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What To Look Out For In A Reputable Hotel

Reputable hotel in KL

The search for good and reputable hotels is real. Thousands of people flock the internet every day to hunt for good hotels where they can stay while visiting their dream destinations. But then, not everybody who goes to the internet with the intention of finding a good and reputable hotel in KL gets a good hotel. When searching for high-rated and good restaurants, there are various things to consider.

Pricing and Affordability

Pricing is everything when it comes to hotels. A hotel that does not offer fair pricing will always not be the best to choose. While traveling, you will likely always be on a strict budget that you wouldn’t want to break. Selecting a hotel that offers costly foods and services will likely make you spend more than your budget. If you don’t have enough money, you may even be forced to leave earlier than you had planned.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction can be easily assessed by checking customer reviews and ratings. A good hotel will have established itself in terms of customer satisfaction. It will have good customer reviews and high ratings on the hotel review websites. Get into deeper details to confirm how the hotel you are about choosing has fared in the past. You wouldn’t want a situation where you will book a hotel only to read client reviews while on the plane traveling to your desired destination and discover that the hotel has lots of unanswered customer complaints.

Reputable hotel in KL

Quality of Amenities

The quality and range of amenities offered in the potential hotel is another important consideration. You need to check out about the quality and strength of the Wi-Fi internet, air conditioning, breakfast, and parking. You need to be sure that you are booking a good hotel that offers strong Wi-Fi internet connection free or at a cost.  You wouldn’t want a situation where you will book a hotel thinking that you will enjoy your stay only to realize that there is no free and strong Wi-Fi connection. Check out the quality of breakfast provided in the hotel also. You want to book a good hotel where you will be provided with high-quality and well-prepared breakfast.


When hunting for a 5-star and reputable hotel in KL, you should settle for great hotels like  Putra Sunway hotel is a 5-star hotel that sits some kilometers in the opposite direction of Putra World Trade Center.  The hotel is quite close to the Kl trendiest shopping havens and financial centers.  It sits just about the All-new Sunway Putra mall- a great place where visitors are sure to discover a great range of amazing entertainment products.  In terms of close proximity to the Petronas Twin tower which sits at the center of the center, this hotel is only 3 kilometers away. The most interesting thing about the hotel is that it sits close to the Kuala Lumpur financial, fashion, and tourist Hub.  This hotel is highly reputable all over Kuala Lumpur as it has been performing quite well over the years. By visiting the hotel, you are sure to enjoy a great range of benefits.

Health Tips

6 Tricks To Fight The Skin Dryness With Ease


Having dry skin can make you go through an uncomfortable situation where your condition is marked by itching, cracking, and scaling. Dry skin can have an impact on any part of your body including arms, hands, and legs. Even if you have oily skin, you can develop dry skin from time to time. Dry skin can usually be found in old age people as you tend to produce less oil.

The most common season for dry skin to come over is the winter season where the humidity levels are quite low. Due to the low humidity levels, your body doesn’t dehydrate hence you have to witness a dry skin problem. During the winter season, it is a common phenomenon that we take bath from hot water so that our body temperature comes down. While having a bath with hot water may be calm and soothing, but it raises the risk of having dry skin. It is recommended by dermatologists that one should avoid bathing with hot water in the winter season.


Let’s have a look at what sort of environment makes your skin dry?

Of course, the dry environment is the notorious one causing the skin to evaporate more and more water. It basically sucks moisture from the skin and leading to cracks. You are living in a polluted era where ozone depletion is one of the major threats responsible for the entry of harmful ultraviolet rays acting as a grudge to the skin. Ozone depletion has remarkably been reported in Australia where skin cancer is very common. The damage starts from skin reddening. If you go through other factors, bringing about dryness, in a nutshell, include diabetes insipidus, dehydration, heat emergencies, and hypothyroidism.


There is a number of remedial measures as per above-mentioned causes of skin dryness as well as many preventive measures for taking care of sensitive skin. Starting from your home you should adopt following home remedies.


