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January 25, 2019


Helpful Tips For Beginners Learning Zumba For The First Time


Zumba is by far one of the fun exercise programs that you can take if you want to enjoy while sweating out your excess pounds. This is a form of exercise that is becoming more and more popular over the years and is specifically designed with different dance movements to an upbeat music. Each Zumba class is different from the other so you can be assured that every session will be exciting and more complex.

As a beginner, zumba might come off as a complicated exercice for you. It shouldn’t! Many are afraid to take Zumba classes because they feel like they will not be able to keep up. As long you have the willingness and the drive on How to learn Zumba dance step by step, it should not be that hard even for an average dancer. Zumba is not only fun but is also the workout that you need to work your body to its limit.

Here are some tips that you can use as your guide as a Zumba beginner:

Introduce Yourself

It is important that you start off on a positive note with your Zumba instructor. Zumba classes may push you out of your comfort zone but for sure, as soon as you say “hi” to your instrutor, everything should start from there. Some instructors would start asking newcomers for their names. Some would be shy to admit that they have no experience with Zumba and would hide on the back hoping that no one would notice them.

You can avoid this embarasment by checking in with your instructor a couple of minutes before your Zumba class starts. If your instructor is aware that you are a newbie, this will prompt them to give verbal que and modification with the steps to help you catch up on the routine.


Get To Know The Regulars

If you are beginner, it is common for you to get to know the regulars and check out how things are done. It really pays if you keep an eye on your surroundings. As soon as the music starts, it would be easy for you to spot the newcomers from the regulars. You will not always have a view of the instructor, so it would be helpful if you can have your eye on the pro if you are not sure what the next steps are.

Dress Appropriately

Although Zumba is inspired by Latin dances, it would still be best if you dress appropriately. You should wear comfortable dance shoes like cross-trainers or maybe your worn out running shoes. Your clothes should be as comfortable as possible which will let you move freely with to the groove of the music. Remember that Zumba is an intense cardio workout so you should be prepared to sweat your heart out.

Always remember that Zumba is not for everybody. It is best that you take easy and simple classes first, most preferably the ones that are designed for beginners. Get a feel of the routine and see if this is the perfect exercise program for you.

Real Estate

Find Your Dream Home with Gamuda Land

Find Your Dream Home with Gamuda Land

Are you searching for a terrace house in Rawang? If your answer is yes, then you can visit here for more terrace houses for sale in Rawang by Gamuda Land.  They are most reputed and trustworthy property developer in Malaysia on which you can rely on. Till now, they have proven track record of successful developments in Malaysia, and across the region. For many years, they have been creating communities for people where they will love to live and grow together with others happily. Their main aim is to deliver innovative developments that you desire and also, creating sustainable townships.

There is no doubt today, finding and choosing right property developer is one of the most difficult tasks as many options are available to you. However, you now know most prominent property developers, i.e. Gamuda Land you can trust and count on without any second thought. Their main purpose is to make good town and community for people. They have experience and reputation in the market you are looking for. They are also known as Asia’s premier property developer companies and that’s why it is worth to choose them over others to find your dream house.

Discover Houses for Sale in Bandar Baru Kundang, Rawang

Kundang Estates is one of the remarkable developments of Gamuda Land. When it comes to its size, it is an 89-acre and it is residential development. This noteworthy development was also awarded as family-friendly in 2017 by Starproperty.my. Hence, if you are looking for having own home in a family-friendly atmosphere in Rawang, then Kundang Estates is your answer. It is a community with almost 573 units of double-storey terrace residences.

Find Your Dream Home with Gamuda Land


The development provides residents with four interconnected and wonderful parks. All parks of the development come with different traits and activities for residents irrespective of age. The four parks of this community are:

  1. Lakeside Gardens: It is integrated with scenic jogging, along with an amazing bike trail that is linked to the whole estates and circles a lake.
  2. Community Farms: It has planting-beds, where you can grow herbs, plants, and vegetables with other residents of the community under the professional’s guidance.
  3. Esplanade: It features superb-landscaped flower lane, open-air trampolines, and flying fox.
  4. Adventure Parks: It is for residents of all ages and it comes with a huge bike trail, along with adventure and thrilling climbing web.

With Kundang Estates development, Gamuda Land is actually promoting outdoor and indoor livability. The main aim is to bring everything to one place where you can have a wonderful lifestyle you always dream.  You can check out more information about this development by visiting the company official site and also, check out Gamuda Land all recent developments.

Also, must visit here for more terrace houses for sale in Rawang. Before buying a home, you should analyze your budget so that you can know how much you can afford. Also, don’t go further from Gamuda Land if you truly want to find your dream home in Rawang.


