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June 12, 2019

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Pearl’s Hill Iconic Structure

Pearl’s Hill Iconic Structure

Welcome to Enbloc that is linked as One Pearl Bank website to buy a unit from their 744 units designed in two curves to register your name under VVIP category. Once your registration is complete, choose your kind of 1-4 units that are available in the property with the help of the brochure. This newly constructed residential building situated in Chinatown on 99 years old land that is surrounded by beautiful gardens, schools, business centres, shopping and eating joints to make your living comfortable. For further information regarding this residential building, you can visit their one pearl bank enbloc website or download their brochure to acquire full details. Feel and experience the heritage lifestyle by staying in this enbloc apartment that is beautifully constructed the iconic structure with lots of amenities to enjoy your living with family and loves ones.

Pearl’s Hill Iconic Structure

Salient Features of Enbloc One Pearl Bank Apartments:

  1. Want to own a unit in this giant skyscraper that is redeveloped residential building of old structure named One Pearl Bank Apartments. They had started their new venture and offerings units on the best price to offer the residents a healthy and convenient lifestyle that is close to Outram MRT interchange and upcoming Cantonment MRT in sizes that range from 430 sq ft and 2,800 sq ft.
  2. Not only it offers shelter to the residents but also allows the farmers to grow a skyscraping garden, it being the first in the world. Thus, the aspiring farmers and new residents in this venture can take part to cultivate the 18 yards that are constructed in each tower as the building is divided into two curves with 744 units to occupy.
  3. This property also offers fantastic amenities such as lounge, a guard house, indoor and outdoor fitness, swimming pool with sun deck, function halls, BBQ Areas, roof gardens on the terrace and alfresco dining area and a lot of family entertainment activities.
  4. Being a robust structure with all modern amenities this new venture started by CapitaLand believes in offering high-quality fabric and promises them a healthy and comfortable lifestyle which they had dreamt off. Be the next to draw all eyes on this project that is constructed by worlds leading architects of Singapore and London who have years of experience in building iconic structures that are admired worldwide.
  5. All you have to do is just register on their enbloc one pearl bank apartment’s website and get full details through their brochure by downloading it and see which unit matches with your lifestyle online and get the latest updates regarding project insights in no time.


Whether you are heading to Chinatown or Sentosa in Singapore, have a glance of this newly started venture by CapitaLand that will transform your lifestyle to present modern era from the past. Love to be part of this iconic one pearl bank apartment that is designed uniquely with rooftop gardens and offers the farmers best opportunity to cultivate plants of different categories such as trees, shrubs, spices, flowering plants, to get back at the refreshing spot after a tiring day.


Tips On Maintaining Your Healthy Fingernails

Tips On Maintaining Your Healthy Fingernails

Have you ever had a problem keeping your fingernails healthy? There would always be a time when you want to have long and healthy fingernails but you suddenly end up breaking it. If you have been settling for short and unhealthy fingernails all these years, then you probably have to do something about it. You should not suffer. There is always a solution to your problems, even with your nails.

In fact, we will share a couple of tips that can help you maintain healthy nails before you apply your Semipermanentes or semi-permanent manicure. This way, you can make it last longer while maintaining healthy nails under it.

Sterilized Manicure Tools.

Whether you are doing your manicure at home or have it done at a nail salon, it is very important that the tools used are sterilized. If you are having it done by someone else, be proactive. If you do not see any disinfecting tools around, do not be afraid to ask. Also, do not let your manicurist push your cuticle or cut it too much because it can lead to infection.


Consider Semi-Permanent Manicure.

Tradition nail manicure is okay, but if you do not have the time in the world to regularly go to your manicurist to have your nails done, then consider semi-permanent manicure because it lasts longer than the traditional method. Do not leave your nails unmaintained, especially if you cannot do it on your own. There is a solution and that is the semi-permanent manicure.

Apply Sunscreen.

Having beautiful nails is not enough. You need to make sure that you have healthy nails as well. Before having your semi-permanent manicure done, apply a good amount of sunscreen. Remember that your nails will be placed under the UV lamp to get it dried. You need to protect not only your nails but also your skin. So you have to make sure that you applied a sunscreen with at least SPF30 or higher.

Stop Picking On Your Nail Polish!

If you are wearing regular nail polish, never pick on them. If the color starts to come off, use nail tools to remove it. If you can, make an appointment with your manicurist to have it done for you. This is why it is better to have semi-permanent nails instead. They last longer and will save you time from going to your manicurist too often. Also, semi-permanent nails rarely chip off.

Use Acetone.

If you want to remove your nail polish but you do not have the time to go to your manicurist just yet, make sure that you use acetone when taking them off. But remember, only soak your fingertips into the acetone and not your entire hands. This is to protect your skin around your nails. Or better yet, just use a cotton ball to remove the polish.

Taking care of your nails before and after your semi-permanent manicure is not that complicated. As long as you know the basics, you are good. Remember that nail polish can hide your fingernails, but you have to do your best to keep them healthy too.