Various natural oils are available which prove to work for sensitive skin including sunflower oil, coconut oil, and olive oil etc. These oils basically act as a barrier between harsh dry environment and skin. It prevents loss of water being impermeable to it thus lessening evaporation.

Other natural products include honey, milk and Aloe Vera etc. Using a spoonful of olive oil and squeezing a lemon juice in it is one of the best lotions for dry areas. There are also some overnight treatments you may adopt for the treatment of sensitive skin. For this purpose, you should take a long bath then apply coconut or olive oil. It will let your skin soften and smooth. And, if we talk about the dietary supplements, there are a few measures that one should consider before eating anything. It is advisable always to consult a doctor and know about your health.


Ultraviolet rays, coming from the sun, are dangerous for your skin. These rays are coming to the earth due to depletion of the ozone layer (a protective covering around the earth) as mentioned earlier. So it’s necessary to prevent these harmful rays, for sensitive skin. It can be done by minimizing your sun exposure, especially between 9 AM to 4 PM. If, however, you have to be outside in this duration either seek shade or wear protective clothing. This clothing includes full coverage of body via sleeves and by using sunglasses. Moreover, there are lotions available which offer protection against UV light. You can also use other products available that offer sensitive skin care treatment to cure your dry skin problems and neutralize the irritation that is caused by dry skin.


Dehydration is the excess loss of water from the body. If it’s via skin it causes dryness and cracks in the skin. It is due to excessive sweating in hot and humid weather or may due to diabetes. Its best treatment is to drink plenty of water and other fluids including fruit juices. If it is due to diabetes lessen the use of sugar and other alcoholic beverages. Eat cucumbers and replenish your skin with fresh cucumbers. Use fruits whose content has a high percentage of water, for example, watermelon, strawberries and more.


It is due to malfunctioning of the thyroid gland (present in throat). The skin dried due to hypothyroidism is required to stay wet and hydrated. You should lessen your activities like exercises and other tasks resulting in excess physical work. It may cause irritation so moisturize your skin and avoid exposure to hot water for such type sensitive skin. Some of the remedies for hypothyroidism are vitamins (B12 and C), ginger, coconut oil, black walnut etc.


Water itself is not harmful to skin but can be, when used with soap and other materials (used for enhancing the cleansing action of water). Such materials cause dryness to the skin. Preventive measures should be adopted especially for sensitive skin remedy. There are medicated soaps available for particular types of skin accordingly.

You should avoid swimming when going through dryness. Isn’t it funny that you should avoid swimming to prevent or to treat skin dryness! Actually, chlorine is added to the swimming pools for purification. Chlorine causes itching and irritation to the skin and eyes.


Here are some preventive measures you may opt for taking care of sensitive skin. Most important is to cover your body especially your hands and eyes to which you don’t pay heed to.

  • You should wear gloves and goggles when you are willing to go out especially from 9 AM to 4 PM when the intensity of sunlight is more.
  • Use moisturizer when going outside.
  • To avoid sensitive skin problems don’t let your body deprived of vitamins, the deficiency of which may result in skin dryness. The most vital of these vitamins is vitamin D. Other vitamins include vitamin C, E, and K.

You may conclude from the points above that sensitive skin care is not a big deal. You may adopt certain measures which can easily prevent you from skin damages. You can also use some products available that offer sensitive skin treatment to cure your dry skin problems and neutralize the irritation that is caused by dry skin.


The importance of greenery in offices and factories

Numerous firms and organizations depend on greenery to add sheen to their ambience. There are significant advantages to having plants around contemporary offices. The benefits of plants in offices attend to the negativities that arise in workplaces. Many individuals perceive offices as unpleasant places to be around daily. You can attest to modern office environments, which are usually quiet, sterile and grey. Besides, open offices offer uncomfortable serenity given that you have to deal with the presence of your colleagues as you struggle to focus on your duties.

It can be troublesome to find inner peace and balance that facilitates excellent work in open offices. However, plants offer a solution to different office challenges. Office greenery provides flexible ways with which employers and employees can derive positive effects. Plants are a vital element in contemporary workplaces.