Reasons Why T20 Format Is The Future of Cricket

The Popularity of T20 Cricket May Lead To A Global Expansion

The Future of T20 Cricket

If you want to know the future of T20 cricket, all you have to do is talk to any true fan of the game. Many of these individuals will talk about the excitement Andrew Flintoff brought to the sport in 2005, Ian Botham during 1981 or Shane Warne during 1993. These are the memories that have been handed down to the new generations, the memories that will never be forgotten and the memories that ensure T20 cricket is the future. Classic T20 cricket features two innings with a 120 ball maximum for each inning. Test cricket simply does not have the thrills necessary to bring in the more casual fans.

The Appeal of T20 Cricket

The appeal of this sport is simple. It is an old fashioned, village green, cannot get enough, memory-filled type of cricket. Close your eyes and imaging the batsmen hitting fours and sixes, being deceived by a swing and spin from the bowlers, the value of every run and the excitement of the fielding. You can feel the excitement because T20 is still a young game. England hosted the first matches in 2003. In 2007, the inaugural World T20 took place. This means the cricketers are still forming the best possible new strategies. The innovations have been fantastic as at places like Australia, where cricket betting gets interesting, online, and convenient with the initiatives like Bluebet cricket betting. People can enjoy such events occurring in the world with a click and place their bets to embrace the sport.

All you have to do is picture the ramp shot where the batsman is actually beneath the ball to flick it right over the wicketkeeper. Another great new shot is the switch-hit where the batsman changes his stance and the bowler looks for gaps in the field. These are becoming classic shots and they are loved by the fans. Every single ball is important, there are unpredictability and surprise, multiple variations are being used by the spinners and the popularity of T20 is growing stronger and stronger as the fans continue to cheer. The game is enjoyed by children, families, couples and singles alike.

The Global Expansion of T20 Cricket

The T20 World competition for 2018 is returning with an enlarged format. A meeting between Star Sports and the International Cricket Council is scheduled to talk about the tournament occurring every two years as opposed to the original four year period originally agreed upon. This move partially resulted due to the unbelievable success in India. The belief is expanding the main event will help globalize the sport. The most popular option involves including twelve teams during the second stage as opposed to the ten currently standard for the leading nations including England. The reason the ICC is interested in returning the tournament for a two year period is based on the worldwide interest in T20 cricket. The world is clamouring for more of their beloved sport.

In excess of two million people in the United Kingdom were watching the closing stages. This established a new record for all cricket matches on pay television in the United Kingdom. More than eighty million people in India were there to watch the match with Pakistan. The videos of the matches were viewed worldwide 750 million times. When you consider the 2015 World Cup was viewed 250 million times, the implications are staggering. T20 cricket is becoming one of the best-loved sports in the world.

Bringing back the World T20 on a two-year basis may radically restructure the game. The ICC is envisioning a model for regional qualification for the World T20. This would expand the current eighteen members to fifty. T20 is alive, well and growing in popularity.


7 Steps To Handle An Employee’s Relieving Process Gracefully

As an employer you must have surely prepared for a seamless onboarding process for your new employees, but have you worked upon their relieving process? Well, the relieving process carries the same importance as the former but is often overlooked. The relieving procedure you follow impacts your employee loyalty program and your market review as an employer, therefore you need to follow a well-managed process. It includes – formalities that you need to check from your company’s data security perspective, settlement of various accounts issues and dues, relieving documentation work etc. To help you, here we list down some steps to follow for a seamless relieving procedure:

1)    Plan The Transition Process

Generally, every employee is entitled to serve a notice period before his relieving, and this period is the best time to carry out a well-defined transition process. Make them pass their duties and responsibilities smoothly to the team until a replacement has been hired. In case a replacement has been hired, the relieving candidate can help him understand the various processes and train him to efficiently take over the tasks. With this, you must make the exiting employee pass the access for the various official tools to the replacement or the management. Various credentials offered to the employee needs to be changed to ensure privacy.

2)    Record the total work hours

As an employer, it is your responsibility to keep the data of the total working hours and payroll information till the employee bids a final goodbye to the company. Some companies follow the hourly wage procedure so the count of the total hours will decide the post-pay amount that you would have to pay the employee.  The Department of Labor law also mentions that everyone should meet the recordkeeping requirements.

3)    Settle No Dues Agreement

If the exiting employee has any dues or owes the company some cash, it is the time to settle them down once for all. The employer should share the total record of dues specific to the exiting employee before his relieving. The employee can get it deducted from his final paycheck.

