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June 25, 2019


Disneyland Travel Tips – Maximize Your Time inside The Park

Disney Park

Planning to visit Disneyland this weekend? Or perhaps, you’re looking for some Disney travel tips before booking a flight? Got you covered! This article is about travel tips that’ll help you to have a smooth journey in this park called the “happiest place on earth”.

Disneyland or also known as the Happiest Place on Earth can also be one of the busiest and crowded places on the planet. And it’s essential to know some strategies and tricks before heading out to the park. This is to prevent you from wasting your time from not-so-important happenings inside the park.

If you’re one of the many guests who traveled thousands of miles away just to visit Disneyland then this guide will really suit you. This article was made to help you maximize your time and make the most out of your Disney travel with a smile in your face. If you don’t want to miss out the fun, then continue scrolling down.

1. Buy Tickets in Advance:

Lining up in the ticket booth is a waste of your precious time so instead of buying a ticket from booth lines, buy tickets online. This can save you an hour or two on a busy day like holidays and weekends. You can purchase tickets through the Disneyland website.

Disney Park

2. Choose the Best Time to Visit:

It’s always a good time to visit Disneyland, however, you need to consider some dates like holidays and others. Visiting the park when its holiday is jam-packed! So holiday would be a no-go to your schedule, instead, choose a day where most of the people are going to schools and working days like the weekdays.

3. Prepare Your Things ahead of Time:

Preparing your things ahead of time can be a lifesaver. Usually, a person who packs their things on the actual date of their trip tends to forget valuable and important things. So packing your things before the travel date can help you to avoid mishaps and unexpected incidents during the trip.

For more packing tips you may read The Disney Packing List That Saved My Orlando Vacation article to help you with the list of things you should bring during your travel.

4. Go to the Parks before Its Open:

If you arrive earlier, you’ll be one of the few people who’ll first enter the park. Disneyland is not usually crowded during the opening and most likely you’ll enjoy the perks of being an early bird.

5. Download Disneyland App:

Having this app on your mobile phone is another life saver. Compared to a big map, mobile phone is handy. Disneyland mobile app shows ride waiting time, events and show listing, park maps, restaurant’s menu and etc. Not only that, if you buy your tickets using the app, you just need to show the barcode at the entrance gate. Doing this can save you an hour from lining up at the busy ticket booths.


Simulation of your dreams through online gaming

the sims 4 download

Any person who wishes to be someone else with a different job, different clothing, different behavioral traits can opt this game undoubtedly as it gives you the flexibility to modify whatever you want. A new virtual life in front of your pc is welcoming you where you can become a different person. A most advanced level of artificial intelligence is being displayed by the simulated animations, which make the game enjoyable.

the sims 4 download


Windows XP or latest version is a must.

An account in Origin which is a digital platform to for the sims 4 download.

The players can learn here that one can get familiar with the game with a trial version and can, later on, purchase the full game either its standard edition or deluxe edition. This series of the social simulation video game is developed by Electronic Arts (EA) which could be bought and downloaded from Origin.

A new player can find the instructions of the play through a tutorial where everything is clearly explained for the control of the game.

Main features

Create customized characters smarter than ever.

With every update, many free contents would be added like more options in occupation, hair styling, etc.

Build your dream house with your desired home decors.

Get to meet new neighbors.

Characters with a fantastic personality and a lot of emotions.

Bring pets into your virtual life to multiply your happiness.

Upgraded version of artificial intelligence to shape your simulations.

Customized world with your own rules.

‘Create a sim’ would ease the process of sim generation.

Build mode makes the process of building much more straightforward.

A new community and ethnic group to know more about their traditions.

Sharing your creations with the community and download the creations of others through the option of the gallery.

Several missions to be accomplished to unlock prizes and rewards.

Find out a completely new life by navigating to the stages of living like a toddler, teenager, young adult, and elder.

Characters have become more autonomous, wherein the basic needs and tasks are automatically done by themselves. This gives the player a chance to develop other skills of the sim throughout the activities.

Graphics effects are much more appealing and compatible compared to the previous versions.

Expansion packs are released often by the Electronic Arts which is holding the players since long on this platform. These packs improve the experience of the player and enhance the original features. Such expansion packs give a sense of responsibility towards the convenience and enjoyment of the players. These packs would usually give priority to the requests from the players to develop more features in a particular category like new skills and so on.