  1. Benefits of office plants to employees and employers
  • Plants as an Effective sound barrier

Noise characterizes a majority of open offices. Plants serve as an essential role in the efficient sound reduction in these contemporary workplaces. You can select plants with broader leaves and dense branches for efficient sound reduction. Many articles on the web state that greeneries such as the Happy Plant absorb sound vibration thus minimising the frequency of sound that is likely to irritate you. You can position huge plant pots in the corners and edges of the office, and you will experience a definite benefit.

  • Plants provide privacy

An open office plan was designed to enhance creativity and interaction between colleagues. Besides presenting a platform to collaborate, you can suffer stress and discomfort of being overseen throughout the day. Having plants within the office and work desks can help create privacy for you. Big plants break up lines of sight for other individuals in the office presenting to you some privacy. The plants are useful because they do not cause any harmful interaction; instead, they cover you for the time you want to be unnoticed.

  • Greenery encourage cleanliness in the office

You will work with different types of people with various personalities from neat to sloops in offices. Installing a couple of plants will help you reduce the availability of empty spaces, which individuals will litter. For instance, having a lily or cactus plant on a windowsill or the reception desk will prevent your colleagues from using the spaces to dispose of their used coffee cups.

Besides, plants play other vital roles including cleaning the air. An open office plan comprises of numerous individuals performing different tasks. While you exhale carbon dioxide, the office plants inhale it and use it for photosynthesis. Technology University of Sydney Research Group found that indoor plants reduce the levels of carbon dioxide by approximately 10% in air-conditioned offices. The study also illustrated that installing greenery in offices without air conditioners will help minimize carbon dioxide by 25%.

  • Plants aid in improving productivity

According to the 2014 survey done by Exeter University, employees’ productivity rises by 15% on the installation of houseplants in the office. The study indicated that adding greenery per square meter enhanced memory retention helping employees score highly. Plants make you psychologically engaged and thus contribute to your happiness and success in your work.

For taking the aforementioned advantage of indoor plants, make use of the outsourcing facilities that experts provide and consider contacting indoor plant hire services for better interior options and after-installation services.

  1. The advantage of office plants to job applicants
  • Plants make offices attractive to job applicants

You are likely to enjoy working in a beautiful environment. Installing greenery in your k contributes to enhancing the office serenity beside the common grey walls. According to the 2015 Human Spaces report, beautifying your workplace by installing and maintain the best plants will attract job applicants. They will be psychologically motivated even before joining the organization.

You now understand the advantage of installing office greenery in contemporary offices.


Create better experiences for your customer’s in-store

How do you ensure your customers are having the very best experience possible inside your store? Here are some ideas to help:

  1. Have consultants not sales assistants

All the latest technology is great but don’t overlook the simple fact that the most important factors in creating a customer experience are your front-line staff. When it comes to training and staff development, to stay competitive, businesses need to up their game. Knowledge of products and policies are the basics these days, your staff need to be trained in how to better relate to customers and how to connect in a meaningful and memorable way. A job title shift can help, from salesperson to consultant, friend or expert.

  1. Hands-on enjoyment

When customers can look, feel and touch items, it engages them far more than when all they can see is a product on a box on a shelf. Try to present your products in new, fun and original ways and allow customers to have some fun with new experiences. Don’t forget the importance of your In store Music for completing an upbeat and enjoyable experience. For more information on In store Music, visit Mood Media.

  1. Physical and digital coherence

Ensure that your online store is working in harmony with your physical store. The customer of today is accessing multiple channels and multiple devices during their shopping experiences. Therefore, it’s important to offer brand consistency and joined up information across all of your platforms, enabling customers to enjoy seamless shopping.

One way you can do this is to bring your online presence inside your physical premises. Let customers browse your online store from your physical location. This is a great idea if you don’t keep all your stock in one place as it allows customers to check availability and have the item delivered to the store.

  1. Improve the checkout experience

Did you know that the average wait time for a British consumer in a queue is 6 minutes? That’s all you have before they abandon their purchase and walk out. Don’t let queues at peak times wreck your bottom line. Always be prepared with additional tills that can be opened. Some stores are now using ipads for point of sale which staff can take to customers in the line or anywhere in the store, to check out quicker.