4)    Discuss The Final Pay Settlement

As according to the Modern Awards Changes unveiled on 1st November 2018, the employer must pay the final pay-check of an existing employee within 7 days after his relieving. So you should be well prepared with other relieving formalities and the final pay-check details should also be shared with the employee well in advance. You can always go for Payroll services from Employment Innovations, where you can outsource the payroll management seamlessly at an affordable cost.

5)    Collect Company’s Belongings

Every employee is given a certain set of digital assets and access to other resources belonging to the company during his service. However, before the employee is relieved from the company he is entitled to submit all these resources and devices belonging to the company.

6)    Square Away Leaves

Squaring away the total time off is another thing the employer should keep in his mind. The total number of hours when the exiting employee was not on his duty or was on vacation or sick leave needs to be recorded. These records will help you make necessary deductions from the final pay-check.

7)    A Feedback Interview Is A Must

As a present trend, a well-managed company believes in conducting an exit interview for each of its existing employees. The exit interviews help the employer get feedback about his own company, the work environment, the management processes, etc. This feedback can help you check the loopholes in your management.

Bring the above steps in practice to offer your employees a pleasant relieving gesture, making him a good mouth for you in the market.


Prime Benefits for a Scalable Employee Rewards Program

Recruiting and training the perfect employee is time intensive and expensive so when you find that person you want to try and keep them. You pay a reasonable wage, offer an adequate benefits package and even promote from within but there is no guarantee. In today’s competitive environment, employees often want more.

Scalable Employee Rewards Programs

There is no magic formula that ensures employee retention but you can increase the likelihood of developing long term employees by instituting an employee rewards program. One type of system that has proven very effective is the scalable employee rewards program. This is a program in which incentives are divided into levels and are given to recognize behaviours that promote the company’s stated goals and mission. You can design such a program internally or choose one of the many independently created solutions that are available on the web.

You may initially build the employee rewards programs to increase retention but if you tailor incentives in a way that are meaningful and appeal to every level of employee, you may reap other benefits as well. Employees will be more productive because they will feel more engaged and invested in the success of the business. There will also be a greater emotional connection with them and they will begin to take more personal responsibility which will improve the bottom line. Finally, work will be more satisfying and you will have a company where others will want to work.

The Basics of a Rewards Program

For all of these outcomes to occur, the structure of the program must be considered carefully. Rewards should not simply be given because an employee performs his or her job duties well each day. Rather they should be conferred to someone whose behaviours goes above and beyond the expected. The rewards should be tired and the standards must be defined so that each person understands how to achieve each level.

The bottom line is that any employee who performs in a way that moves the company closer to the overall objective or delivers a quality product or service should be rewarded. You might start by recognizing them publicly in a meeting, in internal communication, or on a company social media site. Showing that you respect their efforts goes a long way toward bolstering their sense of gratitude and loyalty. Valuing that employee’s contribution publicly may also raise his or her profile within the company.

Some of the more traditional tangible rewards are:

  • Gift cards and vouchers – issue these for a variety of local or online businesses
  • Vacation and travel discounts – purchase percentage-off coupons from airlines or hotels
  • Personal time – additional vacation days to be taken within the year
  • Discounts on a variety of entertainment options and access to difficult to get tickets to concerts and events

Parties and celebrations are always appreciated and you could host these events during the holidays or for an employee’s service anniversary. On a more serious note, you could establish a promote from within policy for those who complete in-house training and upgrade their skills. You can even include a peer-to-peer component where co-workers nominate each other for recognition of some outstanding achievement. One of the latest types of recognition is a virtual one. You can build your own “Wall of Fame” page on your company’s website and induct those who have achieved certain benchmarks.

It is often not the reward itself but the message behind it that makes the difference. If you show your employees that they are valued and respected, you raise their personal sense of worth and you create a work crew that will guide your company for many years.


Key Measures to Develop a Brand Identity

Branding your business is key to ensure company success. Brands render a unique personality, and establish a unique position in the market to attract the right customers.

Startups find the branding exercise to be a challenge since they rarely have the funding and resources. They inadvertently make branding mistakes when not following brand guidelines and fail to deliver a strong first impression.

Here are some key measures a company can take to develop a brand identity on an individual basis or with the help of a branding firm like Brandmatters agency.

  1. Determine your brand’s target audience.

The foundation for brand building rests on accurate determination of the target audience. You need to audience to reach. You’ll tailor your mission and message to meet their exact needs. Get specific to the demographics, their behaviour, and lifestyle.

Get a thorough picture of your consumers, and then develop a brand identity that aligns with their interests. Such a brand draws competitive advantage with a narrow audience focus and a crystal-clear delivery of the brand message.

Determining the right target audience also aids brand strategy for marketing. It is important to tailor your mission and message to meet the audience needs.

