been filed for the IRS to consider your negotiated offer unless you have an extension.

The Importance of Communication

You need to ensure that you are communicating with the IRS and your correspondence is getting to them. Registered email or certified mail works better. You need to keep the records of the communication between you and the IRS so that if need be, you have proof that you have been communicating with them. You should also ensure that you do not miss your yearly tax deadline again or you might get into deeper trouble. Learn your lessons and never repeat the mistakes again. Tax is very important, especially when you want to apply for student financial aid, personal or business loans or even a mortgage. When you get into trouble with the IRS through an audit or delinquency, you should not despair because you have options.


Exploring Different Projectors that Suit Your Needs

Exploring Different Projectors that Suit Your Needs

Your ultimate entertainment is watching movies. Nothing is more fun than sitting comfortably and watching your favorite movie while eating crunchy and salty popcorns. For the best experience, you can choose to go to a cinema house or you can bring the cinema to your house. Whatever you choose, there is always something in store for you.

If in this case, you choose to bring cinema to your house, you have two options here – TV screen or projector. Your decision will depend on your space. The first thing to do is to choose a good space. If you have smaller space, TV screen is ideal but if you have a spacious room, you can consider a projector. If you are up for larger experience, projectors are the best.

There are many projectors these days. However, you need to determine the right one that suits your needs. Before picking, take some time checking odyssey cinema concepts reviews. When it comes to Odyssey Cinema projectors, there are different models that you can consider. To get you started, here are some models worth your time:

The Odyssey Cinema Concept VX-9

This is an ideal choice. Its display size ranges from 50 feet to 250 feet. This means it can accommodate larger crowds. The best thing about this projector is its 180 ° flip rotation. Aside from that, it offers full 1080p HDTV image. The unit is also compatible with HDMI, VGA, TV, and gaming. The LED lamp can last up to 20,000 hours. The remote control is wireless. It has a smart dual speaker system and intuitive user interface.

odyssey cinema concepts reviews

The Odyssey Cinema Concept VT-20

Like VX-9, the display size ranges from 50 feet to 250 feet. It has also 180 ° flip rotation and offers full 1080p HDTV image. The unit is compatible with HD, 3D, DVD, BlueRay, and gaming. The LED lamp can last up to 20,000 hours.  Freebies include HDMI cable and 3D glasses.

The Odyssey Cinema Concept TM-60

This is called the smart projector. It is 4K compatible. The screen size ranges from 40 feet to 200 feet. The LED lamp can last for up to 20,000 hours. It is 3D compatible, HDMI, S Video, VGA, TV and A/V input. Since it is 3D compatible, watching movies seem realistic.

The Odyssey Cinema Concept NR-90

The Odyssey Cinema Concept NR-90 is also a smart projector and is 4K compatible. The screen size ranges from 40 feet to 300 feet. The LED lamp can last for up to 20,000. It also includes a wireless IR remote control. The processing resolution is 1920 x 1080 with OSD function. It also boasts of full rotation modes.

The Odyssey Cinema MK-94

If you particularly want a projector for gaming purposes, this is the best one. The display size ranges from 50 feet to 250 feet. It offers full 1080p HDTV images. It has a processing resolution of 1920 x 1080 and includes a wireless IR remote control. It is compatible with HD, 3D, DVD, BlueRay and more importantly, gaming.