  1. Retailtainment

Not heard of this yet? Retailtainment promises to be the next big thing in retail trends. It is a combination of retail and entertainment and is a concept that focuses on providing customers with fun, engaging experiences to wow them. The type of retailtainment on offer would depend on your customer base and range of products. Perhaps you could hire musicians, a local celeb or magicians. Entertainment is a clever way of attracting people into your store, increasing footfall and making sales on what would have otherwise been a slow day.



Things to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Workout Clothes

Choosing the Ideal Workout Clothes

The point of the exercise is to keep the body in shape. However, you want to do this in a sexy and stylish way. With this, you need to find high performance sports wear suppliers. Choosing good workout clothes is crucial because there are many options available. If you are just beginning, here are some tips you can consider when it comes to choosing the ideal workout clothes:

Pick the right fabric

You should know that there are fabrics designed to pull the sweat away from the skin during exercise while there are others that absorb it. When you choose workout fabrics, you should consider the following tips:

• Choose wicking fabrics: there are synthetic fibers that can wick the sweat away from the skin. These fibers are breathable that can help the sweat evaporate quickly thereby keeping your body cool. Clothing made of polypropylene is a good choice.

• Avoid cotton: cotton will absorb the sweat, which means it does not evaporate quickly. This is the reason why cotton workout clothes feel heavy and wet during exercise.

• Never wear rubber-based materials: it is recommended that you do not wear rubber-based materials because it can keep the sweat from evaporating. At the end of the day, it will keep your body’s temperature too high during exercise.

Get the right fit

To be comfortable, you need to find workout clothes that fit your body right. You can consider the following tips:

• Choose good clothing: in general, you need to look for clothing that will not get in the way of any activity you partake.

• Wear loose clothes: in exercise, it is advisable to wear loose but comfortable clothes. If you are biking, you should avoid wearing wide-leg or loose pants because it could get tangled up in the pedals.

• Choose stretchy and fitted fabrics: if you indulge in Pilates and yoga, it is important that you choose fitted and stretchy fabrics that can wick away the sweat.

Choosing the Ideal Workout Clothes

Think about the season

With the changing season, it is important that you choose the right clothing to support your physical activities. Regardless of the temperature, you will still work up a sweat during a workout. With this, you need to find clothing that is comfortable and designed to wick away sweat from the skin for heavy exercise. You should consider the following tips:

• During hot weather: for this season, you need to choose fabrics that will allow the skin to breathe and wick away the sweat. You have to look for clothes that are cool and comfortable.

• During cold weather: when it is cold outside, you need to dress warmly. You have to remember though that you will be boosting your heart rate and your body temperature. The best thing to do is to dress in layers that you can remove eventually. You can start by putting wicking fabrics on your inner then put an insulating layer on top of it.

• During windy or wet weather: it is advisable to wear clothing that can protect your skin from elements like rain or strong winds.

When you are choosing workout clothes, you should look for performance, fabric, fit and season. Check online stores or suppliers for more choices. You need to compare the prices to make an informed decision.


Helpful Tips For Beginners Learning Zumba For The First Time


Zumba is by far one of the fun exercise programs that you can take if you want to enjoy while sweating out your excess pounds. This is a form of exercise that is becoming more and more popular over the years and is specifically designed with different dance movements to an upbeat music. Each Zumba class is different from the other so you can be assured that every session will be exciting and more complex.

As a beginner, zumba might come off as a complicated exercice for you. It shouldn’t! Many are afraid to take Zumba classes because they feel like they will not be able to keep up. As long you have the willingness and the drive on How to learn Zumba dance step by step, it should not be that hard even for an average dancer. Zumba is not only fun but is also the workout that you need to work your body to its limit.