  1. Develop a relevant brand mission statement

One needs to craft a clear expression in the form of a mission statement for your company and your brand. The statement should echo the sentiments and interests of the target audience and based on the value delivered by your business.

The mission statement defines an overarching purpose for the existence of the company. The brand building strategies matter in this regard. The brand should blend every tagline, message, and personality within the mission statement.

For example, Nike wants to “bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world” as underlined by its mission statement. This statement defines the purpose of the brand and the products. They have also expanded their brand mission, with the footnote: “If you have a body, you are an athlete” primarily expanding their target audience to the entire world and all people!

Hence, when it is advisable to start small with the branding exercise with a targeted niche audience and then develop brand loyalty to grow far enough to expand overall reach.

  1. Audit Your Marketplace and Research Competitors

It is essential to explore the activities of your competition based on their successes and failures. After identifying your competitors across the broad spectrum of competitors based on customer segment that you aspire to reach out to, in due course of time.

Also ask yourself whether a customer might choose your competitor over your services. If the answer is yes, you have got your primary competition. Review each competitor, their offerings, pros and cons, along with their pricing. For example Gett devised their initial marketing campaign in New York City on the premise of surge pricing attribute of Uber. Target customers were interested in the solution and thus helped Gett’s popularity grow.

  1. Outline the key attributes and USPs of your brand

It is evident that several brands similar to yours will always bank on their bigger budgets and resources to control the market. But your offerings and benefits that you deliver are yours only.

Figure out the prime benefits and the USPs of your offerings. Focus on the qualities that make your offerings unique. Assess the value you provide to your consumers’ lives. Outline the key qualities & benefits offered by your brand and then create the brand message.

  1. Create a relevant brand logo and a useful tagline

Every brand is associated with particular visuals that create the required perception about it. The logo and the tagline are important elements of the brand building process, and will connect the brand everywhere it makes its presence. The logo stands as the calling card and the visual identity of the brand.

Every brand needs to invest time and money for creating the visual identity for business. Get help from a creative agency to help the brand stand out. The brand guidelines can be laid out in terms of the font, color combination, consistency of logo application and the like. Every logo needs the right size and placement, an apt color palette that can be reproduced, typography for taglines and brand message, iconography, and image style.


Important Reasons Why You Should Use A Facial Mask

Benefit of Mirae masks

When it comes to skincare, there are so many products that promise to give our skin a healthier glow. But are they really that effective? One product is going popular these days and these are the Mirae masks. If you are interested to know the benefit of Mirae masks or the facial masks in general. Then this article is definitely for you.

Useful Skin Benefits Of Facial Masks

Using a facial mask is one of the easiest ways to achieve a healthier and more supple skin in just minutes! These products are specifically formulated for different skin types. When it comes to the beauty feature, it has a variety of choices for you to choose from. It will only take a couple of seconds to apply the product, wait for about 15 to 20 minutes, then wash it off. That’s it! The process of applying the facial mask is pretty simple and easy. It is highly recommended to be included in your skincare routine and enjoy the many benefits that it can give.

Here are some of the major benefits that you can get from Mirae Masks:

  • Evens Out Your Skin Tone

    Most face masks are specifically designed to reduce hyper-pigmentation to give you a more evened skin tone and texture. This will improve the sweat gland secretion to increase the oxygen level on your skin.

  • Reduces Fine Lines

    Once you regularly use face masks, it can help reduce any signs of aging such as fine lines, brown spots, wrinkles, and so much more. With frequent use, you can enjoy a softer and smoother skin in just a short time.

Benefit of Mirae masks

  • Makes Your Skin Firmer

    As you age, your skin looses and this can make you look older. Loose skin can be fixed with constant use of face masks. There are different types of masks that can help enhance your skins’ collagen production and also corrects free radical damages that will gradually result in firmer, tighter, and fresher skin.

  • Helps Refine Skin Pores

    When you use a face mask, it can help give you clearer skin and it can also help refine your pores. It can deeply cleanse the pores from dead skin cells, oily substances, and other metabolic wastes that can possibly clog them.

  • Hydrates Your Skin

    If you are looking for a product that can quickly hydrate your skin, facial masks are the right products for you. The water that comes from the mask will penetrate deep into your skin epidermis which can soften the skin and also enhance its elasticity. Once your skin is hydrated, it will be well moisturized and it would be easier for you to apply makeup.

Mirae Skincare, The Product That Your Skin Needs!

If you want to hydrate, brighten, soothe your skin while you reduce your fine lines, Mirae Masks are the right products that your skin needs. Your skin should be as beautiful as the other parts of your body, so taking care of it should be as important as the others. If you have the right products, achieving and younger and healthier looking skin would be easier and more achievable.