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January 23, 2019


The prom dress that suits your body type

On prom night, you would like to be wearing the dress with a perfect fit, one that is best suited for your body type. When you wear a dress that is not suitable for your body type, it looks awkward and can ruin your prom night. Consider your body shape and size before you select your prom dress. Here are a few pointers to help you decide which type of prom dress, would suit your body type.

Apple Shape

Those with an apple shaped body have a full bust and a wide torso. A high low gown or a mermaid dress with no straps is suitable as it helps to show off the shoulder and thus take away focus from the midsection.

Pear Shape

The pear-shaped body is triangle shaped and those with this body shape have slender shoulders, small bust, and a wide lower body. So, here the dress should be one that highlights the upper body. Chiffon dress with a halter neckline or a one-shoulder gown is a good option. The focus should be on the top section of the body to hide the wider lower section.

Rectangle shape

A rectangle shaped body is where there is no marked size difference between the top and bottom halves. Mermaid dresses or gowns with deep necklines are good options, as they ensure the focus is on your curves and make you look feminine.

Hourglass Shape

This is the classic body shape for girls. It is a curvy type of body shape with a perfect waist. Here, one can wear a dress that highlights the waist. Most dresses would suit an hourglass figure. V-necklines and wrap dresses can be considered for this body shape.

Inverted triangle

Here, the body shape is busty with wide shoulders and large busts with a slender lower half. The dress you select must highlight your waist. A-line dresses and high necklines are best suited for this body shape.

Busty shape

The busty shape is where the bust is large and hips narrow. The dress should balance the upper and lower body. A dress that shows off the legs or makes the hips look curvy would be ideal.

Petite shape

If you are short, with your height being below 5 foot 4 inches, then your body type would be classified as petite. A petite body type can highlight the legs. A baby doll dress would look good, as would an asymmetrical type of dress. Petite figured girls should avoid full length gowns, they would make you appear short.

Slender shape

A slender body shape is where the overall body frame is thin. The lean body shape needs to be highlighted by the dress that is worn. For a slender body type, asymmetric neckline, a dress with a belted waist or slit type of dress would be best suited.


While selecting a prom dress, make sure you select the dress that suits your body shape and size. The dressshould highlight the part of your body, which looks good. This helps to create a great effect.