Here are some tips that you can use as your guide as a Zumba beginner:

Introduce Yourself

It is important that you start off on a positive note with your Zumba instructor. Zumba classes may push you out of your comfort zone but for sure, as soon as you say “hi” to your instrutor, everything should start from there. Some instructors would start asking newcomers for their names. Some would be shy to admit that they have no experience with Zumba and would hide on the back hoping that no one would notice them.

You can avoid this embarasment by checking in with your instructor a couple of minutes before your Zumba class starts. If your instructor is aware that you are a newbie, this will prompt them to give verbal que and modification with the steps to help you catch up on the routine.


Get To Know The Regulars

If you are beginner, it is common for you to get to know the regulars and check out how things are done. It really pays if you keep an eye on your surroundings. As soon as the music starts, it would be easy for you to spot the newcomers from the regulars. You will not always have a view of the instructor, so it would be helpful if you can have your eye on the pro if you are not sure what the next steps are.

Dress Appropriately

Although Zumba is inspired by Latin dances, it would still be best if you dress appropriately. You should wear comfortable dance shoes like cross-trainers or maybe your worn out running shoes. Your clothes should be as comfortable as possible which will let you move freely with to the groove of the music. Remember that Zumba is an intense cardio workout so you should be prepared to sweat your heart out.

Always remember that Zumba is not for everybody. It is best that you take easy and simple classes first, most preferably the ones that are designed for beginners. Get a feel of the routine and see if this is the perfect exercise program for you.

Real Estate

Find Your Dream Home with Gamuda Land

Find Your Dream Home with Gamuda Land

Are you searching for a terrace house in Rawang? If your answer is yes, then you can visit here for more terrace houses for sale in Rawang by Gamuda Land.  They are most reputed and trustworthy property developer in Malaysia on which you can rely on. Till now, they have proven track record of successful developments in Malaysia, and across the region. For many years, they have been creating communities for people where they will love to live and grow together with others happily. Their main aim is to deliver innovative developments that you desire and also, creating sustainable townships.

There is no doubt today, finding and choosing right property developer is one of the most difficult tasks as many options are available to you. However, you now know most prominent property developers, i.e. Gamuda Land you can trust and count on without any second thought. Their main purpose is to make good town and community for people. They have experience and reputation in the market you are looking for. They are also known as Asia’s premier property developer companies and that’s why it is worth to choose them over others to find your dream house.

Discover Houses for Sale in Bandar Baru Kundang, Rawang

Kundang Estates is one of the remarkable developments of Gamuda Land. When it comes to its size, it is an 89-acre and it is residential development. This noteworthy development was also awarded as family-friendly in 2017 by Hence, if you are looking for having own home in a family-friendly atmosphere in Rawang, then Kundang Estates is your answer. It is a community with almost 573 units of double-storey terrace residences.

Find Your Dream Home with Gamuda Land


The development provides residents with four interconnected and wonderful parks. All parks of the development come with different traits and activities for residents irrespective of age. The four parks of this community are:

  1. Lakeside Gardens: It is integrated with scenic jogging, along with an amazing bike trail that is linked to the whole estates and circles a lake.
  2. Community Farms: It has planting-beds, where you can grow herbs, plants, and vegetables with other residents of the community under the professional’s guidance.
  3. Esplanade: It features superb-landscaped flower lane, open-air trampolines, and flying fox.
  4. Adventure Parks: It is for residents of all ages and it comes with a huge bike trail, along with adventure and thrilling climbing web.

With Kundang Estates development, Gamuda Land is actually promoting outdoor and indoor livability. The main aim is to bring everything to one place where you can have a wonderful lifestyle you always dream.  You can check out more information about this development by visiting the company official site and also, check out Gamuda Land all recent developments.

Also, must visit here for more terrace houses for sale in Rawang. Before buying a home, you should analyze your budget so that you can know how much you can afford. Also, don’t go further from Gamuda Land if you truly want to find your dream home in Rawang.


