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January 30, 2019

Health Tips

6 Tricks To Fight The Skin Dryness With Ease


Having dry skin can make you go through an uncomfortable situation where your condition is marked by itching, cracking, and scaling. Dry skin can have an impact on any part of your body including arms, hands, and legs. Even if you have oily skin, you can develop dry skin from time to time. Dry skin can usually be found in old age people as you tend to produce less oil.

The most common season for dry skin to come over is the winter season where the humidity levels are quite low. Due to the low humidity levels, your body doesn’t dehydrate hence you have to witness a dry skin problem. During the winter season, it is a common phenomenon that we take bath from hot water so that our body temperature comes down. While having a bath with hot water may be calm and soothing, but it raises the risk of having dry skin. It is recommended by dermatologists that one should avoid bathing with hot water in the winter season.


Let’s have a look at what sort of environment makes your skin dry?

Of course, the dry environment is the notorious one causing the skin to evaporate more and more water. It basically sucks moisture from the skin and leading to cracks. You are living in a polluted era where ozone depletion is one of the major threats responsible for the entry of harmful ultraviolet rays acting as a grudge to the skin. Ozone depletion has remarkably been reported in Australia where skin cancer is very common. The damage starts from skin reddening. If you go through other factors, bringing about dryness, in a nutshell, include diabetes insipidus, dehydration, heat emergencies, and hypothyroidism.


There is a number of remedial measures as per above-mentioned causes of skin dryness as well as many preventive measures for taking care of sensitive skin. Starting from your home you should adopt following home remedies.


Various natural oils are available which prove to work for sensitive skin including sunflower oil, coconut oil, and olive oil etc. These oils basically act as a barrier between harsh dry environment and skin. It prevents loss of water being impermeable to it thus lessening evaporation.

Other natural products include honey, milk and Aloe Vera etc. Using a spoonful of olive oil and squeezing a lemon juice in it is one of the best lotions for dry areas. There are also some overnight treatments you may adopt for the treatment of sensitive skin. For this purpose, you should take a long bath then apply coconut or olive oil. It will let your skin soften and smooth. And, if we talk about the dietary supplements, there are a few measures that one should consider before eating anything. It is advisable always to consult a doctor and know about your health.


Ultraviolet rays, coming from the sun, are dangerous for your skin. These rays are coming to the earth due to depletion of the ozone layer (a protective covering around the earth) as mentioned earlier. So it’s necessary to prevent these harmful rays, for sensitive skin. It can be done by minimizing your sun exposure, especially between 9 AM to 4 PM. If, however, you have to be outside in this duration either seek shade or wear protective clothing. This clothing includes full coverage of body via sleeves and by using sunglasses. Moreover, there are lotions available which offer protection against UV light. You can also use other products available that offer sensitive skin care treatment to cure your dry skin problems and neutralize the irritation that is caused by dry skin.


Dehydration is the excess loss of water from the body. If it’s via skin it causes dryness and cracks in the skin. It is due to excessive sweating in hot and humid weather or may due to diabetes. Its best treatment is to drink plenty of water and other fluids including fruit juices. If it is due to diabetes lessen the use of sugar and other alcoholic beverages. Eat cucumbers and replenish your skin with fresh cucumbers. Use fruits whose content has a high percentage of water, for example, watermelon, strawberries and more.


It is due to malfunctioning of the thyroid gland (present in throat). The skin dried due to hypothyroidism is required to stay wet and hydrated. You should lessen your activities like exercises and other tasks resulting in excess physical work. It may cause irritation so moisturize your skin and avoid exposure to hot water for such type sensitive skin. Some of the remedies for hypothyroidism are vitamins (B12 and C), ginger, coconut oil, black walnut etc.


Water itself is not harmful to skin but can be, when used with soap and other materials (used for enhancing the cleansing action of water). Such materials cause dryness to the skin. Preventive measures should be adopted especially for sensitive skin remedy. There are medicated soaps available for particular types of skin accordingly.

You should avoid swimming when going through dryness. Isn’t it funny that you should avoid swimming to prevent or to treat skin dryness! Actually, chlorine is added to the swimming pools for purification. Chlorine causes itching and irritation to the skin and eyes.


Here are some preventive measures you may opt for taking care of sensitive skin. Most important is to cover your body especially your hands and eyes to which you don’t pay heed to.

  • You should wear gloves and goggles when you are willing to go out especially from 9 AM to 4 PM when the intensity of sunlight is more.
  • Use moisturizer when going outside.
  • To avoid sensitive skin problems don’t let your body deprived of vitamins, the deficiency of which may result in skin dryness. The most vital of these vitamins is vitamin D. Other vitamins include vitamin C, E, and K.

You may conclude from the points above that sensitive skin care is not a big deal. You may adopt certain measures which can easily prevent you from skin damages. You can also use some products available that offer sensitive skin treatment to cure your dry skin problems and neutralize the irritation that is caused by dry skin.


