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September 2, 2018


Proper Sharps Disposal Procedure at Home

Proper Sharps Disposal Procedure at Home

A lot of people today are not minding the proper sharps disposal system. It is vital that you dispose these sharps the proper way since this is the main reason for occurring diseases such as diabetes.

Also, when these sharps are disposed in the wrong way, these results to more worst diseases. Like, HIV or other forms of diseases. However, you no longer have to panic because today’s blog post will be your guide in helping you do a proper sharps disposal procedure at home.

Sharps Disposal 

It is important to manage and dispose of needles, lancets, and syringes (sharps) safely to prevent injury and disease transmission from needle-sticks. Never leave needles or syringes on streets, in parks, or anywhere else where someone could get injured. Also, don’t leave them in open bins because these are the reason why diseases are spread over.


Store it at home. First thing you need to do is to store it. Basically, you can place your needles in a sealed container and keep it out of touch, you can also label it with “disposed sharps” to let other people inside the house what is inside the container.

You can also purchased a sharp disposal container Daniel’s Health. If not, you can use an empty laundry detergent bottle with a screw-on lid. Also, make sure you do not store used sharps in glass bottles, aluminum cans, or coffee cans.

After that you can bring it to a clinic or hospital collection site. And always keep storage containers for used sharps out of the reach of children.

Destroy at home. Basically, you can immediately destroy the used sharps with the use of devices or containers with mechanisms that bend, break, incinerate, or shear needles are called sharps needle destruction devices. 

Mail-back Program. This allow home sharps users to mail used sharps to licensed disposal facilities as a safe disposal option. Usually, there is a fee charged for this service. You can check with your health care provider or pharmacist, or you can search the yellow pages or the internet itself for mail-backs services on sharps.

Other Disposal Option 

If storing and destruction of needles won’t work for you, maybe for some reasons that you always have pets and kids roaming around the house. Don’t worry because there are still other option you can do.

Purchasing and using sharps disposal container from Daniel’s Health of danielshealth.com.

Their sharp containers are robotic washing system that processes every container after use and achieves a 106 log reduction in bacterial load, together with a suite of mounting, movement and location accessories that ensure containers can be seamlessly moved without risk to healthcare staff, and utilized at the point of patient care thereby minimizing risk in sharps disposal.

They also have other personal services on sharps disposal or sharp waste management to help you with.  Basically they provide a full range of sharps disposal procedure or every facility and home. 

They have indeed the best sharps container in the world. Order yours now.