Reasons Why T20 Format Is The Future of Cricket

The Popularity of T20 Cricket May Lead To A Global Expansion

The Future of T20 Cricket

If you want to know the future of T20 cricket, all you have to do is talk to any true fan of the game. Many of these individuals will talk about the excitement Andrew Flintoff brought to the sport in 2005, Ian Botham during 1981 or Shane Warne during 1993. These are the memories that have been handed down to the new generations, the memories that will never be forgotten and the memories that ensure T20 cricket is the future. Classic T20 cricket features two innings with a 120 ball maximum for each inning. Test cricket simply does not have the thrills necessary to bring in the more casual fans.

The Appeal of T20 Cricket

The appeal of this sport is simple. It is an old fashioned, village green, cannot get enough, memory-filled type of cricket. Close your eyes and imaging the batsmen hitting fours and sixes, being deceived by a swing and spin from the bowlers, the value of every run and the excitement of the fielding. You can feel the excitement because T20 is still a young game. England hosted the first matches in 2003. In 2007, the inaugural World T20 took place. This means the cricketers are still forming the best possible new strategies. The innovations have been fantastic as at places like Australia, where cricket betting gets interesting, online, and convenient with the initiatives like Bluebet cricket betting. People can enjoy such events occurring in the world with a click and place their bets to embrace the sport.

All you have to do is picture the ramp shot where the batsman is actually beneath the ball to flick it right over the wicketkeeper. Another great new shot is the switch-hit where the batsman changes his stance and the bowler looks for gaps in the field. These are becoming classic shots and they are loved by the fans. Every single ball is important, there are unpredictability and surprise, multiple variations are being used by the spinners and the popularity of T20 is growing stronger and stronger as the fans continue to cheer. The game is enjoyed by children, families, couples and singles alike.

The Global Expansion of T20 Cricket

The T20 World competition for 2018 is returning with an enlarged format. A meeting between Star Sports and the International Cricket Council is scheduled to talk about the tournament occurring every two years as opposed to the original four year period originally agreed upon. This move partially resulted due to the unbelievable success in India. The belief is expanding the main event will help globalize the sport. The most popular option involves including twelve teams during the second stage as opposed to the ten currently standard for the leading nations including England. The reason the ICC is interested in returning the tournament for a two year period is based on the worldwide interest in T20 cricket. The world is clamouring for more of their beloved sport.

In excess of two million people in the United Kingdom were watching the closing stages. This established a new record for all cricket matches on pay television in the United Kingdom. More than eighty million people in India were there to watch the match with Pakistan. The videos of the matches were viewed worldwide 750 million times. When you consider the 2015 World Cup was viewed 250 million times, the implications are staggering. T20 cricket is becoming one of the best-loved sports in the world.

Bringing back the World T20 on a two-year basis may radically restructure the game. The ICC is envisioning a model for regional qualification for the World T20. This would expand the current eighteen members to fifty. T20 is alive, well and growing in popularity.


7 Steps To Handle An Employee’s Relieving Process Gracefully

As an employer you must have surely prepared for a seamless onboarding process for your new employees, but have you worked upon their relieving process? Well, the relieving process carries the same importance as the former but is often overlooked. The relieving procedure you follow impacts your employee loyalty program and your market review as an employer, therefore you need to follow a well-managed process. It includes – formalities that you need to check from your company’s data security perspective, settlement of various accounts issues and dues, relieving documentation work etc. To help you, here we list down some steps to follow for a seamless relieving procedure:

1)    Plan The Transition Process

Generally, every employee is entitled to serve a notice period before his relieving, and this period is the best time to carry out a well-defined transition process. Make them pass their duties and responsibilities smoothly to the team until a replacement has been hired. In case a replacement has been hired, the relieving candidate can help him understand the various processes and train him to efficiently take over the tasks. With this, you must make the exiting employee pass the access for the various official tools to the replacement or the management. Various credentials offered to the employee needs to be changed to ensure privacy.

2)    Record the total work hours

As an employer, it is your responsibility to keep the data of the total working hours and payroll information till the employee bids a final goodbye to the company. Some companies follow the hourly wage procedure so the count of the total hours will decide the post-pay amount that you would have to pay the employee.  The Department of Labor law also mentions that everyone should meet the recordkeeping requirements.