The importance of greenery in offices and factories

Numerous firms and organizations depend on greenery to add sheen to their ambience. There are significant advantages to having plants around contemporary offices. The benefits of plants in offices attend to the negativities that arise in workplaces. Many individuals perceive offices as unpleasant places to be around daily. You can attest to modern office environments, which are usually quiet, sterile and grey. Besides, open offices offer uncomfortable serenity given that you have to deal with the presence of your colleagues as you struggle to focus on your duties.

It can be troublesome to find inner peace and balance that facilitates excellent work in open offices. However, plants offer a solution to different office challenges. Office greenery provides flexible ways with which employers and employees can derive positive effects. Plants are a vital element in contemporary workplaces.

  1. Benefits of office plants to employees and employers
  • Plants as an Effective sound barrier

Noise characterizes a majority of open offices. Plants serve as an essential role in the efficient sound reduction in these contemporary workplaces. You can select plants with broader leaves and dense branches for efficient sound reduction. Many articles on the web state that greeneries such as the Happy Plant absorb sound vibration thus minimising the frequency of sound that is likely to irritate you. You can position huge plant pots in the corners and edges of the office, and you will experience a definite benefit.

  • Plants provide privacy

An open office plan was designed to enhance creativity and interaction between colleagues. Besides presenting a platform to collaborate, you can suffer stress and discomfort of being overseen throughout the day. Having plants within the office and work desks can help create privacy for you. Big plants break up lines of sight for other individuals in the office presenting to you some privacy. The plants are useful because they do not cause any harmful interaction; instead, they cover you for the time you want to be unnoticed.

  • Greenery encourage cleanliness in the office

You will work with different types of people with various personalities from neat to sloops in offices. Installing a couple of plants will help you reduce the availability of empty spaces, which individuals will litter. For instance, having a lily or cactus plant on a windowsill or the reception desk will prevent your colleagues from using the spaces to dispose of their used coffee cups.

Besides, plants play other vital roles including cleaning the air. An open office plan comprises of numerous individuals performing different tasks. While you exhale carbon dioxide, the office plants inhale it and use it for photosynthesis. Technology University of Sydney Research Group found that indoor plants reduce the levels of carbon dioxide by approximately 10% in air-conditioned offices. The study also illustrated that installing greenery in offices without air conditioners will help minimize carbon dioxide by 25%.

  • Plants aid in improving productivity

According to the 2014 survey done by Exeter University, employees’ productivity rises by 15% on the installation of houseplants in the office. The study indicated that adding greenery per square meter enhanced memory retention helping employees score highly. Plants make you psychologically engaged and thus contribute to your happiness and success in your work.

For taking the aforementioned advantage of indoor plants, make use of the outsourcing facilities that experts provide and consider contacting indoor plant hire services for better interior options and after-installation services.

  1. The advantage of office plants to job applicants
  • Plants make offices attractive to job applicants

You are likely to enjoy working in a beautiful environment. Installing greenery in your k contributes to enhancing the office serenity beside the common grey walls. According to the 2015 Human Spaces report, beautifying your workplace by installing and maintain the best plants will attract job applicants. They will be psychologically motivated even before joining the organization.

You now understand the advantage of installing office greenery in contemporary offices.


Create better experiences for your customer’s in-store

How do you ensure your customers are having the very best experience possible inside your store? Here are some ideas to help:

  1. Have consultants not sales assistants

All the latest technology is great but don’t overlook the simple fact that the most important factors in creating a customer experience are your front-line staff. When it comes to training and staff development, to stay competitive, businesses need to up their game. Knowledge of products and policies are the basics these days, your staff need to be trained in how to better relate to customers and how to connect in a meaningful and memorable way. A job title shift can help, from salesperson to consultant, friend or expert.

  1. Hands-on enjoyment

When customers can look, feel and touch items, it engages them far more than when all they can see is a product on a box on a shelf. Try to present your products in new, fun and original ways and allow customers to have some fun with new experiences. Don’t forget the importance of your In store Music for completing an upbeat and enjoyable experience. For more information on In store Music, visit Mood Media.

  1. Physical and digital coherence

Ensure that your online store is working in harmony with your physical store. The customer of today is accessing multiple channels and multiple devices during their shopping experiences. Therefore, it’s important to offer brand consistency and joined up information across all of your platforms, enabling customers to enjoy seamless shopping.

One way you can do this is to bring your online presence inside your physical premises. Let customers browse your online store from your physical location. This is a great idea if you don’t keep all your stock in one place as it allows customers to check availability and have the item delivered to the store.

  1. Improve the checkout experience

Did you know that the average wait time for a British consumer in a queue is 6 minutes? That’s all you have before they abandon their purchase and walk out. Don’t let queues at peak times wreck your bottom line. Always be prepared with additional tills that can be opened. Some stores are now using ipads for point of sale which staff can take to customers in the line or anywhere in the store, to check out quicker.

  1. Retailtainment

Not heard of this yet? Retailtainment promises to be the next big thing in retail trends. It is a combination of retail and entertainment and is a concept that focuses on providing customers with fun, engaging experiences to wow them. The type of retailtainment on offer would depend on your customer base and range of products. Perhaps you could hire musicians, a local celeb or magicians. Entertainment is a clever way of attracting people into your store, increasing footfall and making sales on what would have otherwise been a slow day.