3)    Settle No Dues Agreement

If the exiting employee has any dues or owes the company some cash, it is the time to settle them down once for all. The employer should share the total record of dues specific to the exiting employee before his relieving. The employee can get it deducted from his final paycheck.

4)    Discuss The Final Pay Settlement

As according to the Modern Awards Changes unveiled on 1st November 2018, the employer must pay the final pay-check of an existing employee within 7 days after his relieving. So you should be well prepared with other relieving formalities and the final pay-check details should also be shared with the employee well in advance. You can always go for Payroll services from Employment Innovations, where you can outsource the payroll management seamlessly at an affordable cost.

5)    Collect Company’s Belongings

Every employee is given a certain set of digital assets and access to other resources belonging to the company during his service. However, before the employee is relieved from the company he is entitled to submit all these resources and devices belonging to the company.

6)    Square Away Leaves

Squaring away the total time off is another thing the employer should keep in his mind. The total number of hours when the exiting employee was not on his duty or was on vacation or sick leave needs to be recorded. These records will help you make necessary deductions from the final pay-check.

7)    A Feedback Interview Is A Must

As a present trend, a well-managed company believes in conducting an exit interview for each of its existing employees. The exit interviews help the employer get feedback about his own company, the work environment, the management processes, etc. This feedback can help you check the loopholes in your management.

Bring the above steps in practice to offer your employees a pleasant relieving gesture, making him a good mouth for you in the market.


Prime Benefits for a Scalable Employee Rewards Program

Recruiting and training the perfect employee is time intensive and expensive so when you find that person you want to try and keep them. You pay a reasonable wage, offer an adequate benefits package and even promote from within but there is no guarantee. In today’s competitive environment, employees often want more.

Scalable Employee Rewards Programs

There is no magic formula that ensures employee retention but you can increase the likelihood of developing long term employees by instituting an employee rewards program. One type of system that has proven very effective is the scalable employee rewards program. This is a program in which incentives are divided into levels and are given to recognize behaviours that promote the company’s stated goals and mission. You can design such a program internally or choose one of the many independently created solutions that are available on the web.

You may initially build the employee rewards programs to increase retention but if you tailor incentives in a way that are meaningful and appeal to every level of employee, you may reap other benefits as well. Employees will be more productive because they will feel more engaged and invested in the success of the business. There will also be a greater emotional connection with them and they will begin to take more personal responsibility which will improve the bottom line. Finally, work will be more satisfying and you will have a company where others will want to work.

The Basics of a Rewards Program

For all of these outcomes to occur, the structure of the program must be considered carefully. Rewards should not simply be given because an employee performs his or her job duties well each day. Rather they should be conferred to someone whose behaviours goes above and beyond the expected. The rewards should be tired and the standards must be defined so that each person understands how to achieve each level.

The bottom line is that any employee who performs in a way that moves the company closer to the overall objective or delivers a quality product or service should be rewarded. You might start by recognizing them publicly in a meeting, in internal communication, or on a company social media site. Showing that you respect their efforts goes a long way toward bolstering their sense of gratitude and loyalty. Valuing that employee’s contribution publicly may also raise his or her profile within the company.

Some of the more traditional tangible rewards are:

  • Gift cards and vouchers – issue these for a variety of local or online businesses
  • Vacation and travel discounts – purchase percentage-off coupons from airlines or hotels
  • Personal time – additional vacation days to be taken within the year
  • Discounts on a variety of entertainment options and access to difficult to get tickets to concerts and events

Parties and celebrations are always appreciated and you could host these events during the holidays or for an employee’s service anniversary. On a more serious note, you could establish a promote from within policy for those who complete in-house training and upgrade their skills. You can even include a peer-to-peer component where co-workers nominate each other for recognition of some outstanding achievement. One of the latest types of recognition is a virtual one. You can build your own “Wall of Fame” page on your company’s website and induct those who have achieved certain benchmarks.

It is often not the reward itself but the message behind it that makes the difference. If you show your employees that they are valued and respected, you raise their personal sense of worth and you create a work crew that will guide your company for many years.